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I am not the least afraid to die, however I shall miss you all and this life. As many would say... May the Force... be with you Jaina
—Lux Avo's final words

Lux Avo was a Jedi Knight and Master who was born into the Rise of the Empire Era to fight in the Clone Wars. Though was sent into Exile when the Great Jedi Purge came into play in 19 BBY with his former master Dirk Byrant. They eventually came into contact with the Rebellion and joined their ranks as Generals in their military operations. They took part in the Rebellion until New Republic was formed and joined then joined Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order. Lux then took part in the Yuuzhan Vong War alongside Luke and his sister and apprentice, Kit Avo. While fighting in this war, he grew to favor Jaina Solo as a close friend and ally and developed a family bond toward her. However he was placed terminally ill from a mission to Dxun where Orbalisks attached to his skin and began to slowly kill him. Though he made a heroic return the day before Battle of Yuuzhan'tar where he would work along Luke Skywalker in his duel against Overlord Shimrra Jamaane. He went on afterward to grow old alone, Kit serving as a Knight still, until the reemergence of the Sith through Lumiya's Sith. Lux went with Jaina to Uroro Station to assist her in her duel against her brother Jacen Solo a.k.a. Darth Caedus at the Battle of Uroro Station. They fought him for a period of time until Caedus struck critical blow, a Shiak, against Lux, causing his demise. A funeral was held shortly after the victory and his sister soon followed his demise from old age.

Early life

Lux as a young initiate


Lux's parents were Corellian Smugglers who, as the name entitles, smuggled Spices and other goods of the planet of Corellia. When Lux came around they immediately showed him the traditional way of life for most Corellians, which was their profession, and taught him everything he knew. By the age of five, Jedi Master Dirk Byrant found him stealing a Jedi Holocron from his ship which was docked on Corellia. Dirk then asked for his parents permission to test Lux's blood to see whether he had enough Midichlorians to make him Force sensitive. It tested positive and Dirk gave the choice of going with him or "dealing in drugs for the rest of your life" and Lux left his parents in search of new fortune within the Jedi Temple.

Initiate to Initiate Trials

Upon arrival to the Jedi Temple, Lux was separated from Dirk, for his presence was required elsewhere within the galaxy. He was placed in one of the many clans there and began his training. Though it wasn't until 26 BBY that he was able to undergo the Initiate Trials to pass and earn a Jedi Master. Each task was an easy experience for him until the final one which was a choice to decide a convicted innocence or guilt. Evidence was provided though the decision was unclear, but by using the force he discovered that this wasn't the man who should be charged for murder. The Jedi commemorated him on this achievement for no other youngling was able to depict through the force, he therefore graduated and sought a Jedi Master to teach him.

The Lightsaber Tournament to Padawanship

File:Dirk Byrant.jpg

Dirk Byrant

It was difficult for Lux to find a master, it wasn't that no one wanted to take him it was rather that everyone else already had a master. Though the annual Lightsaber Tournament that was held within the Temple offered him the chance to prove himself to his superiors. The Tournament takes place in a variety of locations for a duel, zero-gravity, underwater, and even falling in mid-air although these were done in separate chambers. Winners receive padawanship and a guaranteed master, this years' was none other then Dirk Byrant, the man who recruited Lux in the first place. Now driven by hope and anxiety for reaching first, Lux battled his way through the tournament and eventually reached second to the final duel. The master the winner shall receive was to be present when the duel took place in order to choose the obvious victor or the loser of the battle, either way the winner gets padawanship. Lux, now knowing this, fought valiantly and Jedi like for he cared no longer to win or lose but eventually won. Dirk now recognized Lux and quickly took him under his wing while the other padawan earned a different master.

Early Padawanship


Padawan Lux Avo

Soon after the tournament, Lux and Dirk traveled to the planet of Felucia to have on last test of combat. Dirk informed him that the test wasn't a life or death one, instead a test of limits for the eleven year old. They arrived to the planet then began the long hike to the compound, but were interrupted by a gang of bandits. Dirk "convinced" them of leaving them, it was there and then Lux realized that the Galaxy was much more different from the Temple. They eventually arrived at the compound and immediately began his testing of endurance, strength, combat style, and force abilities and improved them largely throughout his time on Fleucia. Dirk then decided that there would be one final test in strength and combat, Lux would have to duel him. Lux was immediately against the idea, calling it "the easiest match you'll win," but that didn't deter his choice and the duel ensued between the two. Lux went on the defensive to Dirk's constant barrage of attacks but held out longer then he expected then pressed on his attacks and almost won but then quickly lost Dirk when he over came his surprise. He congratulated the boy, knowing fully well that he had nearly bested one of the best battle masters in the Order, and then continued to train him.

The Clone Wars


First Battle of Geonosis


Petranaki Arena

Lux and Dirk trained up to the point where Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Naberrie, and Obi-Wan Kenobi were kidnapped and placed in the Petranaki Arena to be executed. As a response to the threat made by the CIS, the Jedi and Republic responed together to rescue them and take the planet Geonosis. Dirk and Lux left with Grand Master Yoda to the planet, along the way he met the Smuggler Kit Avo, which during the time was completely unaware that she was his long lost sister. Dirk had to leave Kit and Lux, to serve on the main battlefield, while the two including Yoda had to go rescue the hostages. They went a separate way, under orders from Yoda, to the main balcony where the main CIS figures were watching. They were both severely injured while trying to attack them by Count Dooku to which he then tried to slowly begin the cycle to which Lux join him. Kit interfered, injuring Dooku in the arm causing him to flee while she then helped Lux to a medical center on the battlefield. He recovered quickly, with much anger in his heart, then returned to the frontline with Kit close in tow. The battle was eventually won by the Republic, but Lux began a slow descent to the Dark Side.

The Battle of Christophsis

Seven weeks after Geonosis, Lux and Dirk were reunited while Kit had to leave elsewhere for a separate assignment by the SIS. Though saddened, the two then took off to the planet of Christophsis to assist Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi once again in battle against the CIS. After a few skirmishes and the discovery of the hidden spy, a shuttle arrived on planet carrying the new padawan of Anakin, Ahsoka Tano. Lux was a bit hesitant toward his peer, and was nervous for fearing that he may grow a bond toward the other and so he remained rather cold and distant toward her. She may have proven herself with her mentor in tow, he remained the same but she gained some of his respect in that same process. When the battle finally ended he returned to the fleet above and was then assigned, along with Anakin, Tano, and Kenobi, to Teth to retrieve Rotta, son of Jabba the Hutt. Dirk, before Lux and the others left, informed him that this would be the equal to his Jedi Trials of Skill and Courage if he succeed in his mission.

Battle of Teth

File:Confederate counterassault.png

Lux's forces hold back the droids as Tano and Anakin retrieve Rotta

Almost immediately after the ships land on the planet, the droids began to attack Lux, Tano, and Anakin. Lux cover the three as they began to scale the wall to the Monastery above where Rotta was believed to be. They regrouped as he reached the top and began to enter the seemingly deserted temple, Anakin and Tano went ahead as Lux stayed behind with a group of clones to defend them as the searched for the child. More droids began to pour in after Rotta was found, causing the Sith assassin Asajj Ventress to intervene and push back Lux's forces as Tano and Anakin make there escape. Sadly though, Lux and his unit were captured by the outnumbering forces of Ventress until High General Obi-Wan Kenobi's forces freed them and fought back the enemy. Lux assisted Kenobi in his duel against the sith, earning himself a small scar across his shoulder but fought Ventress back far enough to cause her to retreat. Kenobi congratulated him, and proved witness to Lux's pass of his first three trials which were Skill, Courage, and Flesh from the injury he sustained.

Battle of Ryloth


The combined forces of the Republic march on Lessu

Personality and traits

Powers and abilities



  • Lux's appearance, as most have already noticed, is very similar to that of Corran Horn therefore I have decided that his photo is a much better representation of the character.
  • Lux's last name "Avo" came from myself while eating an Avocado. I am not kidding.
  • Kit Avo, Dirk Byrant, and Lux Avo all were names from the old MMO Clone Wars Adventures released by Sony Online Entertainment in 2010.
  • Anakin Skywalker and Lux share the same birth year.

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