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Luna Raquelsei
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

117 ABY

Physical Description





1.70 meters

Hair Color

Platinum blonde

Eye Color


Skin Color


Personal Information
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Lightsaber Color(s)

Pale purple

Lightsaber Style(s)


Other Fighting Styles

Var Shek

Service Information
Date of Recruitment

122 ABY

Date of Commissioning

138 ABY

Notable Assignments
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Known Instructors

Luna Raquelsei was a female Jubill Centurion of the Order of Keltrayu. One of "the 31s", she came to prominence in the Order by fighting in the Tribulation and the Nightmare War.


Early Life

Born on the Jubill homeworld of Classaeria in 117 ABY, Luna's birth followed that of her older sister two years prior; a brother followed in 120 ABY. Even in youth Luna demonstrated atypically quick reflexes and physical stamina, matching her older sister and her sister's friends without difficulty. The Raquelseis referred their daughter to Classaeria's Consul, who forwarded it to a Praetor-Recruiter. When the Praetor discovered Luna was Force-sensitive, the Raquelseis gave her to the Order.

Luna incorporated easily into a group of Novices who had been born in 31 YGE—Sovi Evnairis, Syuug, Tycho Rowan, and Evelyan Sovex. While Sovi was the nerve center of the group, Luna was often the source of their ideas, largely because her naturally hypnotic voice gave her persuasive influence without even trying. The five remained lifelong friends, and were so close that they were given the nickname "the 31s".

As Luna trained, she became adept at mind tricks, using the Force to augment her natural persuasive capabilities. As a senior Novice, Luna elected to specialize in Ataru. Most humanoids in the Order considered her the second most beautiful woman in the Order, after Jira Seezhli.

Half a Beauty Queen

Luna was the first of the 31s commissioned, receiving her Centurion commission toward the end of 138 ABY a few weeks before Evelyan. In her first years as a Centurion she often served as a bodyguard for agents of the Ministry of Diplomacy; her fighting skills made her a capable protector, and she occasionally pitched in with her persuasive voice.

In 141 ABY, the Empire entered the Tribulation, a two-year period of war on all sides. Luna served in the Vagaari War, often fighting in ship-to-ship engagements and leading boarding parties of Royal Marines. During one such battle, several technicians on a ship were pinned down by a fire raging through the ship. Luna braved the flames to rescue them, but received severe burns in the process.

The flames permanently disfigured half of Luna's face and part of her neck and shoulder; bacta repaired the worst of the damage and saved her eye, but she was left with severe scarring. Though many Jubill, who prized beauty, looked on Luna with disgust, pity, and horror, and the Zyked Centurion Rajj-Yo nicknamed her "Half a Beauty Queen", Luna took her injuries in stride. However, she accepted the unlikeliness of a long-term relationship.

The Tribulation claimed the lives of both Evelyan (who died in a starfighter crash) and Syuug (who became one of the Shest Minor Seven), but Luna continued to fight in the Vagaari War until its conclusion in 143 ABY.

Love and War

In the immediate aftermath of the war, Luna served in a succession of law enforcement and security assignments, helping to maintain order among the Empire's worlds. In 144 ABY, she was installed as a Royal Guard, replacing one of her best friends (Tycho Rowan) and serving contemporaneously with (although rarely alongside) another (Sovi Evnairis). Luna was one of Rin Sakaros's Guards, and thus often at the center of events in the Empire.

In 147 ABY, Luna rotated out of the Guard, replaced by Assayr. She served in law enforcement until 149 ABY, when the Nightmare War erupted and she returned to the front. She was assigned to the Romasi Sector Fleet, where she served with Axelia Solios and Selish Anteran. Luna became friends with both Centurions, and developed an attraction to Selish. The three dueled the Dark Jedi Tirj during the Battle of Quadia; though all three contributed to the Herglic's defeat, it was Luna who struck the deathblow, cutting Tirj's throat.

Luna and Selish both fought in the Battle of the Sith Star, although not together. After the end of the Battle of Dolomir, while they were working on cleaning up the wreckage and corpses that littered the Sith Star, Selish asked Luna out, and they began dating shortly thereafter.

Good Cop, Better Cop

Over the following years, Luna and Selish were often paired together. Though Selish was a more seasoned investigator and criminologist, and he had a more naturally agreeable demeanor, Luna retained her gift of persuasion; indeed, she became increasingly more proficient at it over the years. Selish dryly characterized their resulting investigation paradigm as "good cop, better cop".

In 153 ABY, the two were assigned to investigate a series of ritualistic murders throughout the Empire. After months of pursuing their unknown quarry, they realized the murders were connected not by any normal qualities of a victim, but by the Force; the serial killer had deliberately targeted Force-sensitives. After Vor'Dal and the Impari were added to the Empire, Selish and Luna realized their target was a shapeshifter.

Following a lead to Rykar in 154 ABY, the two arrived at the home of Shaydow Tynblade in time to prevent Rha'Ko Celisee from killing Shaydow's twin sons, Tenebrous and Draze. Celisee managed to incapacitate Selish, but Luna apprehended him. He was executed in 155 ABY. Luna gradually talked Selish down from his guilt and anger at having allowed Celisee to get past him.

In 156 ABY, Selish and Luna, along with Novice Rayne Turgachia, prevented an assassination attempt on the Consul of Charthoffel.

Powers and Abilities

Though extensively trained in telepathy and telekinesis like all Centurions, Luna had a particular knack for mind tricks and other skills affecting perceptions, a Force-based outgrowth of her naturally persuasive voice.

Luna chose to master Ataru, and though she seldom incorporated flips or leaps into her fighting style, she often used spins and circular strikes. She had at least some proficiency at Jar'Kai, as she demonstrated when dueling Tirj (using both Axelia Solios's lightsaber and her own). Although her lover Selish was a slightly superior swordsman in a duel, Luna was much more comfortable on a battlefield.

Due to her service and training in the Royal Guard, Luna was proficient in the use of a variety of non-lightsaber weapons and had a finely honed danger sense, which made her alert for ambushes and other concealed dangers.

Appearance and Personality

Like most Jubill, Luna was considered exceptionally beautiful by the vast majority of Humans and near-Humans prior to her injuries. She had waxy skin, platinum blonde hair, and blue-green eyes. After her injury in 142 ABY, she was extensively scarred on the right side of her face and neck and her right shoulder; her skin retained her base flesh tone (rather than black or deep red), but was marked by both lighter and darker wrinkles, creases, and other burn scars. Her looks were striking enough that many beings continued to find her attractive even after her burns. She stood 1.70 meters (5'7") tall and carried a single lightsaber with a pale purple blade.

Luna had a dry, teasing sense of humor, and was unafraid to use her voice (either with or without Force backing) to nudge uncooperative witnesses and suspects or diplomatic partners into agreeing with her. Although she got along well with most Centurions, she remained particularly close with the other "31s", and was deeply affected by the deaths of Evelyan Sovex and Syuug. Though she and Selish Anteran never married, the two were entirely committed to one another and shared quarters aboard the Sith Star.

Having been raised in the Order of Keltrayu for the majority of her childhood, Luna was substantially less concerned with her appearance than most Jubill. This led to her being culturally ostracized by her own species, similar to the experiences of Centurions like Vem, Vos'elk'eetash, and her own lover Selish Anteran.

Behind the Scenes

British philanthropist and model Katie Piper was the inspiration for Luna's appearance.

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