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This article is about the Shistavanen Mandalorian. You may be looking for the dark lord of the Sith.

My money is blood. Yours, or your enemies'
—Lukas Sevarin

Lukas Sevarin was a Mandalorian Shistavanen from the planet Mandalore. He was born during the Mandalorian Civil War as the son of the leader of a Mandalorian clan called Clan Sevarin. Lukas was outcasted from his clan after killing his own cousin. Lukas later crippled the Death Watch splinter group known as Skulltakers after their leader killed his brother Rufus. Soon afterwards Lukas began a career as a mercenary along with his brother Cadaver. Both was captured by Vigos of Black Sun in 45 BBY. Lukas joined Black Sun, where he led a career as an assassin. When he tried to kill slave lord Poyous, Lukas met his rival Drexl Reznov. A few years later, Lukas met pilot and fellow mercenary Camila Jrenas after the latter saved him from a group of mercenaries.

Lukas fought on the Separatist side in the Clone Wars, where he performed his usual role as an assassin. Lukas's most famous mission was when he was hired to kill Jedi Goroth Hekalv and his padawan Lydia Bale in the battle for Uvena Prime. Working with biologist Thrax Vols, Lukas tried to intimidate senator Canis dervish so he could join the Separatist side in the Clone Wars. Lukas tried to lead a group of mercenaries to kill Hekalv and Lydia, but failed. Lukas was sent to prison, but was part of a mass breakout.

When the Galactic Empire was founded, Lukas was hired to kill Imperial commander Gaius Jagafromme. However, Lukas was captured and told to kill Darth Vader. He tried to flee to the Outer Rim with Camila, but he was intercepted and killed by the Sith Lord on the planet Otavon XII.


Early life Edit

Sixty-nine years before the battle of Yavin, Lukas was born to a Mandalorian clan called Clan Sevarin. His father, the leader of the clan, was a Shistavanen named Sirul Sevarin. His mother died in childbirth and his father cared little for him, favoring his elder brothers Rufus and Cadaver because their late mother was his frist wife, and they never intened to have a third child. Although Sirul still taught Lukas the same techniques taught to his brothers, Lukas was usually ignored. As a result, Lukas spent most of his time alone.

Sirul was forced to exile Lukas when he killed his cousin in a fit of rage for beating him in gambling. Lukas was soon caught up in the Mandalorian Civil War between the True Mandalorians and the Death Watch. Lukas quickly discovered that members of a splinter group of Death Watch, named Skulltakers, had attacked his old clan. When Skulltakers captured his brother Rufus and executed him, an enraged Lukas and a grieving Cadaver hunted down those responsible and killed them, including the Skulltakers' leader, Man'do'an.

When Lukas's father heard of this, he was impressed by both his sons' ferocity and gave them armor, weapons and a ship: the Warhound. At the age of fourteen, Lukas left Mandalore to seek out other planets with Cadaver.

Black Sun Edit

Black Sun is a pitstop of violence, money, and murder, so I'll fit right in.
—Lukas Sevarin

Lukas when working for Black Sun, with polished and well matained armor

In 45 BBY, Lukas and Cadaver visited the planet Vobos where the pair had hidden some spice. However, members of the Black Sun captured the pair and claimed that the spice was theirs. Although Cadaver refused to cooperate with Black Sun, Lukas, in return for over five thousand Republic credits, agreed to serve the Black Sun. Lukas proved to be an effective assassin after killing four of Black Sun's enemies. . Lukas was notable for killing senetor Jaen-Ra. His efforts infuriated Anton Trebor, however, who was also tasked to kill Jaen. Anton, in retaliation, decided to hunt down Lukas. Lukas fought him in a shootout on Coruscant, managing to defeated him. Lukas let the now disgraced Vurk live, but handed him to his master.

In 34 BBY, Lukas was on a mission given to him by Alexi Garyn, leader of Black Sun, to kill Givian slave trader Poyous. At this time, Lukas assassination record was perfect, a record Lukas planned on keeping. Poyous had recently refused to cooperate with Black Sun, so he could keep the profits of his slave trade to himself. Lukas went to find Poyous on the satellite Nar Shaddaa, which was under the control of the Hutt clan. In a nightclub, Lukas boasted of how he would kill Poyous despite how no one had tried to do it before.

Drexl Reznov, a spy who was in the employ of Poyous, tried to kill Lukas, knowing he was a threat to the trader. After a brief argument, the confrontation became violent. Other patrons took sides and a street brawl began. Lukas and Reznov escaped the Hutt clan's henchmen, who ended the brawl by shooting some of the people fighting. Ever since that incident Reznov and Lukas hated each other immensely. Lukas was embarrassed that he had let himself fail to Reznov, whom he regarded as a minor associate of Poyous, while Reznov was angry in the way that he had failed to kill Lukas. Lukas soon became a laughing stock in Black Sun, due to him failing an assassination attempt over such a simple mistake. Embarrassed of his reputation within Black Sun, Lukas left the organization.

Meeting Camila JrenasEdit

In 25 BBY Lukas was being hunted by a group of mercenaries after stealing a large portion of their paymasters money. Lukas was captured by the mercenaries, and about to be brought to justice, when a figure shot the leader, killing him outright. After their leader went down, te rest fled. Lukas savoir was in fact a female Nautolan pilot named Camila Jrenas. She agreed to travel with Lukas and pilot his ship. Thus begun a strong relationship between the pair.


Lukas during the clone wars, with one of his mercenary accomplices

Clone Wars Edit

Lukas and Camila played active roles in the Clone Wars, aiding Count Dooku while being paid vast sums of money. One of their early missions was to capture Republic droids, extract information from them and then transform them into Separatist spy units. In 22 BBY Lukas fought Jedi master Sol Kendia, who was after her astromech droid which Lukas had stolen. In the fight Lukas lost his arm but eventually knifed the Kel Dor in the heart. He had a new cybernetic arm that replaced his lost limb.

Assault on Uvena PrimeEdit

Lukas became known due to his actions in the assault on Uvena Prime that took place in 21 BBY. The battle was fought over the control of the Shistavanen species. The planet's governor, Canis Dervish, was a Republic symiphiser, who openly expressed his views to the public. Lukas and Camili were ordered to etheir persuade Dervish to change sides or kill him. The Separatists quickly took over the main city of the planet, with Lukas Sevarin leading the forces. Lukas and Camila held Canis hostage in his office. When the Republic heard of Dervish being taken prisoner, they sent a battalion of clone troopers, as well as Goroth Hekalv and Lydia Bale.

When the Republic entered the planets atmosphere, Separatist starships engaged them in a battle. Hekalv and Karzarg dogded the starships in an ARC 170 starfighter. The pair dropped down near Dervishs office.

Wen Lydia and Hekalv entered the office, Lukas shot Dervish and he and Camila escaped. The Jedi followed the couple, reaching them at a space port. There, several mercenaries and a handful of droids engaged the Jedi in a bloody fire fight.

When it was clear the Jedi had the upper hand, Lukas to made the decision to flee via the city's sewage system. When the battle was almost over, Lukas and Camila was seen trying to escape, but was captured by the Republic after one of his legs was crushed. Lukas and Camila was taken to a prison and was interrogated. In the interrogation process, Lukas revealed that Thrax Vols, a Yarkora biological weapons designer, organized the assault and the death of Dervish. They both escaped from the prison after Separatist forces blew it up to free some of the inmates that were locked up in there.

Era of the Galactic Empire Edit

In his later life—19–2 BBY—Lukas heavily relied on gambling to survive. He became a legendary figure in the galactic underworld as a veteran of the Clone Wars. On Duro, he was hired to kill Empire commander Gaius Jagafromme. Lukas killed Jagafromme, but was seen committing the murder. Lukas, who barely escaped with his life, investigated and found that his rival Drexl Reznov was behind it. Furious, Lukas captured Reznov and dumped him on Hoth to freeze to death. In 17 BBY Camila and Lukas fled to the Outer Rim after seeing a 500,000 credit reward for their capture

In the Outer Rim Lukas was captured by bounty hunters, who took him to a rich crime lord. The crime lord told Lukas to either kill Darth Vader or be handed over to the Imperial Empire. Lukas agreed to kill Darth Vader, but fled soon afterwards. The outraged crime lord told the Imperials that Lukas was trying to kill Darth Vader. Vader decided to chase Lukas and preferably kill him.

Death Edit

Your arrogance will be your downfall.
—Darth Vader to Lukas Sevarin, before killing him

In 2 BBY, Lukas and Camila landed in a jungle on Otavon XII. The pair didn't know that the planet had recently built an Impirial outpost, nicknamed the Tremor Base MKII. When Imperial scouts caught sight of the pair, they ran the descriptions through the database, and identified them as two wanted fugitives. They informed Darth Vader of their find, who traveled to the planet to kill Lukas.

Vader found Lukas in a small camp near his starship. When Lukas saw Vader, he confronted him, trying to reason with him. However, he soon realized that Vader wanted him dead, and tired to make a run for it. Vader promptly decapitated him and brought Lukas' severed head back to Coruscant for Palpatine.

Legacy Edit

When Camila returned to the ship, she took the Warhound and escaped from Otavon XII. When she was in non Imperial territory, she re-crafted Lukas armour and donned it for herself, in order to remember him.

Personality and traits Edit

Lukas was considered to suffer from paranoia, which was most likely true. When initially meeting people he mistrusted them, but could change that if they impressed him.

Many people also commented that Lukas was sadistic, with a nasty sense of humor. He was often described by his enemies as being sly and cunning. Most said however that Lukas's weakness was his habit of swift mindless executions. This meant that Lukas was hardly a perfectionist, and often made common mistakes. He was also a bad loser, often being at his most irritable when he performed badly at gambling tables. Before meeting Camila Jrenas, Lukas showed little interest for women, only using them for personal enjoyment. When he met the Nautolan however, he did show great affection for her, as she did for him.

Powers and abilities Edit

Lukas had a wide knowledge of the art of warfare. He could counter-attack many foes, which was why he made his "clients" pay high fees. He was also a skilled assassin. However, Lukas was a poor pilot and an evan poorer mechanic. When flying across the galaxy, Lukas relied on Camila to drive the Warhound.

Weapons and equipment Edit

Lukas owned a full suit of Mandalorian armor was a red color. He also carried a D-14 blaster as well as a selection of knives. Sirul Sevarin had taught all of his sons to improvise weapons when disarmed. Although Cadaver was better at this than his brothers, Lukas's improvisational skills were better than Rufus's, who died when Lukas was twelve.

Behind the scenes Edit

Originally, Lukas Sevarin was going to be a Human, but the author, Dog of War, felt that he should make the character different. Dog of War chose Shistavanen to be the species.

Lukas Sevarin will be one of the main characters in the upcoming novel Star Wars: Galaxy Exiles Hunted