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Lucinda Exley was Bror Jace's wingmate in Black Claw Squadron. A human female from Thyferra, she also flew one tour of duty with Rogue Squadron, as a temporary replacement pilot when three of the Rogues went to Adumar.


Vengeance campaignEdit

When Wedge Antilles was tasked with assembling a large unit of commando-pilots to find out more about the Imperial presence on Nar Shadaa in 14 ABY, Lucinda was among the people hand-picked by Antilles for service in Intruder Wing. She flew several missions as Black Claw Two (still on Bror Jace's wing) during the campaign, and was promoted to Captain after its completion (at which point she became Black Claw Nine and served as Three Flight's leader).

Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

Lucinda was the Commander of Black Claw Squadron when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. During the mission to liberate Garqi, which was funded primarily by Thyferran interests (including Bror Jace, who was now a Senator), her unit flew aerospace support for Corran Horn's commando group. Lucinda survived that battle, and presumably went on to engage the Vong on other fronts as well.

Phyrexian WarEdit

During the war with the Phyrexians, Lucinda served as a Colonel in the Thyferran military and continued in command of Black Claw Squadron.