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Loyalty is the twenty-first installment in Sakaros's Untitled New Sith Wars series. As she works to mold her Sith disciples into an effective fighting force, Darth Alecto is chosen to mastermind a mission deep in Republic territory.

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Plot Summary

Nevya Khiyali, Darth Alecto's second-in-command of the Brotherhood of Shadows and right hand woman, has returned to the Abattoir to achieve a higher rank and cement her status as Alecto's second.

On Lisal, Alecto's throneworld in the Mid Rim, dark side adepts Nillan Deys'lro and Fruuna complete one of Alecto's training challenges while Alecto herself meets with the advisory council of community leaders from around Lisal. Nevya, who successfully completed the sixth level of the Abattoir, has taken Zeff Rogu, Alecto's one Sith Acolyte, as a lover.

Darth Hokhtan contacts Alecto to advise her of Gasald's victory at the Battle of Eriadu and to give her an order from the Council of Five. Satir and Galera Solo, nephew and niece of Corellia's king, will be attending the Commenori Economic Roundtable with Jedi bodyguards, and the Council has commanded their deaths. Alecto starts training her disciples for the mission, eventually settling on herself, Zeff, Shrizzzqadl, and Dolre Thyle for the strike team.

Her plans are thrown into disarray when Darth Hokhtan's spymaster, Lord Rhutizh'chal'safan, arrives on Lisal with a warning. Naathree Basrasht, the Sith Lord from whom Alecto's disciple Megaera escaped months earlier, seeks revenge for Alecto thwarting her attempt to take Megaera back, and plans to strike Lisal in Alecto's absence, correctly predicting that Alecto will go on the kill team. Rhutizh also advises Alecto to make more contacts throughout the Empire, and that her isolation is becoming dangerous to her rather than protecting her.

Given the changed circumstances, Nevya persuaded Alecto to send her in command of the mission while Alecto herself stays on Lisal—as an anointed Sith Lord, Alecto can stand up to Basrasht and control the situation. Alecto agrees, instructing her disciples on setting a trap as Nevya and the Sith assassins journey to Commenor, where they infiltrate the Roundtable only to discover that one of the Jedi sent to guard the Solos is Nawsa Arodion, Jedi Master and member of the High Council.

The Sith assassins strike, and Nevya duels Nawsa to reach Galera while Dolre shapeshifts into disguise to assassinate Satir. Nevya succeeds in poisoning Galera, but is slain by Nawsa while Zeff and Shrizzzqadl flee. On Lisal, Alecto's disciples ambush and slaughter Basrasht's minions, while Alecto stops Basrasht from hurting Megaera. Basrasht states that she plans to leave Alecto without further conflict, but Alecto asks Megaera if she is lying; Megaera claims Basrasht plans to kill her, and as Basrasht attacks Megaera, Alecto kills her.

The Council of Five considers the Commenor operation a success, and Darth Hokhtan excuses Basrasht's death on the grounds of self-defense, but Alecto is devastated by the loss of Nevya. On Anzat, she reluctantly promotes Katrijan Naveskatsi to be her new second, but dedicates the Brotherhood to its new primary mission: vengeance on Nawsa Arodion.

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