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Long Night of Solace was the eight episode in the TV series Star Wars: Commando. It featured Delta Squad being captured by the bounty hunter Bossk.

Brief SummaryEdit

Delta Squad is captured by the bounty hunter Bossk.

Episode SummaryEdit

Sev awakens in the cargo hold of an unidentified ship and hears voices. He finds he can't move his legs and is content to listen as one of the voices insists that he has commandos. The other voice, which he identifies as Asajj Ventress, orders the first voice to bring Delta Squad to an assigned location. The owner of the first voice returns to the hold and identifies himself as Bossk, a bounty hunter. He says Sev will be reunited with the rest of Delta Squad soon. The ship jumps to hyperspace.

When the ship exits hyperspace, Sev is at full strength. Bossk kicks at Sev, and Sev leaps up to punch Bossk in the chin. The bounty hunter falls, and Sev runs to find his allies. He hears Boss's voice and locks Bossk in the cockpit before running to find his sergeant. He frees Boss and then tells him they have to find Scorch and Fixer. Bossk chases them, firing a shotgun, but the two find Scorch. After freeing him, Boss tackles Bossk while Sev and Scorch run to find Fixer. Scorch finds Delta Squad's helmets while Sev cuts Fixer free. Fixer runs to get an escape pod ready. Boss runs in wielding the shotgun, pursued by Bossk. Sev throws something metal at Bossk, and the bounty hunter collapses. The commandos eject in an escape pod and are soon picked up by a Republic Star Destroyer.

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