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The galaxy is on the verge of annihilation. Civilization as we know it will collapse unless you all work together. You must unite or all will be lost.

Logan Amator was a Human male sergeant in the Utapau Security Forces during the Invasion of Utapau. After the Battle of Ogana, Amator accompanied Captain Panaka, the leader of the Utapau Security Forces, and a number of other guards on Queen Sabé Arcadia's royal starship, which the queen and two Jedi ambassadors, Jedi Master Jard Dooku and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, used to escape the Trade Federation blockade in orbit around the planet. The vessel was damaged by the blockade forces, so it made its way to Tatooine where the crew could safely make repairs. After additional damage to the ship due to a sandstorm on Tatooine and subsequent crash landing, the crew was offered assistance in repairs by a moisture farmer named Annikin Skywalker.

Two nights later, Amator, along with Arcadia and the two Jedi, followed Skywalker and a hermit leader named Sarus on a pilgrimage into the planet's Dune Sea region. Hours later, they encountered the Ophuchi Clan, a group of desert hermits led by Sarus, and learned that the Ophuchi believed Skywalker was meant to fulfill a prophecy and become the savior of the galaxy. Amator also learned that the Ophuchi believed he and the others were destined to help Skywalker fulfill his supposed destiny, though the group was skeptical as to whether the prophecy had any credibility.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Evidence only goes so far. The Federation has more influence and power than I'd like to give them credit for.
—Amator recounts his legal experience with the Federation to Sabé Arcadia[src]

Logan Amator was a Human male born on Utapau in 51 BBY. As a young adult, he studied law at the University of Coruscant and was poised to take a job with Utapau Senator Malus Palpatine.[1] While a law student, Amator was an apprentice prosecutor in a corporate case against the Trade Federation shipping cartel. The Federation was accused of murdering a man for supposedly stealing trade secrets. Amator did not believe there was any cover-up on the Federation’s part, as he believed that Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray was ignorant to the fact that he was investigated and did not see the case coming. Although the Federation was found to be not guilty, Amator came to believe that ignorance was Gunray’s weakness.[2]

Eventually, Amator decided not to pursue a legal career. Instead, he enlisted in the Utapau Security Forces, the main paramilitary force of Utapau.[1] One of his reasons for joining the Utapau Security Forces was his desire to serve and defend Sabé Arcadia, the planet's queen. He had strong feelings for her, and he worked as hard as he believed he could in order to find himself in the same room as her.[2]

Utapau crisis Edit

Invasion Edit

Arcadia: “When did you join Panaka?
Amator: “Right before the blockade. Good timing, huh?
Sabé Arcadia and Logan Amator[src]

In 22 BBY, shortly after Amator enlisted in the Utapau Security Forces, Utapau was blockaded by the Trade Federation shipping cartel in retaliation for the planet’s support of the Galactic Republic’s Anti-Slavery Law, which banned Republic corporations such as the Federation from using slave workers outside Republic territory. Utapau’s government, including Queen Sabé Arcadia, attempted to negotiate with the Federation for one month,[3] but the talks failed and the Federation invaded the planet,[4] which had always been the cartel's intention.[3] Amator was with Captain Panaka, the head of the Utapau Security Forces, when he escaped onto Queen Arcadia’s royal starship along with Arcadia and two ambassadors from the monastic Jedi Order, Jedi Master Jard Dooku and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi.[5]

Tatooine Edit

You took it upon yourself to follow us out here. You now have to accept the responsibility that comes with that decision.
Sarus lectures Amator on his decision to venture into the Dune Sea[src]

As the crew fought through the Federation blockade in orbit, the escape vessel received damage to its hyperdrive generator. This prompted them to land on the Outer Rim world of Tatooine, where the crew believed they could safely make repairs. After crash landing due to a sandstorm,[6] Amator and the rest of the crew made their way to the Lars homestead, where they would stay while Annikin Skywalker, a member of the Lars family, repaired the damaged vessel. The next day, Amator met the queen for the first time while she was performing chores on the farm.[1]

The next night, Amator accompanied the queen into the Anchorhead settlement, where she and the two Jedi, along with exiled Gungan Prince Jar Binks, followed Skywalker. Once there, the entire group agreed to go with Skywalker and a desert hermit named Sarus on a pilgrimage into the Dune Sea, as Sarus convinced them that he had news about the fate of the galaxy.[7] After six hours of walking, the group arrived at the Ophuchi Sanctuary, the home of the Ophuchi Clan, an organized group of desert hermits led by Sarus. The Ophuchi provided Amator and the others with a feast where they learned about the Ophuchi people. During the discussion, Sarus argued with Queen Arcadia about the Trade Federation’s illegal practices, prompting Amator to raise his voice and come to her defense. Once the argument was over, Javid, an Ophuchi guard, led the group into a cave deeper in the sanctuary.[8]

When they arrived in the cave, Sarus spoke about a number of cave paintings, including one that the Ophuchi believed represented the Prophecy of the Chosen One. This prophecy spoke of the coming of a galactic savior, the Chosen One, who would bring balance to the Force by destroying the Sith, a dark-sided sect that was believed by the galaxy-at-large to have been destroyed a millennia earlier. Sarus expressed the belief that Skywalker was the Chosen One. He also believed that Amator, along with the rest of the group in the cave, was destined to help the Chosen One fulfill his destiny. Amator outright disagreed with the idea, believing that none of them could be involved in such a situation, but Sarus said if they did not unite then civilization would collapse.[2]

Although Amator wanted to keep arguing with Sarus, Arcadia convinced him to stop. Shortly thereafter, he consoled the noticeably upset queen over her guilt for leaving her people during the Federation occupation. Hoping to help further, Amator told her about his case against the Federation from years earlier, saying that she could exploit what he believed was Gunray’s ignorance and use it to her advantage.[2]

Amator, along with Arcadia, Binks, and Dooku, returned to the Lars homestead shortly thereafter. Skywalker, Kenobi, and Sarus stayed behind to learn more about what Sarus believed about the prophecy.[9] When they returned, Amator and the others spoke privately about their beliefs on the prophecy's validity, generally agreeing that both Sarus and the prophecy lacked credibility.[10]

Personality and traits Edit

I don't know if it means anything, but for what it's worth I can't think of anyone better to deal with this situation. I think you can do anything if you put your mind to it.
—Amator nervously tries to comfort Queen Arcadia in the Ophuchi cave[src]

Amator was known for having an affable demeanor, particularly in regards to what others saw as his wit and subtle humor. This trait came across as cockiness to Queen Arcadia when she first met him, but she ended up changing her mind on that perception the more they talked. He had a desire to make a difference, which he believed was an important part of his personality. Part of this had to do with his concern for the people of Utapau, as he believed that he would be willing to do anything to protect the planet's people and the queen.[1] He swore complete loyalty to Arcadia, vowing to protect her wherever she went, even if it was to the death.[8]

For Amator, part of protecting the queen also meant verbally defending her. After the argument between Arcadia and Sarus during the Ophuchi feast, Sarus felt that there was an underlying motive for the defense, particularly that Amator had a passion for the queen that extended beyond guard duty. Amator recognized that he had stepped into a more personal area with the queen when he consoled her in the Ophuchi cave. He was unable to do so, but he still wanted to do whatever he could to help. He felt that expressing his true feelings for her would do that, but he was not prepared to risk a negative reaction to it.[2]

Despite Sarus's efforts to convince him that the prophecy was true, Amator could not bring himself to believe in the idea that Skywalker was the Chosen One, or that Amator and the others who ventured into the Dune Sea were destined to help the Chosen One achieve galactic salvation. Amator accused Sarus of manipulating him and the others to trek into the Dune Sea in order to force them into something that fit Sarus's beliefs, despite the fact that they made the conscious choice to follow Sarus when he only asked Skywalker and the two Jedi to travel with him.[2]

Talents and abilities Edit

That should do the trick. You should've told me you were cold earlier, my lady. I could've had this fire going as soon as we got here.
—Amator after lighting a small fire for Queen Arcadia in the Ophuchi cave[src]

As a law student, Amator had gained enough legal experience and skill to become an apprentice prosecutor. This allowed him to be part of a corporate case against the Federation, although the Federation was able to successfully defend itself. After leaving the legal field, Amator received combat training in the Utapau Security Forces, though he also received general survival skills training. He used these abilities to light a fire in the Ophuchi cave for warmth.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

Logan Amator is an original character created by author Brandon Rhea for Rhea's novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One, a Star Wars fan fiction novel set in the Alternative Star Wars Saga fan fiction series. Amator did not appear in the first draft of the novel but, according to Rhea, is a main supporting character in The Chosen One and was to have been a main supporting character in the follow-up novella, Star Wars: Genesis, prior to its cancellation.[11] Rhea chose Justin Hartley, an actor best known for his work as Fox Crane on the soap opera Passions and Oliver Queen on Smallville, to portray Amator.[12]

Hinting at the character's future, Rhea alluded to the possibility that Amator will be the father of Alexander Arcadia, the son of Sabé Arcadia. While discussing secondary characters, including Amator, in The Chosen One, Rhea suggested that Amator will be "very important to [Queen Arcadia] now and in the future," and that "Alexander Arcadia...has to come from somewhere."[2] Also alluding to this is the fact that "amator" is a Latin word for "lover."[13]

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