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There are a number of out-of-universe publishing eras in both Star Wars canon and Star Wars fanon, a number of which are used on the Star Wars Fanon wiki.


Canon and/or free use publishing eras

Users are allowed to use any of the following eras in this section
Variable Link Icon
{{eras|btr}} Before the Republic era 30px-Era-pre2
{{eras|old}} Old Republic era SVera-old
{{eras|imp}} Rise of the Empire era SVera-imp
{{eras|reb}} Rebellion era SVera-reb
{{eras|new}} New Republic era SVera-new
{{eras|njo}} New Jedi Order era SVera-njo
{{eras|leg}} Legacy era SVera-leg
{{Eras|pleg}} Post-Legacy era Era-postleg

Non-canon eras

The following eras belong to individual users and require permission for other users to utilize them.



{{eras|icw}} Imperial Civil War era Imperial Civil War era
{{eras|chs}} Chiss era Chiss era
{{eras|dkage}} Dark Age SV-dkage-era
{{eras|drk}} Darkness era SVera-drkref
{{eras|Dark}} Dark Sand era DarkSandera
{{eras|dwr}} Death Watch Revival Series SVera-dwr
{{eras|tfm}} The Fanon Menace Eraicon TFM
{{eras|gar}} Golden Age of the Republic GAR-era icon
{{eras|van}} Infinbelum era SV-infinbelumera
{{eras|inf}} Infinities SVera-inf
{{eras|jsu}} Jedi–Sith Union era Jedi-Sith union era
{{eras|tmm}} The Misadventures of Mikah Era icon TMM
{{eras|post}} Post-Reformation era SV-Postreformationicon
{{eras|cruentus}} Project Cruentus SV-Cruentus era
{{eras|ref}} Refugee era SVera-drkref
{{eras|RR}} RelentlessRecusant SVera-RR
{{eras|rr2}} Reborn Rule of Two era Reborn Rule of 2 era
{{eras|shaper}} Shattered Perceptions Star Wars Shattered Perceptions era
{{eras|tri}} Tri-Sith Order era Tri-Sith Order Era
{{eras|uni}} Unity era SVera-uni
{{eras|ews}} Winston era SV-Winston era
{{eras|kane}} Kane era Kane Eraicon
{{eras|sreb}} Sith Empire Reborn era Eras - Sith Empire Reborn
{{eras|sith}} Sith Empire era Era-sith empire
{{eras|erw}} Empire at War era Eaw
{{eras|n&w}} The Nexu and the Wolf DathomirFlag
{{eras|bvrn}} Bravarian era
{{eras|gee}} Galactic Eclipse Empire era Galactic Eclipse Empire
{{eras|jcw}} Jedi Civil War era Jedi Civil War
{{eras|fofo}} Fall of The First Order Fallofthefirstorder
{{eras|com}} Common Era
{{eras|sdrk}} Second Dark Era
{{eras|murePreAnt}} Murese Preantiquity
{{eras|mureAnt}} Murese Antiquity
{{eras|murePostAnt}} Murese Postantiquity
{{eras|murePreMod}} Murese Premodernity
{{eras|mureMod}} Murese Modernity
{{eras|murePostMod}} Murese Postmodernity
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