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This is a list of acronyms, expressions, sayings, and jargon in common use among the Novices and Centurions of the Order of Keltrayu.



  • The Boss — The Prefect of the Order of Keltrayu
  • Bright Eyes — Nickname for the Chiss Centurion Vos'elk'eetash due to her glowing red eyes.
  • ElfL-4D, the Order's librarian droid. See also Forty.
  • First Centurion — Either a reference to Keltrayu, the first man appointed to the rank of Centurion and held to be eternally foremost among the Order's members, or to the informal position of First Centurion, the (living) Centurion widely held to be the best role model for Novices and other Centurions.
  • FortyL-4D, the Order's librarian droid. Used mostly by Novices who spoke Basic. See also Elf.
  • The Funhouse — Tongue-in-cheek reference to the Centurions' training deck in the Citadel, which featured much more difficult (and occasionally lethal) challenges.
  • Have a silver blade — To be arrogant or overestimate one's own importance. Rin Sakaros wielded a silver lightsaber, leading to a taboo against any Centurion using the same color, as it would be considered disrespectful. Azalyn Kass`l was the first member of the Order to intentionally breach the taboo, given her extraordinarily close relationship with Rin; Rin voiced no objection, and the Order's Praetors followed her lead in letting it go.
  • Jira — Someone who demonstrated a hitherto unsuspected talent just in time for it to be useful. A reference to Jira Zaffrod, who discovered she was capable of Battle Meditation in Rin Sakaros's absence during the Vagaari War. Sometimes encountered in the verb form "to pull a Jira" or "to pull a Seezhli".
  • Keltrayu draw — Wearing one's lightsaber on the same side as his or her dominant hand, as opposed to the usual practice of wearing it on the side of the non-dominant hand. Keltrayu himself was the first Centurion to develop the habit, feeling it allowed him to get into a Djem So opening stance faster, and a handful of Centurions—most of them Form V stylists also—adopted the practice.


  • Marathon — A term used to describe the challenge of completing all five of Faalo's cadences back-to-back over a period of twelve hours; only a small handful of Centurions ever achieved the feat. Completing the first three back-to-back over six hours was called a half-marathon.
  • The Old Man of the Order — A teasing reference to Sato Raltharan during his time as a Novice, given that he enrolled in the Order at the age of twenty-nine, decades older than most Novices.
  • Peace and Strength — A common valediction between members of the Order, analogous to "May the Force be with you". It was itself a take on the Order's motto, "Peace, Strength, and Vigilance".
  • Permanent Praetor — Sarcastic reference to a Centurion who served as a Praetor for a specific mission, reverted to normal Centurion rank afterward, but continued to demonstrate an attitude of command or superiority toward those who were once again his or her equals.
  • Rajj-Yo kiss — A bite, particularly from a sentient being
  • Shest Minor Seven — Eventually in common use throughout the Empire but originating with the Order, it referred to the seven Centurions who died at the Battle of Shest Minor: Cora Convarion, Genn Sudime, Syuug, Terran Saul, Kyzk, Atrelle Sovex, and Sato Raltharan.
  • Sioquyriz — Pronounced (/ʃəˈkwɪərˌɪz/), a portmanteau of the names of Siobhan Zaffrod, Quenam Kasafee, and Wyriz. Applied to them by older Novices as early as 156 ABY because the three were together so often. Occasionally modified to "Sioquyrizayne" to include Rayne Turgachia, whom the three Novices often followed around.
  • Smiley — One of the most polite of several nicknames for the Zyked Centurion Rajj-Yo, in this case referencing his famously intimidating grin.
  • Sor-ay-su, Sor-eh-su — A saying (pronounced /sɔːrˈeɪ.suː, sɔːrˈɛ.suː/) denoting the belief that two things, while cosmetically different, were alike in all meaningful ways. Derived from continuing disagreements about how to pronounce the name of the third form of lightsaber combat.
  • Stinger — A remote, named for the low-powered, painfully stinging laser blasts it shot.
  • Sting stick — A training lightsaber, so-called because its enhanced blade shielding made a strike from the blade burn and sting, but not actually cut flesh.

"The twins", Malyri and Kylaea Porén

  • Team Tarzg — The Royal Guard of the Golden Empire, so-called because the Centurion Tarzg Sav'lir became the Guard's first permanent member, took a personal hand in training new Guards, and molded much of the unit around his personality.
  • The Traitor — Used when reference to the late Centurion and Consul Vessyk was unavoidable, as Rin Sakaros had forbidden anyone to ever speak his name again.
  • Triple Triangle — The Emblem of the Order, three interlocking triangles.
  • The twinsAthan Centurions and fraternal twins Kylaea and Malyri Porén
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