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The Light of the Force was the flagship and mobile training center of the New Jedi Order during the Third Galactic Civil War. The vessel was initially in the service of the Galactic Alliance, but was given to the Jedi by Jedi Master and acting Chief of State Jhon Cordatus following the destruction of the previous Jedi flagship, The Will of the Force. The ship served the Jedi throughout the early years of the war before taking heavy damage during the fall of the Galactic Alliance.[1]

Badly damaged, the ship settled into orbit above Anoth, where it survived on a skeleton crew. It remained in disrepair for the rest of its service, but continued to serve as a refuge for Jedi who survived the onslaught of the Sith. It also remained active as a training center, particularly once the Jedi set up their new temple on Anoth.[1] The Sith ultimately discovered Anoth and the ship in 1,023 ABY; during the Battle of Anoth, the Sith Empress Andraste used the Force from the planet's surface to pull the Light of the Force out of orbit, sending it to its death on the planet below.[2]


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