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The key to deception is to make the enemy suspect the unexpected, then do what they expect you to do.
—Tesh Vohore, Co-founder of the Liberators

The Liberators Pirate Organization, or Liberators were a Privateer Organization, whose motto was "Liberate others of their financial burdens" and were feared in most of the lower region Outer Rim. They were made famous for their loyalty to those they worked for and rarely raided for pleasure, but pleasure was also relative. They were founded by Tesh Vohore as defense fleet for the Republic over Shadda-Bi-Boran during the evacuation.

They would use piracy as a cover up to raid convoys carrying supplies to Garganat the Hutt, but when Garganat discovered their covert operations, he quickly turned them in his favour. The Liberators quickly switched, by order from Garganat, to raid all Republic ships, giving them their villainous record. Tesh, the leader of the Liberators, tried to regain the Republic's trust, even though he despised them himself, by signing them on as a Privateer Organization. When that deal went sour, Tesh pulled the Liberators into full piracy and started raiding whoever crossed them.

Liberator's Creed

With us there is no possession invaluable,
No jewel, gem, or crystal too dim,
No weapon too weak,
No life expendable.
With us there is only victory and reward.



The Liberators were formed because of a collection of bad decisions by the head coordinator, Garganat the Hutt of the evacuation of Shadda-Bi-Boran. The founder, Tesh Vohore and his partner, Chin Chaldak, attempted to form an alliance with traders and merchants to help stop Garganat. Since it was just merchant ships, they had to secretly outfit the vessels for combat. Tesh turned to his close friend from the Military Academy on Coruscant, Rim Perth Grranode, for help. Rim supplied Tesh with the weaponry needed to conduct simple raids. Since it was many bodies against one, they had to be unified. Tesh, Chin and Rim gathered the Captains of each vessel and appointed Admirals, to form fleets to secure sectors of the planets orbit. After that, they gathered together once more and thought up one unified cause, "To Liberate Shadda-Bi-Boran", thus starting the Liberators.

But word leaked out when one of the merchants was overcome by Garganat's Captain, Dale Ranyo. The Captain immediately relayed the message back to Garganat who set up a plan to surmount Tesh and use the Liberators Fleet as an asset. Garganat managed to take Tesh's daughter, Alura and twist Tesh's views. He used the Liberators to as a cover up for his true actions, a secret alliance with the Stark Commercial Combine. The Republic grew restless with Tesh and Garganat, after having to deal with the outbreak of war, pulled out of Shadda-Bi-Boran and left them to fend for themselves. Tesh used this to his advantage and turned the fleet, along with Bothan allies, on Garganat, freeing his fleet.

Liberators Civil War

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Also known as The Pirate Wars, the Liberators Civil War started immediately after Garganat was killed by Tesh. Chin decided that he wanted more then his share of the fleet, but wanted his on fleet instead and broke off of the main Liberators. He took about thirty ships with him; any who wished to follow Chin, and tried to overthrow Tesh. A large conflict developed just outside of Shadda-Bi-Boran, between the two sides.

The first battle in the conflict was a continuation of the battle against Garganat’s fleet. It started when Chin opened fire on Garganat's Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, which now belonged to Tesh, the Annihilator. This was a mistake on Chin's behalf, because with Tesh in control of both his Liberators section and Garganat's fleet, he drastically outnumbered Chin. Chin realized this too late and was forced to pull back after losing most his fleet. Tesh declared war on Chin shortly after and followed him to Omwat, where the first official battle of The Pirate Wars began.

The war officially continued on for three more years, but theoretically, it didn't end until much longer. When Chin invaded Shadda-Bi-Boran and kidnapped Tesh's wife and daughter, the fighting stopped, but Tesh didn't. He continued looking for her and Chin, using the Liberators as a cover up for his investigation. He switched from raiding mainly civilian cargo ships, to diplomatic and galactic federal ships. He finally found Chin, who was hiding on Najiba. He then hired the Liberators out to the Republic attempting to gain their trust, and persuaded them to station him on Najiba so he could "liberate" it from CIS control. He confronted Chin their and settled the debt, recruiting him back into the Liberators, so he could find his wife, thus peacefully ending The Pirate Wars.

Unknown Region excursions

Xian Conflicts

What ever happened to the key of deceptions?
Ryluk Shouja

Chin helped Tesh lead the Liberators to a small system in the Unknown Region called the Paryu system. There they found Tesh's wife, but she was held captive, by marriage, to the dictator of the region. Tesh was willing to settle thing diplomatically, but when Zhar, the dictator, forced him out of Hjim, the planet they found Hetur-an on, Tesh pulled in his Liberators fleet to once again free a planet. But this time, a rising commander from The Clone Wars, CRC-3198, tracked him to Hjim, and aligned up with Zhar against Tesh. Tesh pulled the Liberators into action and forced him to retreat. Tesh sent Chin to take the commander out, but in turn was back-stabbed. Chin killed the commander and retreated back to Coruscant to regroup and return when the time was right.

There was a brief time of peace before havoc broke out again, forcing the Liberators back into action. Tesh gave General Rim full control over the ground troops as they fought against the Xian troops trying to take over the system. Tesh allied the Liberators with two other local groups, the Yimis and the Hjimi. Together they managed to hold off the Xians, who were force-sensitive, but at the cost of losing Tesh's son, Jate Vohore to the Xians. Ryluk, who had joined the liberators towards the end of The Pirate Wars, convinced Tesh that he was fighting the war the wrong way. Tesh was reminded of his past experience with Garganat and how he handled that conflict, and he decided to change his tactics.

Tesh brought the Liberators back online as a pirate organization, raiding all the enemy convoys he came across. Chin, around this time, had returned and brought Imperial reinforcements, but Tesh handled them like he did any other faction, and sent the Liberators to do their job. Eventually, the Liberators over-powered the Imperial convoy, oversaw by Ehst Gardon a Niemoidian from The Clone Wars, and forced them to retreat. Tesh then used the Liberators to storm X-Nais, the Xian homeworld, and captured it, ending the Xian conflict in the system.

Decline of the Liberators

The Liberators never disovled into thin air, but has remained a structured fleet up until the present. They declined as Pirate Fleet after Tesh handed it over to Rim. Rim then recombined it with the Military Faction, but kept the name Liberators. It remained an operating, growing fleet, as the Hjim technology advanced throughout the years, and became one of the strongest fleets in the Unknown Region. When the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium invaded the Unknown Region, they barely brushed the Paryu system as the Liberators fleet was too strong an opponent. Even the Yuuzhan Vong couldn't defeat the Liberators fleet.


The typical Infantry for the Liberators was viewed as more of a light infantry or more appropriately, carriers. They carried a HB-9 blaster rifle as their primary weapon (although, Rim Perth Grranode, their general, carried a T-21) with a side blaster of their choice. Strapped around their waist were a series of grenades, Thermal Detonators, Flash Grenades, and EMP grenades, mainly for dealing with droid excursions. They weren’t necessarily highly trained, like the clones of their time, but were excellent in the field of stealth and efficiency, due to the relation between them and the Bothans.

The raid, for the infantry, would start when a small corvette would dock the enemy and storm its outer corridors. They would force the interior fighters and technicians to a focal point where they would rid of them with grenades. Depending on their location, they would dress in colors that would blend them into their surroundings. When asked to raid Najiba, they wore green-camo suits.

The infantry consisted of two footsoldier platoons of twelve, one marksman platoon of twelve, and one heavy trooper platoon of twelve. They were small in size, but could do considerable damage to a ship from the inside. In times of need, each one could blow up a starship from the inside. Once the enemy troops were disposed of, the raiding would begin. Forty-eight durasteel chests would be brought in, and each trooper could fill one to the top of loot. When time came, the troopers got to pick one of their looted possessions, while the rest went to be exchanged for money, or other goods they needed.


Known ships

Capital ships

  • Forayer
  • Venture
  • Annihilator
  • Honest Pirate
  • Avenger (temporarily)

Notable pilots


Behind the scenes

The Liberators, inspired by the film Ocean's Eleven and the television show Thief, were created before the character Tesh Vohore was, who was a direct result of the Liberators creation. They were originally going to be formed because of a Hutt invasion of an unknown planet, but this was switched to its current history due to lack of interest.


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