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The Liberators' Run (formerly the Tetrarchs' Run) was the main hyperlane through the Mezlag Sector in the Unknown Regions, connecting Irimor on one end with Deshad on the other. Mezlagob, capital of the eponymous tetrarchy, was near the center of the Run.

Forged at some point before 214 BBY, the Tetrarchs' Run was primarily developed by scouts of the Tetrarchy, seeking to expand their government's control over neighboring systems. Many small offshoots existed, but the major and most important offshoot was the Keblygrin Way, nicknamed the "Money Line" due to its connection to Vall`to, site of the Vall`to Sector Bank.

In 102 ABY, the Tetrarchy was toppled by the Golden Empire in a conflict dubbed the "Great Liberation". As part of the series of renamings that accompanied this victory, Queen Rin Sakaros christened the spacelane the "Liberators' Run".

The Run ran south-by-southwest to north-by-northeast. Scouts from the Empire's Exploration Corps pushed it in both directions. Eventually, a link was forged between the Liberators' Run and the Cressus Route, providing an invasion corridor into the Chiss Ascendancy.

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