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Leron Dinn was a Sky Gunner-turned-Jedi Knight who bravely fought against the Utherans. He and his fellow Sky Gunner Alex Rubbalon were responsible for the infamous prison raid on Kantooine, where they freed over 100 prisoners, mostly Sky Gunners imprisoned by the Grand Republic of Dono.



Leron Dinn was born on Len'e as part of the New Generation, the first generation to be born free of the Sith domination of Len'e in many years. His father Elden Dinn was a smuggler and Len'ean pilot, who died defending Len'e from the Sith. His mother Alirana Dinn was also an operative of the Len'ean Freedom Fighters.

Early years and the founding of the Sky Gunners

After escaping the destruction of the colony of Abedia V, where he was brought up by his uncle Lexius Dinn, he became good friends with Alex Rubbalon, a Tarisian-born adept pilot. Together they formed the Sky Gunners, a group of pilots and soldiers bent on freeing colonies and planets from enemies such as the Utherans and the Sith. The Sky Gunners gained many members of many races, and their most daring attack was on the SS Guinevir, a Utheran cruiser in orbit around Arthoras.

The Loss of A Friend and Path to A Jedi

During the attack on Utheras in a final attempt to beat the Utherans into remission, Alex Rubbalon and his squadron were destroyed. Driven by rage, Leron managed to cripple the defenses of Utheras so much that the Utherans surrendered. At a loss by Alex's death, Leron traveled to Taris, where he gained the attention of Zorin Durandu. The Jedi Master sensed that Leron was growing dangerously close to the Dark Side, and offered to teach him ways of the Jedi. After five years of training Leron became a Jedi Knight, and lead the attack on Utheras seven years later.

Utheras and Death

Along with many Jedi and his fellow Sky Gunners, Leron lead a risky attack on Utheras. The casualties were heavy on both sides, and during the later stages of the battle Leron confronted Grand Knight Lanzelok Durbori in a bid to end the Utheran's tirade of invasion. He dueled Lanzelok at the battlements of the Creed Palace, where he managed to slay the knight. Then High Iquisitorus Alberan Vilstaron appeared and sensing he could not defeat him, Leron used the Force Implosion to destroy himself and Alberan. Once again Zorin Durandu had lost a valuable apprentice and friend.

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