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Lequana, bnef nlle! The Sullustans of Seswenna, also simply called The Sullustans of Seswenna was a holofilm documentary by Luca Georges in the wake of the Seswenna Security Crisis. Narrated by Ashka Memnu, it highlighted the life of the Sullustan population on the planet Seswenna at its peak before the deadly plague that devastated the planet. In the years leading up to the crisis, the planet was home to over 1.3 billion Sullustans, the largest concentration away from Sullust. After the Seswenna Security Crisis, the population was estimated to have been reduced to only 104,000. This figured included an approximate 75,000 that fled Seswenna altogether. The documentary highlighted their culture, integration into Seswennan society, plight following the plague, and speculation as to their future.


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