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This galaxy thrives on war, and as we're all aware, this galaxy has been at peace for too long. Our economy's failing. Viscera cheated us out of a goldmine years ago. We will kill two mynocks with one stone if we pull this off. We boost military production and get a hold of the credits Voltar makes off of their Krayt dragon pearls. If we don't strike now, the only stable government in the galaxy will bankrupt itself.
—Leinad Dilligaf, explaining to his coalition why they need to eliminate the Volta.[src]

Leinad Dilligaf was the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and also the leader of a conspiracy to eliminate the Volta from power in 2,280 BBY. A believer that the Republic was doomed to bankrupt itself, Dilligaf formed the conspiracy after the Galactic Senate cut the military and medical budgets. A month later, Roger Auga, one of the other members of the conspiracy, preemptively attacked the planet Voltar. In order to keep up appearances, Dilligaf sent troops in an attempt to capture the general. After the attack, Dilligaf's involvement was uncovered by Nara Mauss. He was promptly arrested in front of the Senate, though it was too late as the Volta Wars had begun.

History Edit

Shortly before 2,280 BBY, Leinad Dilligaf was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. Before or during his term, the Volta declared themselves independent from the Republic. He witnessed General Roger Auga's outburst at a budget meeting. At the meeting he realized that the Republic was doomed to bankrupt itself unless drastic measures were taken. Utilizing his hatred for the Volta, Dilligaf formed a coalition whose goal was to eliminate the Volta and take their major export, Krayt dragon pearls.[3]

General Auga decided to send his own troops to the planet Voltar and drop annihilation bombs on them. Auga made sure that Dilligaf would not be implicated in the attack by assuming he had gone rouge. Auga was defeated, however, and Dilligaf had to keep appearances with the rest of the Republic, forcing him to end the attack prematurely. Auga's defeat did not stop other parts of the attack from going off. Knowing that the Republic couldn't last in a war, Dilligaf tried to take control of the situation when he was confronted with his involvement in the coalition in a holovid obtained by bounty hunter Nara Mauss. As he was arrested for treason, the Volta declared war on the Republic.[3]

Personality and traits Edit

Someone care to explain to me what the frick's going on here?
—Leinad Dilligaf's unprofessional vocabulary[src]

Despite being elected Supreme Chancellor, Leinad had a strong and, often times, non-politically correct vocabulary, using swear words in most conversations with other politicians. Beyond his vocabulary, Leinad could see things from an economic point and realized early on that if the Republic continued with the economic policies it was pursuing, it would bankrupt itself. His "ends justify the means" attitude allowed him to almost wipe out an entire government in order to save his own.[3]

Behind the scenes Edit

Leinad Dilligaf was created by author Josh Bender for his novella Fail-Safe. In the original idea for the story, Dilligaf was meant what the author described as "a bit of a dimwit" and accidentally cause a war. However, as the story continued, Bender felt that would not work successfully. Dilligaf was then turned into the leader of the anti-Volta coalition.

Dilligaf's appearance is based on Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The appearance was picked to represent his originally intended dimwittedness, due to Josh's distaste for Roethlisberger. The appearance was never changed when Josh changed Dilligaf's personality.

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