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Leia Windu, family named Kenobi, originally Leilady Kunegunda Kenobi-Windu XIII, was a human female born in the town of Kywalker on Dantooine, Padmé Kenobi and Obi-Wan Kenobi's sister and Shmi Skywalker's childhood friend.

Before the beginning of the Clone Wars Leia had born her first baby, named Stanislav, who would later become known as Snoke. In spite of having a lot of boyfriends and partners, the woman only got married twice — firstly, during the Clone Wars, to Mace Windu, whose name she took as her own, and secondly to Luke Skywalker. However, she cheated on him with Lando Carlissian, and accidentally gave birth to Celina Carlissian. Though the spouses chose to freeze her in carbonite, because they didn't think they would be great parents. Some time later Chewbacca became Leia's lover. Together with him, the woman had her another child, and that time it was a boy named Lowbacca. Wishing to keep his existence secretly, the human and the Wookiee handed him over to Katarzyna, who then sent him to Chewbacca's sister so that she could bring him up as her own son.

In 10 ABY Leia committed to Jar Jar Binks and some time later, together with him and her old friend Shmi, became members of of Jar Jars's Empire's forehant, founded by them before. Finally, due to a few complications within the country's command, Leia was killed by the Gungan during the Attack on Rattoine, but one year later the woman was revived by Ben Solo and Lanever Villecham. Then, she came back to Luke once more, being sure to stay with him for good.

Leia spent next years taking part in searching for the First Lightsaber. In order to get it, other six ancient weapons were needed to find in order to work as the key. Having gotten them all, together with her friends, she went to Endor. Finally, however, the artifact was taken on by a mystery user of the Force. After those events, Luke decided to split her wife up in the purpose to follow the Jedi Code. To make it come true, he beyond that took Ben Solo as his apprentice. The female then got back to Lando Carlissian to be his partner, with whom she moved to the planet of Jakku. There, they both chose to unfreeze their daughter and sell her, having changed her name to "Rey". The money they had gotten was mainly spent on alcohol.

In 21 ABY Leia went to Kashyyyk to see Chewbacca one more time. When their son Lowbacca and Ben Solo landed on the planet after they had, they managed to explain to their son the reason why they left him years before. Then, the mystery Force user also arrived, and eventually he turned out to have Mace Windu's face covered under the mask. During the duel, the former Jedi killed Low and, defending himself, accidentally hurt Leia. She, however, once more gave her love to him in order to save Ben Solo. Next, having lost too much of her blood, Leia finally died in the arms of her first loved one.


Early life

In Kywalker, a town on Dantooine, Leia was born a daughter of Donata Kenobi, along with two of her siblings, such as her brother Obi-Wan Kenobi and twin-sister Padme Kenobi. In her youth, she met Shmi Skywalker, with whom we went to the same university. One time both girls argue over a man.

For some period Leia had a relationship with Boss Rugor Nass. However, she didn't know that she went out with a Gungan, instead thinking that he was a Jawa. When they finished the relationship, the boss got married to her sister Padme.

Before the Clone Wars started, Leia had met Sheeve Palpatine, with whom she had her first child, Stanislav Palpatine, who later became known as Snoke.

Clone Wars

Collaboration with Master Feel

One day during the Clone Wars Leia went shopping to Hoth together with her twin-sister, Padme. Some time later she attended the race for Master Feel on Coruscant. On the same planet she agreed with Alndebara, who thought that her husband Feel behaved too submissively to Chancellor Palpatine, and finally, she stayed his home to look after it with Klementyna. What she engaged in as well was the search for Feel when the male had turned out to be a Sith

Behind the scenes

The character of Leia Windu was originally created by Gial Ackbar for his fanon series on Star Wars Fanonpedia. The article, however, was eventually published by Mustafar29, who created the woman's look as well as her personality.

Leia Windu was never planned to be related to Mace Windu as his family's member. Her look, based on the Jedi's face, applies to her last name, which was firstly mentioned in the Polish series Saga Mariuszka. Finally, she was presented as Mace Windu's wife, which was supposed to explain her name.

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