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I never expected so much.. anger in me, so much.. passion in me. I have been reborn, Darth Organa, Lady of the Sith!
—Leia realizing all of the Darkside and it's non-constricting ways.
"The Sith have more freedom then the Jedi will ever have!"


Serving the Legacy:Edit

Leia was a dancer-girl and servant for The Fury Legacy. Although Makshakel was married to Vette, he still liked to watch dancers. She realized she was force-sensitive, but kept it secret and kept on serving the Legacy, until Quissa told her dad to let her go because Quissa still sensed the Force in her. Quissa trained Leia to the best of her ability (because Quissa was a Force Adept) until she was talking to Fury about Leia and making the former servant-girl a Sith.

Becoming Sith (and also climbing up the ranks): Edit

Quissa brought her to a Sith Academy, where she then learned about the Jedi (albeit from the Sith point of view) and decided that the Sith have lots of freedom because they don't have a code that makes them hide their emotions, and the Sith embraced their sadness, anger, and lust all for the Dark Side. She kept training and learning, and eventually made her saber. She chose purple because she claimed it looked elegant, pretty, and also suited the fact she was close to the Light Side. The other Acolytes teased her because she had so much Light in her. (She could be considered a Dark Jedi, but I don't really think so.) They also helped her get more angrier, and she killed and tortured them behind the Sith Overseer's back. (I still get stuff from SWTOR, also in SWTOR, it said acolytes couldn't kill other acolytes, although when I played the game, I killed that rival guy when I was playing as Sith Warrior) The sith eventually found out of all of those kills, and saw her more as a Sith and Dark-sided than them, so they made her an Apprentice under another Female Sith. (Although her master wasn't human, and was a Twi'lek) She also fought a Jedi, this Jedi insulted her and said she was clouded. The jedi also said she noticed the Dark Side was strong in her. Said Jedi also found out in some archives that she was a Servant-girl and Dancer-girl under the Fury Legacy. The Jedi also did more research and found out that the legacy was mostly Sith and Imperials, so he said she was Dark-sided because she hung around someone who had the dark-side around them all of the time. Leia noticed the Jedi was spying and doing research as he sliced into a Database (or archives) and found out her origins, so she killed him. She also decided to use a Saberstaff because the fact it looked threatening and dangerous with two blades, and that people who used one fought with grace. She then did more stuff, like get relics and also reclaim old Sith weapons and powerful weapons. A Sith on the council decided to make her a Darth but only after she kills her master, which she did and brought his limbs back as proof. She also fought Fury once and almost killed him, but spared and healed him. She then became loyal to the Legacy she used to serve under, and also Fury bribed the Sith after he killed a rich Senator, all just to make her Lady of the Sith/Dark Lady of the Sith. She decided to take part in Sith Sorcery and Alchemy, but also tests like killing a strong creature and bathing in its blood and also wearing its skull. (Kinda like Satanic stuff people used to do IRL) Fury and Leia always sparred, though one time he left her half-dead, but to kinda mess with her, he sent a Medical droid to her aid.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

She used more light-sided things like Force Heal, and Force Battle Meditation. (Also Fury wasn't lightsided, he used a Dark Side version of the force-power.) She also used force lightning, but the color of it was Green, and also she used force augmented kicks and punches, and also used Force Leap and Ataru. She can also change her eye color, which she used alot so it wouldn't be obvious that she was a Sith.

Behind the scenesEdit

Yes, she has three last names, but I took her adopted last name and made it her middle.

Technically her last name should be "Skywalker-Solo" (or Amidala, because of her mom, Padme, which would make her name "Leia Amidala-Organa Skywalker-Solo.") All of those last names.

Also, when someone gets married, and they don't have a middle name (like they did back then, or whatever), they make their old last name their middle name.

Also, in the movies, her hair looked brown, sometimes, but it also was black, but here, she's a blonde. (because the movies need to stick to her actual hair color anyways.)

Also, she has two quotes.

She also dressed seductively after she became Sith because she liked to use passion and lust to bring Jedi to the Dark Side. Also, because it was comfortable and better than wearing robes or armors. Every time she killed a Jedi, she went to a cantina to celebrate it, and she also sold the sabers off.

She doesn't look like the Leia from Canon, she looks like Brenda Sing (or Song, or whatever her name was), that girl who played London off of "Suite Life of Zack and Cody".

Her hair is sometimes a ponytail but sometimes she leaves it long.

See alsoEdit

  • Watch all of those movies with her (the canon Leia) in them, and you'll see why I said that about those last names.