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If he's hurting people, we have to stop him! It's our duty! I'm not a padawan anymore! I can handle it, I swear!
—Leia Ceres

Leia Ceres was a Jedi Padawan under her master, Aerith Laverne. She is the youngest to become a padawan with Anakin Skywalker coming in second.

Early life

Leia, born into a family of Jedi, was orphaned soon after birth and was cared for by her sister until she was killed by Sith grunts. With nowhere to go, Leia turned to the Jedi Temple for sanctuary. Rather than turn her away, the masters of the temple elected to give Leia to the 14 year old Aerith, who had just been promoted from the ranks of padawan to Jedi Knight, and assign 8 year old Leia as a padawan to the new Knight. The masters sensed lots of promise and greatness in Leia and knew they were making the right choice.


Leia flourished as a young Padawan until Aerith left the Jedi temple. When the two remet years later, 16 year old Leia was a young prosperous Jedi Knight who had realised her full potential. During this time, however, Aerith was reeling from the emotional turmoil of discovering that Anakin still had feelings for her and vice versa.


During the Order 66, many Jedi feared for their lives, including Leia. She complicity went into hiding and tended to her former master, who was comatose after her battle with Amenra in her quest to avenge her deceased daughter, Shmi Solo. Leia, however, was coaxed out of hiding when she learned that the few Jedi Younglings she had saved from the Temple Massacre were going to be slaughtered through a Force Vision. She and Ahsoka Tano went to the place where she hid the surviving younglings and rescued them, however, Anakin ambushed them and kidnapped Leia. Anakin tortured Leia in an attempt to make her divulge Aerith's whereabouts. Leia, however, escaped and made her way back to the hidden dojo. Unfortunately, Anakin ambushed and fatally injured her, leaving her to return to the dojo, where she died in Aerith's arms


Padme Amidala's daughter, Leia Organa Solo is presumably named after Leia Ceres.

Personality and traits

Leia is kind, bubbly and enthusiastic. She displays a very child-like innocence despite being 16 years old in her first appearance and is charmingly ditsy. She is very compassionate and, like Padmé, believes that there is good in everyone to some degree. She is also headstrong like her master, Aerith and a little spunky when she needs to be.

Powers and abilities

Leia is incredibly force-sensitive and is able to predict tragic events before they occur. Her midichlorian count is super high but as the Great Discover of 10 BBY revealed that midiclorians are nothing other than harmless bacteria consumed through the water supply and had no bearing on someone's ability to use the force, that can be seen as irrelevant.

In combat, Leia falls short and often needs a companion.

Behind the scenes

Leia will be played by KatieMichal Pullen in Star Wars: Elimination.

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