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Lego Star Wars: Vacation

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after 0 BBY


Rebellion Era

Intoduction Edit

LSV is a fan series that takes place during the Original Trilogy. It is only compatible with the movies and contadicts several other canon elements. It is created with Legos using a process called stop-motion.

Season 1: What really happend a Long Time Ago Edit

Episode 1-A Galaxy of Craziness Edit

This season begins showing Darth Vader on a Star Destroyer during an average day. It quickly diverts to Luke causing trouble for the Empire during his vacation. A group of clonetroopers, Dimwit, Philmore, Budgie, P.J., Joey, and an inidetified clone, try and fail to capture Luke. Luke Eventually meets up with Chewbacca, but before they can escape, they must face off with the resurrected Darth Maul and Sevral Storm Troopers. They mamaged to escape but are captured by Darth Vader. Luke uses his powers free free them and engages Dath Vader in combat. Vader tries to persuade Luke that the he ate mysterious Icecream-Pizza-Salads, but Luke refused to belive him. However Vader is trampled by stormtroopers that he had come across on the Death Star earlier. Chewbacca forces P.J., Philmore, Joey and Budgie, and Joey to rebuild the Snowspeed that they destroyed earlier. But Luke and Chebacca fins out to late that Philmore planted a bomb in the speeder. The ship is destroyed and Luke and Chewie are captured.


Characters Edit

-Luke Skywalker


-Darth Vader

-Darth Maul

-Emperor Palpatine






-Scaredy Clone

(Unapeared Characters) Edit

-Mara Jade

-Mr Dad

-The Terminator


Vehicles Edit

-Star Destroyer



-The Bicycle

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