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We make the greatest for the greatest.
—Legion Shipyard's unofficial motto

Legion Shipyards was a group of shipyards and shipbuilders employed and used by the major crime organisation known as the Steel Legion.


The Legion fleet initially consisted of hired pirate and mercenary ships, but then 8311 decided that the Legion needed its own ships. To this end, he formed the Legion Shipyards, hired various technicians and designers from companies such as KDY, and purchased shipyards at Fondor and Kuat. Initially, Legion Shipyards reproduced ships of third-party designs, such as Venator-class star destroyers and Interceptor IV frigates. When Imperials began investigating the LS shipyards at Kuat and Fondor, 8311 had secret shipyards constructed in remote locations all over the galaxy where Legion Shipyards could manufucture starships for the Legion in peace.


During the height of the Legion's power, 8311 commisioned Legion Shipyards to begin work on new capital ships for the Legion only. A few prototype battleships were produced, but did not go into mass-production.

When 8311 was nearly killed by Imperials at Nar Shadda, the Legion collapsed, but Legions shipyards kept on going, producing ships for other parties to mantain a profit. Soon, 8311 returned to power, as did the Steel Legion, and Legion Shipyards resumed its primary purpose.

When Ferd Swqaru took control of the Legion, he ordered Legion Shipyards to resume work on its old designs for a Legion-exclusive ship, and soon Metal Fury-class cruisers were emerging out of Legion Shipyards construction docks. Soon afterwards, immensely powerful Iron Glory-class destroyers came off the drawing board to the production line, and boosted the Steel Legion's naval power significantly.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Legion Shipyards also produced battleships for the New Republic, at a price. The Yuuzhan Vong targeted several shipyards beloging to Legion Shipyards, hampering production.

By the New Jedi Order era, Legion Shipyards was much more commercialised, building ships for major trading companies and governments.


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