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Glory to the Legion!
—Legion Defiler battle cry
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A Legion Defiler

Legion Defilers, also known as the Legion Elite, were highly elite soldiers in the armies of the powerful crime organisation known as the Steel Legion, led by the droid Unit 8311. They were similar to the Consortium Defilers of the Zann Consortium, but were generally considered more proficient in fighting. However, unlike their Consortium equalivent, Legion Defilers could not corrupt worlds. They also sometimes served as generals and commanders in the Legion ground forces.

Equipment and training

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A Legion Defiler leads a trio of Legion Assault Speeders

Legion Defilers were equipped with blue armor, very similar to that world by Consortium Defilers. This armor was very tough and could withstand even a direct hit from an anti-armor missile. The armor had various hidden pouches for ammunition and equipment such as posion darts. Legion Defilers had differing equipment varying on their missions: nominally, they had a powerful blaster rifle and grenades, but they were good with other kinds of weaponry as well.

Legion Defilers were either very good soldiers picked out from Legion ranks, or skilled mercenaries brought into the service of the Legion. Their training was hard and gruelling, even more so than that of the Legion Infiltrators. Many trainees were killed during this training and as a result Legion Defilers were not as numerous as other Legion troops. However, they were very skilled--some considered them to be on the same level, perhaps even surpassing, that of the Republic clone commandos or ARC troopers.


Consortium Defilers? Pah. They're cheap imitations.
—A Legion Defiler on his Consortium equalivents

As the Legion increased in power, 8311 decided that a new class of soldier, surpassing even the skilled Infiltrators, was needed to keep the Legion's power. He started the Legion Defiler project, and curiously the Zann Consortium also began producing soldiers called Defilers. Both sides suspected each other of spying.

Soon, Legion Defilers became a part of the Legion armies, but due to their high requirements they were relatively rare, numbering at the maximum about three thousand. However, they were capable of taking on almost anything, and were skilled at both fighting in open battle and infiltration.

When the Legion collapsed just before the Battle of Yavin, many Legion Defilers became mercenaries and bounty hunters, although when 8311 reorganised the Legion after the Battle of Endor, the majority of the Defilers rejoined the Legion.

Later history


A Legion Defiler by 130 ABY

During the Legion's reign in the time of the New Republic, the Legion Defilers began to decrease in number. When Ferd Swqaru took control of the Legion, he continued training new Legion Defilers, but not as extensively as 8311.

Legion Defilers played a vital role in the Legion's part during the Yuuzhan Vong War, sabotaging Vong operations and defending Legion bases. However, they took many casaulties during this war, and very few remained at the end.

Legion Defilers continued to be used into the Legacy era, although their armor was redesigned and their training toned down in difficulty, making them less elite, although more numerous.

Abilities and skills

Need someone's ass kicked?
—A Legion Defiler

Legion Defilers were highly skilled, capable of taking on even the most skilled soldiers. They were proficient in stealth, demolition, and open battle. However, they had an unusual ability: bribery. On missions which would require bribery, Legion Defilers would be given a large amount of credits, and coupled with their skills in persuasion, few were able to resist the vast amount of credits they offered.

Legion Defilers also had a knowledge of weaponry and vehicles from across the galaxy. They were capable of taking down AT-ATs by placing bombs on their feet, and could quickly think up ways to destroy other vehicles.

Behind the scenes

As you can guess, the Legion Defiler is based on the Defiler from Forces of Corruption. The future Defiler design is from Command and Conquer.


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