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Legends of the Jedi: The Beast of Rutan is a fan fiction novella set in the Star Wars universe. Written by an author on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki under the pen name "MPK", it is the second installment in the Legends of the Jedi series.


Set a few centuries after the formation of the Galactic Republic, The Beast of Rutan follows Morgent Kelbus, a Jedi Knight who journeys to the remote world of Rutan. Accompanied by his disciple Euthsia, he travels to an ancient burial ground to combat an unknown evil force that has been murdering anyone who passes through.



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Dramatis personae

  • Euthsia
  • Lavidean Dargus
  • Morgent Kelbus

Other characters

  • Dargus' wife
  • Governor's official
  • Susanna (Mentioned only)
  • Vinere (Mentioned only)
  • Xendor (Mentioned only)



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Behind the scenes

The premise of the story draws inspiration from the Biblical story of Legion, in which Jesus encounters a man who, possessed by many demons, lives among the tombs in a countryside. Particular emphasis is placed on the version found in the Gospel of Matthew, which notes, "They were so violent that no one could pass that way."

In the novella's original conception, the unseen threat was simply a Dark Jedi who was guarding the tombs for an elusive reason and the protagonist was travelling to combat him alone. However, the author eventually decided that this made for a plot somewhat lacking in complexity, so the character of Euthsia was introduced and the nature of the antagonist was changed dramatically, in order to allow for a greater depth to be brought into the story.

The original title for the novella was Flight of the Night.

Notes and references

  1. N-canon works, while not considered canon, are officially published works. Therefore, because this work is not officially published, it is below that level of canon.