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Legends of the Jedi: Burning Bright is a fan-created novella set in the Star Wars universe, written by MPK in January 2011.


Set many centuries before the Great Sith War, Burning Bright explains why the planet of Malachor V is forbidden to Mandalorians. The narrative consists of a story told by a Mandalorian father to his son, interspersed with prose detailing some of the actual events from the perspectives of people from both sides of the conflict.



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Dramatis personae

  • Deyrus
  • Mandalore the Visionary

Other characters

  • Mandalorian father
  • Mandalorian youth
  • Tome Motir
  • Truman



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Behind the Scenes

Legends of the Jedi: Burning Bright was written in early 2011 as the first in an eventual series of stories depicting the earlier centuries of the Jedi Order's existence, illustrating the author's vision of how the Jedi of ancient times were similar to and different from the familiar ones of the movies. The question of why the planet of Malachor V, featured in the video game Knights of the Old Republic II, was forbidden to Mandalorians presented what the author considered an intriguing premise for a story. Some of the future installments of the Legends of the Jedi series are planned to show what other parts of early galactic history were involved with the Jedi.

The framing of the events of Burning Bright within a legend told by a Mandalorian father was partly inspired by Joseph Conrad's novella, Heart of Darkness. Likewise, the recurring imagery of fire and its metaphorical interpretations were inspired by Ray Bradbury's novel, Fahrenheit 451.

Notes and references

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