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Leatre was a Jedi Knight in the Old Republic, and was once the apprentice of Thame Cerulian. He was knighted and took on apprentices of his own before he died fighting beside his master at the Battle of Neimodia during the Bane Crisis.


Leatre was regarded as a talented Jedi by some and was considered to have been one of the best younglings in the Jedi Temple. It was there he was spotted by Thame Cerulian, who had just finished training his previous padawan Dooku. Cerulian took him on and within five years, Leatre was knighted and became a powerful Jedi in his own right.

Following the death of Thame's apprentice Seth Khaleb at the hands of Darth Sharka, Cerulian asked Leatre to help him kill the Sith Lord. Leatre agreed and traveled with Cerulian to Neimodia in the midst of a battle between the Republic and the Disciples of Bane. Together with other Jedi, Leatre and Thame confronted Sharka and were the only two left standing after Thame killed him. However, they were then attacked by Sharka's bodyguard Xethyr, who quickly killed Leatre who was followed very quickly by his master.

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