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Lana Beniko was a Human female mercenary who specialized in sniping. She served the Confederacy of Independent Systems throughout the Clone Wars, and was in 20 BBY by the Galactic Republic. Since she was a famous figure within the Confederacy, Darth Vader selected her as one of the former Separatist prisoners who were executed on Coruscant in 19 BBY, as a threat to the remaining Separatist holdouts. During the conflict, she managed to accumulate 298 kills with her sniper, becoming the highest scoring sniper in the Separatist Droid Army.


Serving the SeparatistsEdit

Originally a mercenary, Lana was hired by Count Dooku in 23 BBY, who had heard of her reputation as a sniper before. She accepted the assignment, and trained several other organic soldiers within the Separatist Droid Army as snipers. She also helped the programmers upload different sniping tactics into the memories of sniper battle droids. During a short conference that Dooku held on Geonosis with other hired mercenaries, she met with a former Republic Navy ace pilot named Dragomir Jovanović. The two hit it off, and talked for about an hour. However, as the Republic attack on the planet began, they separated.

When the war actually began in 22 BBY, she fought on several fronts, most notably in the Outer Rim Seiges. Lana killed more than 200 soldiers, and among them were 14 Jedi. For this, she became known among the Republic and had a bounty of 25,000 credits on her head. However, Lana managed to evade the Republic forces in combat, and by the end of 20 BBY she had 298 kills. She was used in propaganda, and had become somewhat of a celebrity among the Confederate populace. However, in that year, she was captured after a Separatist stronghold she was in was captured by the Republic. Lana spent the rest of the war in a detention facility on Coruscant, and almost managed to escape when the CIS attacked the planet. However, several Red Guards detained her on Palpatine's orders.


After the proclamation of the Galactic Empire and the end of the Clone Wars in 19 BBY, the CIS was disbanded, though several holdouts continued fighting. As an example to them, Darth Vader rounded up the thirteen most influential captured Separatists and had them hanged in front of cameras. Lana was one of them, and was executed.


Years later, the former Separatist pilot Dragomir Jovanović admitted that he had romantic feelings for her and wished to find out what happened, as he managed to escape the siege in which she was captured and had no idea what happened to her. After purging former Republic and Imperial records around 14 ABY, he managed to find out her fate and felt guilt at not taking her with him when he escaped from the fallen fortress.