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Lamia Kressh was born to members of the Sith Kressh family, which much earlier in history was responsible for Sith such as Ludo and Exal Kressh. Living in isolation on board a space station of one of the old Sith Empires located in the unknown regions, Lamia was taught the basics of Sith culture even as a young child. However, all that would change when the pirates that brought the station supplies(they dealt with the most human of the inhabitants, as the Sith did not want anyone to know Purebloods still existed) chose to renege on their agreement and destroy it. The 6 year old Lamia's parents rushed her to an old, unnoticed escape pod and left her there, along with a lightsaber and a Sith Holocron. Realizing they had no hope of survival, her parents launched the pod as the station was consumed by flames, blaster fire, and explosions. The shockwave would send the pod at near-light speed to the nearest planet: the infamous world of Roxuli.

As the pod crash-landed near a home on the planet, the family occupying the house came out to examine it. Opening the pod and discovering a young female of an unknown species, they accepted her into their family. The items that were in the pod with her(the lightsaber and holocron) were kept on a shelf, gathering dust as Lamia grew older. Eventually, she discovered her sensitivity in the Force. At the young age(for a Sith) of 29, she left her adopted family home with her 2 personal possessions and traveled the galaxy before being found by several Jedi and taken as a Padawan. Though the masters were worried that having a Sith Pureblood in their order would risk either her corruption, or their students', they decided to risk it due to their curiosity at how she, of a supposedly extinct species, had survived.

After a period of time with her new master, Matsu Ike, they began to form a more personal relationship. A stop on Nar Shaddaa found her the proud owner of her family's ancient Sith Sword. A few missions later, she almost fully accepted her dark past by channeling the Dark Side during a battle with a Sith Undead. She also took a trip back to her home on Roxuli, secretly using the trip as an excuse to meet with another Darksider to learn some of her species' ancient powers. Following this, Matsu brought her and her blade to the Loremaster, hoping to get the blade purified from its darkness, though she knew nothing about Lamia's meeting.

After being told to spend time at Ruusan, home of the Valley of the Jedi, Lamia meditated there for several months before Matsu performed a rather dangerous technique on her, removing the dark taint that had been with her since birth. A mission to the Veeshas Tuwain library on Arkania saw her help redeem Chora from the Dark Side with Master Mitya and Master Matsu's help.

Shortly afterwards, she was dueling with Jedi Master Teline Deloi when she utilized the Force powers Kinetite and Electric Judgement. The Jedi believed that she had used Dark Side powers during their duel, and told the Grandmaster, who, after a conversation with her, exiled Lamia despite not having proof she had used the Dark Side.

Traveling with Matsu and the Knights and Padawans that left with her due to the Jedi Order's seeming bigotry, Lamia joined the Imperial Knights, finding a friend in blind Knight Mira Albion, who was in many ways just like Lamia herself. She embarked on missions with several other Knights, gaining herself some new friends along the way.

After Mira left the Knights for the Jedi, Lamia took a trip to Sarka, to relax and get away from the war. While there, she met an alias of Geist Weiss, Sith alchemist. He kidnapped her, taking her to an abandoned space station and psychologically torturing her. She was... damaged, after this. It was as though she had finally accepted the darkness. Calling for help, Mira came and saved her from a certain death aboard the station as it exploded.

Lamia returned to the Knights after this ordeal. She was cleansed and helped by Knight-Commander Rouge, but shortly afterwards Rouge, along with Lamia's master, Matsu, would die when the Sith attacked. Their deaths drove Lamia to despair, and as a result, she isolated herself during the purge. She constructed a swimming pool on board one of the Knights' ships, and when all Imperial Knights were ordered into the HOMEFRONT, she disassembled it and moved the pool to sublevel 42. She remained there for some time, trying to reconstitute her mental state before becoming essential guardian to Matsu's two daughters.

Before this, though, she had come into contact with a fellow Matsu padawan-turned-Knight named Qyv Xinn. She felt attracted to him, the same way she had towards her lost love Varrion, and after some conversation, she asked the important question: whether he wanted to have kids with her or not. Hearing in the affirmative, Lamia and Qyv had relations, accelerating the pregnancy so that she would not have to hide it from the Knights. She gave birth to a male child and a female child, taking the latter with her back to the Knights.


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