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The Hunted
Legends of the Force
Author -Price-
Co-author DylanTBest
Installment #3 published, #2 chronologically
Date of publication July 2017, 2016
Prequel TBD
Sequel LOTF: Resurgence

The Hunted is the third entry in the Legends of the Force fan fiction series written by -Price-. The story, set during the events of Ganner Slarwalker, follows Jedi Masters Sen Qorbin, Nyri Tacon, and Yula Ardinn during the search for Ganner Slarwalker. The story also gives a backstory to Cyana Bastra and reveals how she joined the Brotherhood.


A month after a Jedi strike team vanishes on Umbara, two Jedi begin to unearth a conspiracy that runs deeper than the Shadow Assassins themselves.



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