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Kywalker was a village situated upon the planet of Dantooine, being host to a variety of species, both humanoids and animals. In 11 ABY, the town was destructed by the forces of Huge Kingdom of the Sith, commanded by Shmi Skywalker.

Over the history, Kywalker noted a number of affiliations, inter alia being part of the Galactic Republic and later becoming involved in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, though always maintained the independent office of Head of Village.


Clone Wars

At one point of its existence, Dantooine became part of the state known as the Galactic Republic. In the Clone Wars, the village was resided in by the worldwide known family of Kenobi, involving Donata's daughters, Leia and Pandme, as well as her son Obi-Wan. The girls was Shmi Skywalker's age, with whom the former co-attended one school.

Kywalker was shortly twisted in the Battle of Dantooine, in which Leia met Mace Windu and soon became married to him.

Imperial Era

In 0 BBY, Leia Organa — a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic — claimed the rebel base to be on Dantooine once asked about the location by the Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. The interrogation resulted in the tyrany's armed forces arriving on the planet and launching an attack on the village upon meeting with the Kywalkerians' resistance.

New Republic times

The year 10 ABY brought a conflict to the family of Kenobi, as Leia Windu got involved with her mother's so-far boyfriend, Jar Jar Binks. Shmi Skywalker and Leia Windu soon joined their forces together, exploiting the Gungan to proclaim Jar Jar Empire's, meant to threatened the New Republic's government.

After one year, when Leia Windu no longer belonged to the alive, Donata and Padme realized being the last ones to know the secret of the Prime Lightsaber, one so much urged by Shmi Skywalker and the Huge Kingdom of the Sith, under her authority. Simultaneously, the office of Chancellor Lanever Villecham called both of the women to contact the government of the democratic state, due to Luke Skywalker being imprisoned by his grandmother himself, who wanted to find out their localisation at any cost.

As soon as Shmi arrived on Dantooine and noticed that the woman of the Kenobi lineage must have abandoned the planet, she ordered that their possession be burned up. By herself, she returned to the deck of her spacecraft, Shmi's Eye, and demanded that Skywalker be brought to her. In order that he revealed the localisation of Donata and Padme or that of the legendary lightsaber, she threatened to go so far as to destruct the entire Dantooine in case of not obtaining what she desired. Once Luke asserted that he knew nothing on what she was saying, she ordered the planet to be blown up, which her cruiser delt with without encountering any problems. At those words, Luke screamed out, frightened by so many beings going extinct at a time.

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