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I've always wondered what a Hutt was really made of. Ugh, and I thought they smelled bad on the outside.
—Kyram Do'ruun, after killing Jerrok the Hutt

Kyram Do'ruun (born Torin Jusk) was a Mandalorian urban warfare specialist and special forces commando active under the New Republic and in the early years of the Galactic Alliance.


Early years (1-7 ABY)

One year after the Battle of Yavin on the Imperial Center planet of Coruscant, a young human woman named Rara Towani gave birth to the son of Korin Jusk, a Kiffar Rebel soldier. Infant Kyram (given the birth name Torin Jusk) was brought into existence in the middle of a chaotic time for the galaxy. Rara and Korin were spy operatives working for the Rebel Alliance stationed in a shady part of Coruscant called The Works, where the two fell in love and conceived a child. Korin was a proud member of the Kiffar clan Jusk and promised to bring Rara and his son to his home planet and integrate them into his culture, away from the violence of the Galactic Civil War, as soon as they were discharged from duty.

They never got the chance to fulfill their plans, as just two years later Korin and Rara were killed in an Imperial raid after their position was compromised. Alone and frightened, the small human toddler stood little chance for survival without protection within The Works.

Torin was eventually found by a spice dealer and taken to Nar Kreeta where he was sold to Jerrok the Hutt as a slave. Due to his being so young, he was raised by female Lethan Twi'lek slave Loola. Loola quickly became a caring and nourishing mother to Torin and did what she could to protect him from the dangers of life within the Hutt crime lord's palace. From the time Torin was able to pull his own weight he was put to work within the palace and was treated harshly by Jerrok and his Trandoshan bodyguard Sleessk. Despite Loola's best efforts to protect her foster son from harm, Sleessk would often go out of his way to torment and punish the young human without provocation, much to the delight of his Hutt master.

One day while cleaning the throne room the morning after one of Jerrok's extravagant parties, six year Torin accidentally knocked over his bucket of cleaning water and splashed at the feet of Sleessk. Enraged, the Trandoshan knocked the boy to the ground and pulled his shockstaff to teach the boy a lesson when Loola stepped up to defend him. Becoming even more angered, Sleessk lost control of his temper and landed deadly blow to the Twi'lek's throat with his razor sharp reptilian claws. Loola bled to death as the young boy sobbed and cradled her head in his lap.

Three months later, as the boy was cleaning the gunk from a server droid's tracks, a guest of Jerrok's had made him particularly angry. Not wanting to cause trouble for his business, the Hutt took out his rage on the young slave and sent his Toydarian underling, Scabbs, to inflict a beating on him for Jerrok's amusement. The young boy defended himself with his sharp cleaning tool and put out one of Scabb's eyes. Jerrok roared in anger and ordered Sleessk to deal with the defiant slave boy. One of the men doing business with the Hutt, a mysterious warrior clad in silver and orange armor and hidden behind a helmet with a "T" shaped visor, stopped the Trandoshan. The man identified himself as Burk Do'ruun and offered Jerrok a generous sum for the young slave. The Hutt reluctantly accepted, still angry at the boy for injuring one of his minions.

On their way back to Burk's homeworld of Ordo, the man removed his helmet revealing the battle scarred yet kind face of a human male of about 50 standard years of age. Burk explained to the still nervous and shy six year old that he admired his bravery and resolve in the face of danger. The man was going to bring him to his homeworld and raise him as his son and train him in the way of the Mandalorians. Given his natural deadly talents in combat, the young boy was renamed "Kyram" after the Mando'a word for "death" and was accepted into the Do'ruun clan, just as Burk had been when he was adopted as a child.

Growing up on Ordo (7-24 ABY)

Kyram was brought up under strict Mandalorian training. His father, Burk, was a tough yet compassionate man and always taught his son of the virtues of the True Mandalorians. Honor and loyalty were paramount among these virtues and this was the true way of the Mando'ade and not the brutal pillagers of the Death Watch. Kyram honed his skills as a marksman and kept them sharp by hunting some of the deadlier predatory species that inhabited the barren wilds of Ordo. At the age of 10, Kyram began accompanying his father on his various missions, remaining on the ship The Gargon Gecko while Burk took care of business. At seventeen, Kyram was fitted for and built his adult armor and started to participate in his father's gun-for-hire jobs. Two years later brought father and son back to Hutt Space where they paid a visit to Kyram's old slave master, Jerrok the Hutt. Kyram and Burk walked into the palace and were posing as mercenaries interested in an assassination job. Kyram, now clad in his full Mandalorian armor, blasted Sleessk through the abdomen while Burk held off the rest of the gangster thugs. Kyram then turned to Jerrok with the fallen Trandoshan's vibroblade and filleted the Hutt crime lord alive. Now leaderless, Jerrok's thugs fled the throne room to steal anything that wasn't welded down. The slaves were freed and Kyram took Sleessk's teeth to make into a necklace as a trophy.

In 24 ABY, a call was put out to all Mandalorians to rally under the new Mandalore, Boba Fett. Burk, now in his mid sixties, encouraged his son to answer the call to help return the Mando'ade to it's former glory.

Yuuzhan Vong war (25-29 ABY)

Under Boba Fett, Kyram and several other volunteers began a strict training regimen, mastering all aspects of combat to become a fearsome Mandalorian Supercommando. Fighting alongside his brothers in the glory of battle, Kyram gave little thought to the cause of their allies, the Yuuzhan Vong, and their motives. It eventually became apparent who the true enemy was when the extragalactic aliens turned their sights on the Mandalorians in a treacherous act of betrayal. In the battle to defend Mandalore, Kyram earned an honorary set of jaig eyes for his bravery in battle against the Vong.

Physical appearance and personality traits

While not particularly large or imposing, Kyram's strength was hidden under his armor in a firm and well toned wiry frame. As a youngster Kyram's hair was kept shaggy yet short and out of his eyes. Once he hit his teens he began to grow his raven colored hair out to his shoulders and once he began wearing his traditional armor he fasted it back with clips to keep his vision clear. His skin was usually pale white in stark contrast to his hair, which was often the butt of jokes referring to his name. While he was half Kiffar, he had not been given facial tattoos as custom among those people, since his father had been killed while he was only two years of age. Kyram cropped his hair short while training under the Mandalore but allowed it to grow wild and untamed again when the war began. His eyes were mostly green with a slight ring of brown around the iris.

Kyram had a dark sense of humor but was generally good-natured and enjoyed the company of his vode. He was quiet and reserved when in groups and generally preferred to follow than lead. His loyalty made him a reliable soldier and a fierce friend. During times of stress and despair, Kyram was always good for an encouraging word and a pat on the backplate. Despite his quiet demeanor, Kyram harbored a passionate hatred toward Hutts, Trandoshans, and crime lords in general. Given his past life experience he also had a soft spot for female Twi'lek and slaves.

Equipment and weapons

His first suit of armor was a dented and chipped set of dark gray plates and a black and gray helmet. Kyram eventually came across a T-18 light repeating blaster rifle and had it modified with a wooden pistol grip handle and fitted with a scope and a sniper setting. When he achieved the rank of supercommando he built a new set of armor which used a black form-fitting under suit, calf-high steel capped commando boots, and a blast resistant leather kama. His armor was painted black and red and kept silver is most areas. The set included plates that covered the chest, abdomen, back, groin, shoulders, wrists, hands, thighs, shins, feet, head, and was classified as heavy armor. He kept a JMS-1 heavy blaster pistol sidearm and a poison dart shooter on his left gauntlet. Kyram also carried various grenades and thermal detonators on his belt.


Kyram's helmet had a black, red, and silver paint scheme and toward the later part of the war was adorned with a pair of red jaig eyes. His helmet was of typical Mandalorian design and had a daytime and a night-vision setting. His rangefinder was continually outfitted with the latest advancements in technology throughout his time serving as a supercommando, including being wired into the sight of his rifle and the ability see through the sight sensors of various probe droids.


Kyram's armor was a great source of pride for him. His clan's motto "Through our bleeding we are one" was etched into the front of his collar armor as his clan crest was on his right shoulder plate. His chest plates had black claw-like designs painted on them. His armor plates were crafted by the greatest armorers on Mandalore, as were most of the Mandalorian supercommandos' armor.

Behind the scenes

Kyram's portrait was created using the Computer RPG 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' and edited in Adobe Photoshop. The armor is based upon the author's real-life custom fan-made armor.

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