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Kyp Durron was a Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order, and was famed for being Luke Skywalker's first apprentice. When he was knighted, he took Miko Reglia as his apprentice.


Early life

When Kyp was a child, his family was taken by the Empire because his parents had spoken out against them. His brother, Zeth, was enlisted in the Stormtrooper Corps, and died during a battle with the Rebel Alliance. Kyp was taken into the Spice Mines of Kessel, and was later rescued when the Republic shut down the illegal mines. Kyp was initially wary of the Republic, since they had been responsible for his brother's death in his eyes. However, eventually, with the help of Han Solo, he grew to realize that his brother's death had been the fault of the Empire for indoctrinating him.

Jedi training


Kyp Durron, training to be a Jedi Knight.

When Luke Skywalker decided to reform the Jedi Order, Kyp was one of the first students he brought in. Kyp, at age fourteen, quickly became one of Luke's most dedicated students. One of the older students, a man named Kyle Katarn, had been a stormtrooper and told Kyp that he had known his brother during his time in the corps. Kyp and Kyle became friends, bonding over their memories of Zeth.

Though Kyp excelled at his training, he was impatient. He believed he should be accelerating faster than he was, and he became frustrated. One of the other students, Kueller, felt the same way and tried to get Kyp to leave with him two years after he had come to the Praxeum. Kyp, determined to become a Jedi, refused, and Kueller left the Academy himself.


When Kyp was twenty-eight, he was Knighted. Luke recognized Kyp's deep connection to the Force and believed he would become a great Jedi. But as the Knighting ceremony ended, they got word that a fleet had entered the Yavin system. Kueller had returned, and he brought with him an army of stormtroopers and Dark Jedi. Kyp and the other Jedi fought against Kueller's forces, and Luke's nephew, Jacen Solo, was presumed dead during the battle. Skywalker mourned Jacen's death and left the Academy, electing Kam Solusar to lead the Academy.

After Skywalker left, Kyp Durron took Miko Reglia as his apprentice. Reglia was a quiet young man who was strong in the Force, but not diligent in his training. Determined to see the young man through to Knighting, Kyp stuck with Miko and pushed him. Miko eventually came into his abilities and showed his full potential.

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