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Kylantha was the successor to Queen Apailana, and installed as a puppet ruler in 18 BBY after her predecessor was killed on the orders of the Galactic Empire for allegedly harboring Jedi survivors of Order 66.

The Rebellion

On 10 BBY, Kylantha was elected as queen of Naboo, and became outwardly loyal to the Galactic Empire, but had implemented a few changes to Naboo's democratic government—as had happened on other Imperial-held worlds—leading many to believe she was actually a Rebel Alliance sympathizer. Kylantha's personal view towards the Empire remained ambiguous. She also issued an order to investigate the mysterious death of the late Queen Apailana, which still remained unsolved.

During her reign on 6 BBY, Kylantha appointed Pooja Naberrie, the younger niece of the beloved Naboo politician Padmé Amidala, as Naboo's Senator in the Imperial Senate, a position Naberrie held until Emperor Palpatine dissolved that governmental body in 0 BBY.

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