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Kussam Bnodd was a male Gand Jedi Master during the New Sith Wars. A Jedi Guardian, by 1,391 BBY he sat on the Jedi High Council. He was a strong supporter of the Pantoran Jedi Tirien Kal-Di, calling for Kal-Di's knighting in 1,391 and considering him one of the Order's greatest Knights two years later. Most of his fellow Council members considered him a militarist, and his outspoken views often drew the ire of Jedi Consulars on the Council.

When Supreme Chancellor Phnyong was assassinated, Bnodd was among the Jedi Generals who commanded fronts against the Sith. Though he was expected, he was unable to respond to the Second Battle of Taanab in time to prevent Darth Saleej from defeating Admiral Zuuli Ok-Majan and conquering Taanab. When Bekli and Elmir killed Darth Vandak on Gyndine, Bnodd journeyed there to knight both Padawans.


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