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Kullat's Sith Empire, also known as The New Sith Empire, The Reborn Empire, The New Empire, or simply The Sith or The Empire by those living during their reign, was an empire that was begun by the surviving members of the Sith Empire back during the Cold War. Most notable being Darth Kullat, who was the first Dark-Lord Emperor of it.

It was formed by the very last surviving remnants of the sith empire of Darth Malgus, as kullat's greed outweighed his patience.

It's borders would be conquered by the Immortal Sith Legion, which was once the legion kullat inherited and was frozen with. Any and all Force-sensitive children within the sector were taken by the empire from birth to be raised as sith, much in a very similar fashion to how the Jedi got their younglings, only far more forcefully.

If the younglings proved to be selfless to anyone but the empire or the Dark-Lord Emperor, then they would be executed. If they proved to be merciful or forgiving, then they would be punished severely. If they went against the Sith tenets, then they would be executed.

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