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The Force, this is where it comes from. All that power, all that mysticism, this is where it comes from. Without it, the Force would die.
Mal-Trido to Cade Skywalker, 140 ABY

Krion, also known as the Force Center Point, was a planet directly in the center of the Galaxy. Cloaked by strong force energies for millenia, it was the birthplace of Mal-Trido and Darth Zyre. It was also the site of the last battle in the Revival Wars, the Battle of Krion. Krion's north pole is the largest concentration of force energies, an infinite force storm mainly refered to as the Force Nexus. It was large enough to be seen from space but small enough not to cause any damage unless you were right next to it. If you were anywhere inside it however, it was completely harmless. Mal-Trido was born inside these force energies, making him incredibly powerful. However, he did not learn he was born on Krion, nor did his parents, until he went there in 37 ABY. Krion had no life on it but it was thought that before Darth Zyre was born, there was life on Krion and when Zyre was born, he killed whatever other life was on the planet.

The Force NexusEdit

Perhaps the only major and original feature of Krion, The Force Nexus was the name for the most powerful concentration of force energies on Krion and birthplace of Mal-Trido and Darth Zyre. Anybody born inside these energies would be one of the most powerful living thing in the Galaxy. The farther in you were born, the more powerful you were when you came out. Mal-Trido was born in the very center of the whole thing, making him the most powerful Jedi ever. Darth Zyre was born in the outside region, making him not as powerful as Mal-Trido but the most powerful Sith in the Galaxy.

Behind the scenesEdit

Krion was made by MaulYoda.