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Dr. Krino 'Vas Dre was a Human male from Naboo. He was born in 57 BBY.

Early Life

Krino born into a rich family of retired Mandalorian Doctors. His Father was in the 406th Mandalorian Spec Ops legion and fought on Yavin II, Geonosis and Tatooin.

Entrance into Medicine

In 35 BBY Krino graduated from collage. He was assigned to Jango Fett soon after. He was with Jango up to his death on Geonosis. 1 year later he was assigned to Boba Fett but left when the Clone Wars ended.

Krino and General Grievous

2 months after the clone wars Krino arrived on Utapu now separtist controlled and travelled to a medical center where General Grievous was being held on life support. He took Grievous to his medical station over Fradilo IIIXX. He had to replace one of his lungs, place a completly cybernetic head except one of his eyes and his brain and place it all into a modified Krath War Droid body. He acted as his medic through the Separtist Rebellion and Galactic Civil War.


  • 57 BBY Birth
  • 35 BBY Graduation
  • 19 BBY Saves Grievous
  • 13 BBY Battle of Cato Nemodia
  • 11 BBY Imperial attack his Medical station
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