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You were as strong as Revan. You were as skillful as Revan. Yet one thing set you two apart; your feelings. While Revan hated, you loved. While Revan conquered, you protected.
—Jerlite Falte lecturing a wounded Koth

Koth Aderes was a Jedi Knight at the start of the Mandalorian War. Shortly after being knighted, Koth fled the Jedi order and joined the Revanchist. After receiving several medals for bravery from the Republic, Koth decided to return to the Jedi order. Instead of taking him back into the Order, they Exiled Koth. Feeling misplaced in the galaxy, Koth flew to Nar Shadaa and purchased his own Diamond Class Medium Transport, which he named the Stellar Jewel.

Koth's Exile lasted a short while however, and he soon found himself getting caught up in the New Sith War. With Malak's defeat at the hands of a newly redeemed Revan, Koth went back to his modest life as a spacer. This changed one day, when Koth was attacked by Sith Assassins on his own ship. He joined up with his former allies from the war, and together they fought the Dark Jedi Ansem.

Following the defeat of Ansem, Koth began to rediscover his true potential as a Jedi. He returned to Coruscant and consulted the newly reformed Jedi Order. The Council saw how much Koth had changed since the Mandalore War. Koth became a Padawan, much to his dismay.

Koth was last seen following a group of pirates into the Outer Rim. It is unknown what happened to Koth exactly, but locals on Rhen Var swear that a "Deranged, Magical War Veteran" crashed on their snowy planet shortly after a battle in their skies.


Early life

It is unknown where Koth was born, as his parents were living on Coruscant at the time of his enlisting into the Jedi. Some believe that Koth was born on a Mandalore ruled planet, which may have been the source of his anger towards the Mandalorians. All that is known of Koth's early life is an arm brace resembling an energy shield, which Koth's father gave to Koth before he was handed over to the Jedi.

Jedi training

Koth was taken under the tutelage of Master Hander at the age of 13. He constructed his first lightsaber at the age of 14. He chose a blue crystal for him saber, thus making Koth a Jedi Guardian.

Master Handar greatly regarded Koth's powers in the Force as "Strong, but not Brutal". He also praised Koth for his incredible ability to handle a lightsaber. Koth was one of the very few Jedi to ever best Master Handar in lightsaber combat.

Koth went on several peace treaty missions with Handar. Among them was a mission to Mustafar, where Koth faced and injured a Dark Jedi in combat. Koth's blue lightsaber was destroyed in the battle. He constructed another lightsaber of a green hue upon his return to the Jedi Temple.

By the time of his Knighting Koth had constructed another lightsaber with a green hue. After his Knighting Koth was a master at at the Jar'kai, Soresu and Makashi lightsaber forms. His skills remained only matched within Revan and Handar.

Two days after his Knighting Koth was approached by Revan in his room. Revan spoke to Koth of the Mandalore war and of how the Republic would fall should the Jedi not intervene. Revan promised that the Mandalorians would bring death to billions of people. Koth, being very protective of the innocent, promised Revan that when the time was right, he would join the Revanchist. In the following month, Koth's apprentice Ansem decided to join the Revanchist as well. By the next day, Koth had already left the Jedi Order, perhaps forever.

The Mandalorian War

Koth and Ansem left the Order under the disguise of Republic Soldiers. Once aboard a Hammerhead ship, Koth and Ansem revealed themselves to the Republic as Jedi. Koth soon met with Alek and Revan in the midst of a massive battle in the skies of the Outer rim.

Over the course of the war, Koth led fleets of ships, troops and Jedi into battle against the Mandalorians. On Malachor V, Koth was amongst the men fighting the Mandalorians to the death. When the battle was over, Koth felt an extreme disturbance in the Force. He felt Revan and Alek rising from the Light and into the Dark.

Fearing his loose-cannon apprentice would follow Revan and Malak into the Unknown Regions, Koth went to confront Ansem along with Jessmera and Handar aboard the Republic ship "Charade". Upon entering the bridge of the ship Koth and his fellow Jedi felt Ansem's dark presence. They approached him with words of kindness and hope, but Ansem instead responded by activating his yellow lightsaber. A battle ensued, and Jessmera was rendered unconscious. Koth and Handar fought Ansem, but Ansem struck down Handar as well. Left alone to fight the Dark Jedi, Koth took the defense. Ansem, discovering that he could not penetrate Koth's defenses, decided to Force Choke Jessmera instead of fight. Koth, secretly in love with Jessmera, let out a torrent of Force Lightning at Ansem. Ansem, injured and defeated, allowed Koth to escape the "Charade" alive.

Koth commandeered a small freight ship and traveled back to Coruscant with news of Ansem's fall. Although upset with the fall of Ansem, the Council also sensed the Dark Side within Koth. They exiled Koth from the Order and relieved him of his lightsabers. However, Koth secretly kept Handar's green lightsaber for safekeeping.


Koth left the Jedi Order along with Jessmera. They married on Naboo, pledging their love for each other. The two flew to Nar Shadaa with the freighter from the Galactic rim. They sold the ship and purchased the Stellar Jewel. They led a life of poor fortune as spacers, delivering freight and supplies to war-torn worlds from the Mandalorian war. Koth's face however was an icon amongst the Outer Rim due to his Heroism in the war. He soon became a smuggler and Jessmera became a dancer for the illustrious Rogga the Hutt.

At the start of the New Sith War Koth joined as a Republic soldier. He showed his incredible skill with a vibrosword against the Sith, impressing quite a few soldiers. Koth was among the soldiers who flew into the Battle for Rakata Prime. Upon destruction of the Star Forge Koth felt the Light emanating from the newly redeemed Revan. Koth decided that if a Dark Lord of the Sith could redeem himself, then he could do it as well.

Several months after the War's end, Koth was resupplying his ship at the the Telos Citadel Station. As he left the Hangar to get a drink in the Cantina, several thugs raided his ship, stealing everything they could carry. Upon his return to his ship Koth discovered the theft, as well as notice the missing lightsaber he carried. He set out to find the thugs and retrieve his belongings. He found them in a back alley, searching through the items. Koth shouted to the thugs, only to have several blasters aimed at him. Koth drew Handar's lightsaber to his hand using Force Pull. The thugs fired upon Koth, but it was useless. Koth killed all of the thugs by deflecting their fire back at them. He retrieved all of his items, including his droid, T3-17.

Returning to his ship, Koth found a bomb set in the cargo hold. Should the ship take off into space, the ship would explode. With the help of T3-17. Koth disarmed the bomb. He found a symbol on the back of the bomb, two lines crossing each other in an X. It was the symbol of Ansem. Koth rushed to Nar Shaddaa in search of his wife.

Ansem's Defeat

After finding Jessmera, Koth began gathering support. He summoned the help of several mercenaries and Ex-republic soldiers. Led by the two Exiles, Koth led a small fleet of two old Republic Hammerhead ships. He led the fleet for two months across the entire Outer rim, finding no trace of Ansem.

They traveled to Wild Space, finding Ansem aboard the "Charade" in open space. After falling victim to a brutal space and boarding battle, Koth finally confronted Ansem in the halls of the Koth's headship. The fight ended in Ansem losing his right arm to Koth, along with the destruction of his red lightsaber. Ansem begged for Koth to end his life, but he could not do it. He instead left Ansem to die upon the battered ship, floating in Wild Space with no hyperdrive.

Return to the Jedi

Koth arrived once again to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The Rebuilt council redeemed Koth to the Order as a Padawan. Upset, yet grateful, Koth began serving the Jedi as best he could. He constructed another lightsaber, this one of Yellow hue. Jessmera however, could not rejoin the Jedi. News of something incredible had prevented her from rejoining. Jessmera was pregnant with Koth's baby.

Into the unknown

3 months into Jessmera's pregnancy, Koth left on a mission for the Jedi. A group of murderous pirates were sweeping the Outer rim, and Koth was sent to stop them. Upon passing through the Rhen Var system Koth's fighter was shot down. He crashed on Rhen Var with fatal injuries. His Jedi partner swept the entire planet in search of Koth, eventually dying from the cold. Koth was taken in by a former Jedi named Jerlite Falte. The two quickly became friends. Koth told Jerlite his entire story up until recent events. Jerlite asked a lot of questions, but Koth didn't mind one bit.

Koth remained on Rhen var for 20 years, completely unable to leave the planet. At the age of 50, Koth began to lose his skill in the Force. While facing a hoard of wampas that threatened the local village, Koth let out his final burst of Force Lightning, killing the creatures.

Celis Aderes

21 years into his Exile on Rhen Var, Koth was approached by a Jedi Knight by the name of Celis. He claimed to be the son of Jessmera Aderes and that he was searching for Koth. Koth asked Celis why he was in search of such a man. Celis replied that he had nearly fallen to the Dark Side, an outcast among the Jedi. Koth gave a long lecture to Celis about the Force, then told him of his true father. Celis was stunned to hear that the old hermit he was speaking to was his own Father. Koth took Celis under his training for the next year, freeing Celis of the Dark taint that had infected him. Koth passed on Handar's lightsaber to Celis upon their departure

Koth returned with his son to Jessmera aboard Celis' shuttle. Koth was ecstatic to be reunited with his wife. The two lived out the rest of their lives on Coruscant, watching over their son as he underwent the rest of his Jedi Training.


It was known that Koth died at the age of 71 on Coruscant. He was cremated, his ashes disposed of in Mandalore tradition. As to the reason of Koth's death, it was suggested that he died of natural causes. Koth's final word was "redemption."

Physical appearance

Koth stood 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He had jet black hair that touched his shoulders. During his late life Koth had short gray hair. Koth bore several scars on his face from the various battles he partook in. Koth was very strong and powerful in the Force, which showed in his face as he fought.


Koth wielded several weapons over the course of his life, including a large array of lightsabers.

Known weapons used by Koth:

  • Blue lightsaber (Destroyed),
  • Green lightsaber (Confiscated by Jedi Council),
  • Green lightsaber (Also Confiscated along with other Green lightsaber),
  • Handar's Green lightsaber (Given to Celis upon leaving of Rhen Var),
  • Yellow lightsaber (Still in possession at time of death),
  • Vibrosword (Used on several occasions, including the New Sith War),
  • Blaster pistol (Used to shoot down several Mandalorian snipers),

Koth also piloted a Republic Fighter into battle during the Mandalorian wars.

Personality and traits

Koth was a very headstrong, cunning warrior. He had great compassion, as well as a deep protective personality over the innocent. Koth was a nice person and very easy to get along with. Koth is an ally someone would want to have in battle.

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