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You were never a Sith. You will become a Jedi, and a good-willed one at that.
"I'll try my best.

—Koses exchanging words with his master after becoming Jeden's padawan.

Koses Lik-Har was the Jedi Padawan of Jeden Vesal and one of the most prominent Jedi left alive following Order 66. A skilled pilot and lightsaber duelist with a generous pacifistic attitude, Koses was a model Jedi and would go down in the Order's history as one of the greatest of it's Order.

Born in poverty on Ryloth, Koses was Force-sensitive from birth, and soon found by a Twi'lek dark Force user named Darth Nelox, who was creating her own Sith Empire. For years, Koses remained as part of the Grand Sith Order, all while resisting the urges of the dark side, until he was rescued by the Jedi Master Jeden Vesal during the Clone Wars. Following the defeat of the Order at the hands of Jeden and the Republic, Koses became Jeden's Padawan, despite his relatively old age for the position.

Fighting alongside Jeden during the Clone Wars, Koses became another member of Nightingale Squad, the squad of Clone troopers Jeden commanded alongside the 44th Special Forces Division. Showing himself as a skilled diplomat and starfighter pilot, Koses was nonetheless bullied for his past, mostly among his fellow Padawans. For a short time, he started a romantic relationship with a Dathomirian Zabrak boy, Tallas, who was also relentlessly bullied due to being from Dathomir. After a mission to Kashyyyk went wrong, Jeden, Koses and Tallas faced off against Asajj Ventress, who killed Tallas.

By the time of the Battle of Coruscant, Koses showed himself not only to be a firm commander, but also an extremely-skilled lightsaber duelist, which he showed off in a spar to Jeden, showing moves even Master Yoda would struggle to perform. Koses became a Jedi Knight just in time for Order 66, where the Clones across the galaxy betrayed their Jedi leaders. However, Jeden convinced the 44th of their true loyalties and of how they had fought alongside Jeden and Koses. In a rare move, the entire division pledged their support to the Jedi, and went on the run from the Empire.

For over a decade after, the 44th, led by Jeden and Koses, began attacking the Empire throughout Deep Space, and the pair became propaganda heroes for resistance cells, attracting the attention of former Senator Bail Organa, who formed the Alliance to Restore the Republic: a unification of resistance cells against the Empire. Jeden and Koses joined, becoming Generals in the Rebellion. For the rest of the Galactic Civil War, Koses fought for the Rebels, becoming their most skilled field general, and going through the losses of both friends and the entire 44th during a botched retreat from the Battle of Hoth. At one time, Koses commanded a squadron of ten A-wing pilots called Vin Squadron, named after Jeden's former Master, showing himself as a fighter ace.

By the time the New Republic was formed and the Empire were defeated, Koses was nothing short of a Hero to the galaxy, commended as one of the greatest Jedi in history and becoming a leading member of the New Jedi Order, until his death in 23 ABY.


Early lifeEdit

Koses was born on Ryloth to parents who later abandoned him, leaving him in the care of merchants going from planet to planet. When he was in his young teens, Koses was abducted by agents under the control of Darth Nelox, a Twi'lek Sith Lord who wished to make the Sith a dominant force in the galaxy once more, unlike the more secretive dealings of those such as Darth Sidious or Darth Tyrannus. While Nelox had the ability to brainwash most to her will, she thought that Koses would not be able to harness his power as well should she do this, and so she instead subjagated him to her will.

The Grand Sith OrderEdit

Becoming a Sith Acolyte, Koses despised every moment he spent with the Sith, and refused to become a Sith. He would instead fake his devotion, and only used the dark side when it was necessary, often meditating on the light side of the Force to counter the dark side's lure. Despite the fact that many hated him, it could not be argued that Koses had incredibly strong Force abilities, so he was made the captain of the forward scouts, a role many thought was given to him so that he had less interaction with the Sith. This would later backfire on them.

After Nelox was killed by Nightingale Squad, a group consisting of Jedi Master Jeden Vesal and his four Clone troopers, the Order nearly descended in to chaos, kept afloat by Darth Krasor, a hate-filled man who made it the duty of the Order to destroy Nightingale Squad. The Squad, alongside Jedi Masters Obi-wan Kenobi and Kit Fisto infiltrated Korriban, landing a few miles away from the Sith Academy, to investigate the Order.

Becoming a JediEdit

Meeting Jeden VesalEdit

"I don't buy this for a second."

Twenty after Koses challenged Jeden to a duel.

Koses was manning a post at a communications outspost when he spotted Jeden Vesal and one of his soldiers approaching. Fearing the punishment of the Sith's new leader, Darth Krasor, if he fled or surrendered, Koses chose to fight the Jedi. However, Jeden sensed within Koses that the young Force-user didn't want to be a Sith, and managed to knock Koses unconscious, before taking him to Jeden's ship on Korriban.

Jeden interrogated Koses on the Jedi's ship, learning Koses' name and past. However, Koses then revealed to Jeden of his distaste for the Sith, and also asked for a favour from Jeden: to join the Jedi. Jeden took this into consideration, with Koses also revealing another crucial detail. Krasor had discovered a factory that had once produced battle droids for the Sith Empire, and was now constructing an army. Jeden relayed this to Jedi Master Mace Windu, who planned an invasion of Korriban, with the intent of defeating Krasor, the Sith and the droid army.

Republic PrisonerEdit

For the duration of the battle on Korriban, Koses was a prisoner on Jeden's flagship, the Phantom, and was kept under heavy guard, though Jeden did trust the eighteen-year-old. Jeden returned to the cruiser to tell Koses of what had happened: that he had defeated Krasor in a duel, but the Sith lord had then activated a series of bombs in the Sith Academy, wiping out his own order after he was defeated. The two talked some more about Koses' future, with Koses happy to know that Jeden would vouch before the Jedi Council to make Koses a Jedi.

The day before Jeden and Koses were set to travel to Coruscant, chaos erupted on the Phantom. A group of Sith had disguised themselves as Clones, with the hopes of killing both Koses and Jeden as they slept. However, Jeden discovered the plot and faced off against Mella, the daughter of Krasor and Nelox, as Koses watched from his cell. Mella eventually comitted suicide before Jeden could capture her, to the horror of Koses, who was horrified by the idea of anyone dying. Jeden tried to comfort him, though instead left Koses alone, but not before reminding him that the Sith were now well and truly gone.

When Koses arrived on Coruscant, he was brought under custody of the Jedi, who were forced to protest against the Republic military over who should keeo watch over Koses. Jeden made regular visits to Koses, and even meditated with him several times. Koses was eventually brought before the Jedi High Council, who would decide whether Koses would become a Jedi Padawan. After intense debate and some stirring speeches from both Koses and Jeden, the Council came to a decision: that Koses would indeed join the Jedi Order, and Jeden would become his Jedi Master. With Koses already knowing how to harness the Force into an ability and how to use a lightsaber, some training was left out, but Koses nonetheless began learning under Jeden.

Jedi and Clone WarsEdit

Jedi TrainingEdit

Most of Koses' training as a Jedi under Jeden involved learning about the Force, since Koses already knew about lightsaber combat and how to use the Force in multiple ways. Jeden taught Koses how to meditate and about the teachings of the Jedi, and it soon became apparent that Koses was becoming a strong but good-hearted Jedi, and the opinions of many who first distrusted him began to change.

One of Koses' toughest missions during his training was very early on. After finding his new lightsaber crystal on Ilum and making a new green lightsaber, Koses and Jeden stopped to refuel their ship on Mos Eisley, a town on Tatooine. However, the pair were jumped in a warehouse by commando droids. Jeden was knocked out, leaving Koses alone against two dozen Commando droids with a new lightsaber. Jeden awoke to find the commando droids dead, and Koses refused to tell anyone, even Jeden, how he managed to destroy them so quickly.

Nightingale SquadEdit

Eventually, Koses' training began to stretch into the Clone Wars, and Koses became another member of Nightingale Squad. Koses soon learnt from the Clone pilots how to fly starfighters and became the primary user of Jeden's own Eta-2 Jedi starfighter, becoming a dangerous and skilled pilot. Koses also struck up friendships with two Clones from Nightingale Squad: Twenty, who shared the same ideals as Koses, and Sting, a secretive Clone who Koses managed to break through, learning why the soldier was so secretive and anti-social.

Koses' first mission alongside Nightingale Squad was on Kashyyyk. Sent to the planet to find a Jedi artifact built by a Wookie Jedi Master from the days of the New Sith Wars, the squad encountered something peculiar: droids who thought they were Force-users, with half believing themselves to be Jedi and the others Sith. All of the droids were former CIS droids, and the squad was tasked by the Wookies with finding out what was wrong with the droids and how to stop them before their rather unusual civil war stretched into Wookie issues.

Koses was the one who eventually learnt that the droids were re-programmed by Asajj Ventress as a distraction from the CIS invasion of Kashyyyk. Koses was able to warn the Republic and the Wookies about the impending invasion, and even managed to help Wraith (another member of Nightingale Squad) re-programme the battle droids to help the Wookies. The squad also fought during the First Battle of Kashyyyk, Koses' first battle as a Jedi.

Battle of CoruscantEdit

Koses was with Jeden's fleet when Count Dooku and General Grievous launched an attack on the Republic homeworld of Coruscant, with the secret goal of abducting Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (a man Koses admitted he didn't trust). Koses led a squad of seventy ARC-170 starfighters against the CIS navy, and took down over 100 Seperatist spacecraft, including a Banking Clan frigate, which he destroyed by shooting an ammo shell stored in the magazines of the frigate's guns. However, the rest of Nightingale Squad was on the cruiser named the Firestarter, helping to resuce Jeden's former Master, San-Ha-Vin.

Koses arrived in the hangar of the cruiser to find a shocking sight: Darth Krasor, with a robotic leg, alongside his apprentice, Xolem Jiskar, fighting Jeden and Master Vin. Xolem killed his own master, before he began to overpower Jeden and Vin. Koses intervened, and finally showed Jeden how he had defeated the droids on Tatooine. Koses had developed a new fighting style that combined agility and use of the Force, allowing him to do lighting-fast jumps and flips that were too quick for an opponent to block. However, Koses eventually killed Xolem, before breaking down: it was the first time Koses had taken a life.

Jeden helped Koses back onto the squad's ship, before the two meditated together, hoping to help Koses overcome his sadness over taking a life. Arriving on Coruscant, Koses was left alone for some time to meditate. Unbeknownst to him was that Jeden hoped to show the Jedi Koses' skills, and in a rather public way. Meeting with Koses the next day, the two decided to spar in front of Master Vin's class of Younglings. The other Jedi then watched as Koses showed them his fighting style, one which even Yoda admitted was beyond his reach. Yoda then informed Koses to come to the Council chambers that night, though Koses didn't understand why: Jeden did.

Jedi KnightEdit

Koses arrived to find the Jedi Council stood together, and Koses instantly guessed what it meant: he was about to become a Jedi Knight. Koses was annointed personally by Jeden, who congratulated Koses, before the other Council members pointed out that despite Koses' troubled past, he had overcome the obstacles in his life to become a truly-excellent Jedi.

Koses and Jeden left with Nightingale Squad and the 44th Special Forces Division (the regiment of Clones Jeden commanded) for the Outer Rim. While in deep space, Jeden revealed to Koses that he had suspected that the Jedi would fall at some point in the near future, revealing that he thought Dooku (who was killed during the battle of Coruscant) was not the Master of the Sith, but the apprentice. Jeden then revealed the next day that he knew who was the Master: Palpatine, with Anakin Skywalker likely being his apprentice. However, the conversation was interrupted by an officer from the bridge of the Phantom: an urgent transmission from the Jedi Temple.

Rise of the EmpireEdit

Order 66Edit

The transmission was from Liko Eil, an archivist at the Jedi Temple and one of Jeden's closest friends. Liko revealed that the Temple was being attacked by Clone troopers, led by Anakin Skywalker, confirming Jeden's fears. However, Koses then noticed something: the Clones on the bridge, including Nightingale Squad, were aiming their weapons at the two Jedi, naming them 'rebel's. Jedn then gave a large speech, reminding the Clones that they were not droids to be programmed, and that they should make their own personal choice. The Clones then decided to do something very few others did: disobey Order 66.

Koses helped Jeden's fleet flee into Deep Space, even launching attack on a Republic radar station before it could pick up their signal. For the next year or so, the fleet remained on the run. Koses accompanied Jeden on a secret journey to Coruscant, where Jeden found Master Vin dying of old age and helped the Cerean get his Younglings to safety before passing away. Koses was also present when Jeden buried Vin on Mygeeto, his homeworld, in a makeshift funeral.

Mission to Yavin 4Edit

Three years after Order 66, Jeden's fleet came over the moon of Yavin 4, where Jeden detected a dark but familiar presence. Koses and Jeden travelled down to the planet, revealing a dark discovery: Gini Reyall, Jeden's former love and once a Padawan of the Jedi, now a Dark Jedi. Gini wanted to indoctrinate Jeden using the dark side so that they could be together, and Koses was forced to stop Jeden from falling under Gini's sway, caught by his love for the woman. As Jeden was stuck in a trance-like state, Koses dueled with Gini, eventually knocking her out. Koses snapped Jeden out of the trance, before they returned Gini to the fleet.

Gini was eventually healed of the dark side's corruption, and remained with Jeden's fleet. Jeden became extremely thankful of Koses, knowing that were it not for him, Jeden would have become a Dark Jedi for certain. Despite the experience, Koses became a friend of Gini, with the two often speaking to each other about Jeden and what he was like, both at the time and how he used to be before Order 66 and the Clone Wars.

Fighting the EmpireEdit

The first battle between the defected 44th, led by Koses and Jeden, and the Empire came a year after the mission on Yavin 4. Ambushing an Imperial supply convoy with only one Star Destroyer for protection, the force finally made themselves known to the Empire, and confirmed the fears of many that the Clones had defected and that the Jedi had survived Order 66. For many more years, the fleet would continue attacking Imperial ships, and even destroyed an Imperial munitions factory on Belsavis, and became connected to multiple resistance cells against the Empire.

In 6 BBY, when Koses was aged 33, now an experienced general for the resistance cells, Jeden was contacted by Bail Organa, the former Senator for Alderaan and a close friend of the Jedi before Order 66 and the Senate's dissolution. Jeden and Koses met with Organa on Alderaan, also meeting his daughter, Leia Organa (Jeden knew Leia was Anakin Skywalker's daughter, though he kept this secret). The two Jedi agreed to join with Organa's resistance cells, and in 2 BBY, the Corellian Treaty was signed: the Rebel Alliance had begun.

Alliance to Restore the RepiblicEdit

Early ConflictEdit

Koses was one of the Rebellion's primary leaders during it's early years, becoming one of it's greatest pilots and forming a friendship with Rebel ace Wedge Antilles and leading a squadron of A-wings, named 'Vin Squadron' in memory of the deceased Jedi Master. The squadron became feared by Imperial pilots, and the sight of Koses' Eta-2 reminded many that the Jedi lived on. Soon the ship became a propaganda boost for the Alliance, and Koses and his squadron became heroes.

Vin Squadron entered one of it's largest battles during a long-range patrol. Setting out from a Rebel fleet near Mon Calamari, the squadron were greeted by a Victory I-class Star Destroyer and two squadrons of TIE bombers, en route to ambush the Mon Calamari fleet. Despite Koses and his squadron being outnumbered, they took advantage of the lack of defensive armament on the TIE bombers, decimating their force, though the Star Destroyer was still a threat. Koses then decided to land his starfighter in the hangar of the ship, before tracking down and destroying the engine coolant of the ship. The Imperial admiral, unaware of the coolant's destruction, tried to chase the squadron when Koses and his men retreated, overheating the engines and destroying the ship.

Koses' destruction of the Star Destroyer only put him in higher regards with Rebel leaders, and he began a series of missions alongside Admiral Gian Ackbar, a Mon Calamari who had fought alongside Jedi in the Clone Wars. Koses also became an enemy of the Empire, with anti-Rebel propaganda stating that the Star Destroyer was actually a refugee ship for injured civilians from a battle fought on Saleucami. When one of Koses' men released video footage showing the TIE bombers and the Star Destroyer's offensive capabilities, it became a propaganda crisis for the Empire, and Imperial high command was mocked.

Battle of the Second SunEdit

Around the same time as the Battle of Yavin, Koses was back with the 44th and Jeden during a recon mission near one of Tatooine's two suns. Out of nowhere appeared a fleet of three Star Destroyers and multiple TIE starfighters, led by the infamous Grand Admiral Thrawn, who had tracked down Jeden's fleet and had hoped to defeat the 44th and the Jedi as a morale boost for the Empire. However, the gravity of the Sun threw Thrawn's hyperspace jump off, and the two fleets ended up facing each other, beginning a two-day long space battle.

Both sides made it a priority to protect the exterior shield generators on their ships while their starships did the offensive moves against the enemy. Due to this, while multiple bombers and fighters were shot down, neither side took any serious damage to the capital ships. Both Thrawn and Jeden realized that if the battle lasted any longer, all that would happen was that they would lose more men without gaining anything. And so, a rare thing occured: both sides called a draw.

Jeden and Koses exchanged words with Thrawn through holocom, and both the Chiss admiral and the Jedi agreed to do hyperspace jumps to friendly sectors and call a draw during the battle. Jeden expressed respect for Thrawn due to his acknowledgement of failure and his willingness to save the lives of his men, while Thrawn replied with respect for Jeden as a leader and Koses as a pilot, as Koses had gone out with Clone pilots three times and managed to shoot down multiple TIE fighters in the process without taking damage to his Eta-2. Both sides retreated, and the battle ended, with nothing gained but the deaths of hundreds of Clone and Imperial pilots. Koses remarked after the battle ''The only respectable admiral in the Imperial navy is a Chiss, and the Empire hates aliens. The Empire should take a few steps back and re-assess some of their stupid policies before trying to win a war.

Battle of Hoth and TatooineEdit

Koses was stationed with the 44th and Jeden on Echo Base after Yavin 4 was compromised when the Death Star was destroyed. Alongside Jeden, Koses befriended Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin, though Jeden never informed Luke of his true identity, with Luke not knowing he was the son of Darth Vader. When the Battle of Hoth broke out, the 44th began to evacuate, with Jeden and Koses helping the Rebels fight the invading Imperial snowtroopers. Jeden and Vader shared a glare as Jeden retreated, while Koses dueled Vader shortly, before a cave collapse seperated the pair. In the panic to retreat, Jeden ordered a random hyperspace jump, ending up over Tatooine, surrounded by seven Star Destroyers.

The 44th were doomed. As Jeden, Koses, Gini and Nightingale Squad rushed to the Saviour in the hopes of escaping, though Anhal and the Clones remained, destined to go down with their ships. The Jedi and the squad fled and jumped into hyperspace, the fleet went down, and the 44th was practically-annihilated, leaving Nightingale Squad as the only remaining non-Imperial standard Clone troopers left alive. Koses was saddened by the loss of Anhal and the men of the 44th, and also lost his famous Eta-2.

Battle of Endor and VictoryEdit

After a few more battles alongside the ground forces of the Rebellion as they gained back systems from the Empire, Nightingale Squad joined the Rebellion in their attack on the Second Death Star, flying the Saviour into battle as a leader for B-wing starfighters. After a fierce dogfight with TIE interceptors, the squad landed on  a prototype Star Destroyer codename 'VI3' and captured the ship mid-battle, turning it's guns against the Imperial Navy. Eventually, the Death Star was destroyed, with Vader redeeming himself and becoming Anakin Skywalker again by killing Palpatine, before dying beside Luke Skywalker.

The squad joined the celebrations of the Alliance on the moon of Endor, with Jeden, Koses and Luke remembering the losses they had to take throughout their lives. The three Jedi, alongside fellow Rebel leader and Jedi Rahm Kota, declared a New Jedi Order on the planet, beginning a new dawn for the galaxy: a dawn that Koses was part of.

New RepublicEdit

Final FarewellsEdit

Koses became a Council member for a short time, before becoming the main teacher for lightsaber dueling at the Jedi Temple, now rebuilt after Order 66 two decades before. However, things would not remain smooth for Koses. The four Clones of Nightingale Squad soon found their age cycles had started again, and began rapidly ageing, before eventually dying from natural causes. Koses was present during the funeral, walking with Jeden alongside the bodies of the Clones as they were flown to Kamino and dropped into the ocean there.

Two years later, Jeden collapsed while teaching Younglings in the Temple. It was discovered that Jeden had a previously-unknown tumour, one that would kill him within a month. Jeden and Koses spent lots of time together, recalling their time with each other and with Jeden finally proclaiming that he had loved Koses as a sort of brother. Jeden evwntually passed, and Koses went as Jeden was also buried at sea on Kamino, in the same place as Nightingale Squad, so that they were reunited. Gini died in 16 ABY, the last of that era of Jedi.


Koses took a diplomatic trip on behalf of the Order to Naboo in 23 ABY, now at the age of 62. Hearing a noise as he slept in his private chamber near Theed Palace, he got up to investigate, and was attacked by two men with vibroblades, both wearing badges showing the Imperial symbol. Despite his skill, Koses was aged, and was killed outside the Palace in cold blood.

The death shocked many, primarily because it was thought that the Empire had finally backed down. Hundreds of thousands attended Koses' funeral on Coruscant, though what many didn't know was that as he lay dying, Koses had seen Jeden once again, now one with the Force. Koses joined Jeden in this state, and so in truth, died a dignified death.


Koses went down in the Jedi Order's history as one of the greatest there had ever been. One of it's greatest lightsaber duelists and a perfect example of what a Jedi should embody, Koses was remembered fondly among the Jedi even up to the days of Cade Skywalker. Koses' lightsaber style was also attempted by many, and some of the greatest Jedi duelists after his death took many elements from his style.


Koses was a caring, gentle man who had a great compassion for all except the Sith. Despite the fact that he was part of the Grand Sith Order, he wished to either please his masters completely or abandon them. After becoming a Jedi, Koses was mistrusted by mant for his past, but was liked among many for his optimistic attitude. Not only this, but Koses was always one to encourage others, be they Jedi or Clones.

After the Clone Wars and his ascension to Knighthood, however, Koses became both less nervous and less gentle during situations. Taking on a stern approach and a more commanding role among both the Clones and the Rebel Alliance, Koses soon became a hardened soldier after the battles he fought against the Empire, though he also became much more respected among the Clones, and was seen by many as one of the best commanders and leaders who fought against the Empire and as a part pf the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Physical appearanceEdit

Koses was quite tall once he grew to full height around the age of twenty, standing at about 6ft and 2in. Slim in build and in turn agile, Koses did posess some muscles on the arms, though not much, and strength was never his way of fighting. Koses had fairly tanned skin due to his time on both Ryloth and Korriban, both being hot, desert planets, and his hair suited, being jet-black in colour. He also had light-green eyes, along with a scar on his forehead from his fight against Asajj Ventress on Kashyyyk, when she deflected a blaster that skimmed along his forehead.

Koses wore very light clothing and near-no armour aside from a leather pauldron on his left shoulder that was fitted on with a strap that also linked to his wide belt. He wore a white robe that seemed accustomed for combat with a black vestment underneath, along with thin, lightweight black boots and fingerless leather gloves. His white robe also hung in four sashes on his legs, with two on one side and two on the other, two for each leg. Koses wielded a green lightsaber, with a light hilt, though he had two. His first was similar in design to that of Qui-Gon Jiin (which was purely coincidence) while his second - his first was destroyed by a battle droid on Kashyyyk - was smoother and more rounded and connected, along with being very light.


Jeden VesalEdit

Due to Jeden's role as Koses' master from his acceptance into the Order to the end of the Clone Wars, the two shared a close bond. Jeden shared information with Koses that he told no others of, and vice versa, and during the Rise of the Empire, the two became even closer friends. During their time as Jedi Master and Padawan, the relationship was not that of a father-son, but rather like two brothers, though Jeden being an elder brother and the one to give counsel.

This was not to say that the pair's friendship was flawless. While their time during the Clone Wars was close, the two became fractured when they began fighting the Empire following Order 66, with the pair each discrediting each other's ideas and plans until eventually the two fell out, and for around a month in 14 BBY, barely spoke to each other. The Clones eventually convinced the pair to set aside their differences, and they carried on as close friends and allies until Jeden's death almost a decade after the Empire's defeat.

Admiral AnhalEdit

During the 44th's time fighting the Empire in the Outer Rim, Koses and Anhal became close colleagues, primarily due to Koses' role as a commander of the 44th's naval forces alongside the Admiral. However, if any of Koses' relationships were most troubled, it was the friendship with the Admiral that often felt most fractured. Koses often disagreed with Anhal's blatant cynicism regarding the 44th's situation, and Koses was quick to oppose him. Anhal, meanwhile, still saw Koses as too young to be a commander of any sort, and purposely sided with Jeden on many matters over Koses so that Koses' plans would not go ahead.

Koses later stated that the pair's relationship was something he regretted the most, as the duo never made up before Anhal's death shortly after the Battle of Hoth. Koses never forgave himself for not making amends with Anhal, as he admitted to Jeden on the latter's deathbed.

Nightingale SquadEdit

Koses had a different relationship with each member of Nightingale Squad, though liked the squad as a whole.


Koses' closest friendship in the squad was with Twenty, and it was also the most apparent. Sharing Twenty's often pacifistic attitude and his willingness to help the less fortunate and the innocent, the two went from respected brothers-in-arms during the Clone Wars to close and (at times) best friends following Order 66. During the infamous 'break-up' of Jeden and Koses, Twenty publicly sided with Koses, a move that divided the squad.


While Twenty shared a closer friendship with Koses than anyone else, Koses was likely the closest friend of Sting. The only person to get Sting 'out of his shell', Koses was able to convince Sting to drop his seclusive personality, and the Clone opened up to the Jedi in private conversation. Sting also said publicly that he was 'very impressed' with Koses' skills in combat and his skill as a commander and tactician. Sting also sided with Koses, like Twenty, when the 44th chose sides between him and Jeden.


Due to Koses and Phoenix holding identical ranks when Koses was a Padawan, the two often worked together, though did not speak often when not on a mission. It was obvious to most that Phoenix was a close friend of Jeden, and so Koses did not attempt to disrupt this friendship. When Koses and Jeden fell out, Phoenix sided with Jeden, and was the first Clone to choose a side. Twenty and Sting sided with Koses in response, causing a stir in the 44th. Nonetheless, Koses made amends with Phoenix, and the two became feared commanders of the Rebel Alliance.


Of all the friendships Koses had among the squad, it was weakest with Wraith. Not only did the pair often never talk, but Koses disliked Wraith's cocky and sometimes egotistical attitude. When the 44th split between Koses and Jeden, Wraith sided with Jeden, a move that not only split the squad but also split his friendship with Twenty for some time.

Tullun BorEdit

Koses was Tullun's commander, and while the two weren't exactly friends at first, instead seeing each other as respected allies, the pair eventually grew to like each other, often sharing jokes and telling stories about their past. Koses was thought to be the first member of the Rebel Alliance to ever make Tullun laugh, a feat and rumour he became quite famous for among Vin Squadron.


I'm nervous about this, sir.
"Relax, Twenty. It's only a Sith. Remember how I failed as a Sith?

—Koses showing humour for the first time before facing Ventress in orbit over Kashyyyk.
You deserve respect, Lik-Har.
"Every single man who fought here deserves respect, Admiral.

—Thrawn and Koses speaking following the Battle of the Second Sun.
You're not the boy I found on Korriban.
"The boy you found on Korriban never went through what I've been through.

—Jeden and Koses talking about the latter's changed personality by the time of the Galactic Civil War.
These men achieved things I would think impossible, even for an army of Jedi Masters. They showed commitment, loyalty, and above all: reason. If I could ever talk to them again, just once, there is only one thing I would say, and that would be 'thank you'.
—Koses, speaking at the joint funeral of Nightingale Squad.

Quotes about Koses Edit

It was his past that denied him from becoming a Knight, and nothing else. He has a stronger will than any Padawan I have seen in my life, even you, and after what we just saw and what we both yesterday: we can both agree he has skill, probably more than even some Masters.
—San-Ha-Vin telling Jeden why Koses didn't become a Jedi Knight sooner.
Despite your past, you have shown all the qualities of a Jedi. You have proven to be resolute, willful and brave, and your actions, even in these dark times, are a beacon of hope for both the Jedi and the Republic.
—Jeden, after Koses became a Jedi Knight.
After seeing him fight and hearing what they say, I wouldn't regret punching a Padawan if they insulted him again.
—Phoenix expressing his distaste for Jedi Padawans who mocked Koses for his past.
Koses' lightsaber

Koses' Jedi lightsaber.

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