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Kordo Beviin was the first Rogue apprentice of Rogue Lord Dralkyr. He hailed from Mandalore and was once a well known Mandalorian warrior who was the adopted son of the Mandalore.


Kordo was born and raised on Mandalore as the eldest child of Waedr Beviin. He never knew who his mother was. He was trained as a Mandalorian warrior from the time he could walk. He quickly became skilled in the use of the traditional Beskad and also became a great shot with a blaster. His father being killed when Kordo was ten, Kordo was then raised by the Mandalore, his uncle Jareth Beviin.

On his sixteenth birthday, Kordo went on his first solo assignment. He was responsible for the blow that brought the bounty, an ex-Imperial Knight, down. His skills only progressed further from there until he was a hero in the Beviin clan. That is until the fateful day five years later, when he was hunting a Jedi along with his companions, when he was defeated for the first time. All but one of his companions were killed with Kordo lying on the ground bleeding from multiple wounds when the one surviving companion took Kordo's body and retreated from the planet. Korudo had spent the next month in a bacta tank when he discovered his force-sensitivity and accidentally shattered the tank.

He soon returned to his life as a bounty hunter while quietly practicing his newly discovered powers. This continued for two years until he was again on an assignment and was using the force to control a thermal detonator when he was hit by a blaster and lost his concentration. This caused the detonator to explode and kill not only the bounty but also his uncle and several other Mandalorians. Shocked that he could have done such a thing, Kordo fled the scene and began a self-imposed exile. He soon decided that the best thing to be done was to learn how to control his powers. He decided to go to the Sith (he still hates the Jedi).

After having spent a few weeks with the Sith he had become bored out of his skull. Then one day he saw the main tower of the Academy collapse from the effects of an epic battle. At that moment he decided to leave the Academy and join with the Rouges (who were the main players in the tower collapsing battle).

Personality and traits

Kordo usually came across as serious and angry with the galaxy. He was unafraid of death and would kill anyone who gets in his way. He rarely smiled but could be very outgoing and sociable once someone got to know him. When he said he would do something, he did it. He was very loyal and respectful to those he thought deserved it. He was sometimes troubled by his past.

Kordo hated Jedi due to the fact that he was undefeated and known as the one of the best until the Jedi bounty that also resulted in the deaths of many of his longtime friends. He was strongly motivated by his sense of honor and duty. He was also motivated by a wish to understand his power in the Force.

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