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Jerun Othorne As A Jedi Master


Jedi Krad

Kol in the pre-Clone Trooper installment era

Baracuss Sith

Kol during the Dark Jedi phase.

Darth Caedus

Kol in the Clone Wars Era.

Kol was a Human male Jedi Knight.


Born on Corellia, Kol was soon taken in as a soldier for the Republic within the times of war. He soon developed odd senses, drifting into the path of gaining a Force aura. Sensed immediately, the soldier soon was taken in training as a Jedi. Passing his Trials, Kol became a Knight, drifted along as a Jedi and soon became powerful.


Kol drifted to the dark side, and left the Battle of Mygeeto. He traveled to Korriban to train as a Dark Jedi. He then defeated the Headmaster, and led the Academy. Kol soon realised that this wasn't fit for him, and redeemed himself within the Light. He returned to the Light Side, and continued to fight with the new Phase II Clone Troopers.

Powers and abilities

Kol developed a mixture of the forms Ataru, and Makashi, making a swift dueling form, which combined agility and dueling. Mixed together, this applied the Force for long fights. Utilizing the Force, Kol was nearly unstoppable using this technique.

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