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Kohmin was a Force-based order. Instead of the Jedi or Sith, the Kohmin were dedicated to the studies and usage of non-aligned ways of the force. Many in the order believed in the Unifying Force, and taught all students of the unbiased entity. The organization had few followers, only having approximately fifty-six members in its height. They are pledged to the duties of the Galactic Republic, and are often contracted into being soldiers, healers, or special operatives.


The Force

Kohmin believed that the Force did not have a light or a dark side, but instead, an impartial entity. This led to beliefs that there were no powers that align with either side of the force. It was common to survey that power was fed from the will of the force-user. The more that the force-user dedicated himself or herself into the force, the more able they will become. visions were coveted amongst the members of the Kohmin, because they thought that visions were signs of strength and ability. Before any member could become an Adept, they must receive a premonition from the Force, but this led to many mock visions amongst members and their ultimate departure from the order.


Before a member of the Kohmin could become a Novice, they must first go through a pilgrimage. The trip had to pertain to all of the "Characteristics of a True Kohmin." The expedition also meant leaving the planet, and wandering amidst the galaxy until all of the characteristics have been adapted into his or her life. Pilgrimages can last anywhere from a month to several years. It was rare for any fatalities of apprentices during their times off-world.


The Kohmin Creed was the common beliefs of the Kohmin. It included the "Characteristics of a True Kohmin." Any notable breaking of the Kohmin usually led to dismissal of the organization.

The Kohmin Creed reads as follows:

"Kohmin, our dwelling. Our life. Our hope. The Force will carry us as we use it for its own sake. To posses it is a gift, and shall be treated appropriately. Must it be provoked, if not done for justice? Condemn those who use it for their ultimate gain, for the Force is for passion, and iniquity be released.
Humble must a user be to the gift of the universe. Amongst the smallest of beings gather the power of mighty.
Compassionate must a user be to the heart of the universe. For whom does not posses, we must condone.
True must a user be to the life of the universe. The tongue is a tool like the will of the Force.
Passionate must a user be to the spirit of the universe. As the force connects us, must we connect too.
Sacrificial must a user be to the giver of the universe. Nothing compares to the gift we behold.
Guardian must a user be to the guardian of the universe. The gift can give more than the power witheld.

Amongst brotheren, must the Force set us free."



Niyros Ambeth was an explorer who happened to travel to the uninhabited planet of Telitar II. There, he found an abandoned hut that was made on the coast of the largest continent. There, he found five holocrons created by Jolee Bindo.
Telitar II

Telitar II

Each of the holocrons were segments of the beliefs and teachings of Bindo, which included knowledge of an unbiased force. After months of self-training, Ambeth had mastered the arts of the gray force. Upon the discovery, he arrived at Coruscant to speak with the Jedi Order about the "gray force." His speech caused an uproar within the council, and Niyros was banned from the temple. However, a small amount of Jedi left the order to follow Ambeth and learn his teachings. The twenty Jedi soon accepted the knowledge of the gray Jedi, and practiced it. Ambeth wanted to create a bigger teaching studio, and decided to make the Kohmin Grand Lodge. Upon the creation, the gray-force users were notorious amongst the Jedi Order as the Kohmin. The name was adopted amongst Ambeth's pupils, and the order was created.


Eventually, students would become adept in the teachings, but Ambeth wanted to keep structure amongst those who graduated from being his students. He started an order, which retained the name Kohmin. It started with ranks and his own beliefs. The Kohmin Creed was created to help those who were to partake in the new order. Amongst the new organization, a minor flow of force-sensitives had arrived on Telitar II. A few of the new members included Qon-Iel Nordiea and Kaitel Ulinumi. Younger recruits were taught the basics of the force by Ambeth. After completing the initial training, recruits would be trained by a combination of other Kohmin. Tekkel Vell, Sellun Meiruna, and Naluna where the other teachers for the Lodge.



Recruits were Kohmin who were considered untrained. They were taught the basics of the force and the beliefs of the Kohmin. The duties of the recruits were simply to meditate and study the force. Before advancing to the rank of initiate, the recruits must study and memorize the Kohmin Creed. Many recruits were in their child to pre-teenage years. Niyros Ambeth was the main teacher of the Kohmin recruits up until the attack on Telitar. Amongst the ranks of recruits, notable persons included Dobene and Tyrues Shi.


Initiates were students who have completed the basic training of the force. After that, they must prove proficiency in self-defense in the force, an agile usage of telekinesis, and the ability to shoot targets without the use of sight. As well, initiates must be scholarly in the beliefs of the Kohmin, and take the doctrine which Jolee Bindo had created. Qon-Iel described the doctrine to be too religious for his tastes, as was the attitude of many other Kohmin. Before succeeding to the next rank, initiates had to explore a random island on Telitar to prove their ability with the force. If approval was accomplished, initiates had to go through a pilgrimage across the galaxy. He or she had to learn and adapt all of the "Characteristics of a True Kohmin." After he or she accomplishes it, they may return to Telitar for full initiation into the Kohmin.


Novices were the task members of the order. Many stayed at the Grand Lodge to help with either training of the recruits or to help with the daily routines of the settlement. Few ventured beyond the planet to either gather more children for training, or to situate trades for the livelihood of the planet. After the attack of the Grand Lodge by the Empire, many novices were sent to the battlefield to help the efforts of the Republic. A novice, Kaitel Ulinumi, was apart of a diplomatic group to help negotiate with the Republic's demands for continual protection. It was up to the adepts of the order to decide when a novice could be promoted.


Adepts were the leaders of the Kohmin order. All were entitled to stay at the Grand Lodge to provide commands for the entire organization. Very few Kohmin actually received the rank of adept, due to it requiring a large amount of efforts to be recognized by the current adepts. Many adepts trained recruits and initiates while they were not organizing the order. However, some ventured beyond the planet to deal with many issues that occurred after the attack.


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