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Venret: “I literally know nothing about her. I don't even know what species she is. Ko's never been seen in public. She's a ghost. Your agency probably has some information.
Aiden: “Other than her hits? Doubtful at best.
―Sans Venret informing Governmental Investigative Network Director Pelmar Aiden of Ko's involvement in the Seswenna Security Crisis

Ko was a mysterious bounty hunter, who became afilliated with the Dark Moon crime syndicate and took contracts for the conspirators behind the Seswenna Security Crisis. She was an illusive bounty hunter; her true identity was not known to law enforcement agencies around the galaxy. She was never seen in public to anyone's knowledge and none of her targets ever survived or were able to communicate any information. Even former Dark Moon leader Sans Venret had never seen Ko in person. It eventually became known that she was female, but even such information was viewed as suspect by some in the law enforcement community. When she wanted to take a job, she was contacted electronically. All replies were electronic as were payments of bounties. Governmental Investigative Network Director Pelmar Aiden had an "encounter" with Ko on a hovertrain shortly after the bombing of the Senate Office Building. In actuality, Ko was not present on the hovertrain, but a small device had been planted that allowed Aiden to converse with the bounty hunter. During the conversation, Ko used a machine to speak whatever she typed instead of speaking directly. She warned the GIN Director that the despotic leader B'Rhea was going to be assassinated. A short time later, she killed him on Seswenna, fulfilling the secret contract she had signed with Mra Tarkin.


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