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Stained Souls is a work-in-progress fan-fiction novella currently being written by Splinter Smile under the penname Rev'ika. It follows the story of a female Revan and female Exile, along with their respective crews, sixteen years after the Mandalorian Wars, and six after Revan left for the Unknown Regions.


Revan was twenty-one when she gave up her life to the Force, and at the ripe old age of twenty-two, her eyes were a thousand. By twenty-three she was spearheading a fleet, and twenty-four found her having lost herself.

Her crusade began just days after her twenty-fifth birthday and was revealed in full a year later. She died for the first time aged twenty-eight years, found her first family at twenty-nine, and left them the day she turned thirty. She came back silently six years later, only just coping, as she set out on a quest to end the influence of the True Sith.

Alexandrine Tirava left the Order as an eighteen-year-old Jedi Padawan enthralled with the Revanchist campaign. When she returned at the war's end, five years later, she had become the thing the Jedi Council secretly feared the most. She became someone they could not judge.

They stripped her of her rank, and cast upon her the title that would become her life: the Jedi Exile. After nine years of banishment, and one of a dangerous attempt to strengthen the Republic and restore the Jedi teachings, she left to answer the call of Revan, unheard to everyone but her.

Now together with friends old and new, the two disgraced Force-users are trying set to right what the Revanchists helped set into motion all those years ago. But between the tensions that consume their lives, the ancient power of the True Sith, and each woman's lack of trust in herself, how can they ever hope to succeed?


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  • Nisosta
  • Canderous Ordo
  • Revan
  • Alexandrine Tirava


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