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Knights of the Old Republic: Knight of Alderaan is a fan fiction novel written by user Jedi Master 76. Knights of Alderaan was the second novel in the Days of Dissidence Series and the second to be completed. The narrative was developed and written during the summer of 2008, but it was removed from the Star Wars Fanon wiki, its original source, for a complete rewrite. It was released in its second and final edition in 2010, two years after its original release.

Knights of Alderaan is the second story in the Days of Dissidence Series that recounts the adventures of Raen Benax, a wandering Sith learner and aspiring Jedi Padawan. After he was forced to flee from his home on Alderaan, he surrendered himself to the Jedi Order, and he awaits his trial on Coruscant. Until then, however, he journeys with Jedi Knight Gaiel Remus. Along the way, the two warriors meet series familiars, like smuggler Ralina Venli and aloof Jedi Master Celsus Djan, and new characters, like Preux and Northeus Ulsan. These characters, and canon characters like Thon and Darth Bandon, have their roles to play in the last days of the Jedi Civil War.

Opening Crawl

Knights of the Old Republic
The Sith Empire has been weakened by the capture of their Dark Lord, Revan. Though their momentum wanes, Darth Malak, Revan's protege and former apprentice, takes command of the Sith Empire in his stead. Under his leadership, the Sith resume their assault on the Galactic Republic with newfound brutality. 

In spite of mounting casualties and lack of resources across the galaxy, Republic High Command has sent a team of Republic soldiers to the Mid Rim to investigate rumors of a Mandalorian outpost surviving the war that Revan had ended. The Republic make contact, but none of its soldiers realize that the Mandalorians on Wayland's forested surface are pawns of a far more sinister and mysterious foe.

Raen Benax, Force-sensitive and former Sith learner, has surrendered to the will of the Jedi Order. In an effort to send him down a road of redemption, the Jedi send him to Polus with Jedi Knight Gaiel Remus. A specter from Raen's past already haunts the icy surface, hoping to draw him into a feud going back decades. Yet even Raen knows that his destiny is tied with Alderaan, and he must return to his home to avenge himself against the empire had served, with or without his newfound allies...



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Galactic Repubic

  • Jhosua Weros - Corporal
  • Shiira Nos - Lance Corporal (First appearance)
  • Altesius - Major
  • Ducian Eto - former Colonel (Mentioned only)
  • Toredo - Sergeant
  • Jacque - Warrant Officer (Mentioned only)
  • Vatril - Captain (First mentioned)
  • Nyalla Danters - Lieutenant (Mentioned only)
  • Golgi Mitos - Colonel (First appearance)

Mandalorian clans

  • Mandalore the Survivor (First appearance)
  • Adebes Cor - Commander (First appearance)
  • Hes'on - Captain (First appearance)
  • Mandalore the Indomitable (Mentioned only)
  • Mandalore the Ultimate (Mentioned only)
  • Lubain - Commando (First appearance)

Sith Empire

  • Exar Kun - former Dark Lord of the Sith (Mentioned only)
  • Sith Emperor - Dark Lord of the Sith (Appears in hologram)
  • De'dlay Yavalaaka - Sith Master
  • Enon - Captain (First mentioned)
  • Tserne DeLarane - neurosurgeon (Appears in hologram)
  • Alrond Bancho - biochemist (Mentioned only)
  • Kenn Salis - virologist (First mentioned)
  • Gheas - mercenary (Mentioned only)
  • Darth Malak - Dark Lord of the Sith (Mentioned only)
  • Darth Bandon - Sith Lord
  • Jaeln Benax - Sith Marauder
  • Calay - Sith Master
  • Preux - Shadowhand (First appearance)
  • Fasin - Sith Master (First appearance)
  • Vericcho - Sith Marauder (First appearance)
  • Pallidus - Sith Marauder (First appearance)
  • Mar'vai - Sith learner (First mentioned)
  • Dynatha Aris - Sith learner
  • Lamyia N'hoel - Dark Jedi Master

Jedi Order

  • Ibrays Weros - Jedi Knight (Mentioned only)
  • Revan - Jedi Knight (Mentioned only)
  • Gaiel Remus - Jedi Knight
  • Raen Benax - Jedi Padawan
  • Tor'chal - Jedi Master
  • Celsus Djan - Jedi Master
  • Syme Devor - Jedi Knight (Mentioned only)
  • Tynr - Jedi Knight (First mentioned)
  • Rorcan - Jedi Master (First mentioned)
  • Verlili - Jedi Knight (First mentioned)
  • Jasparan Tes - Jedi Knight (First appearance)
  • Thon - Jedi Master
  • Northeus Ulsan - Jedi Councilor (First appearance)
  • Vima Sunrider - Jedi Grandmaster (Mentioned only)
  • Nomi Sunrider - former Jedi Grandmaster (Mentioned only)
  • Ranval Messor - Jedi Padawan
  • Geryon - Jedi Knight (First mentioned)
  • Kalthar Deen - Jedi Master
  • Bolook - Jedi Master
  • Tar'eelok - Jedi Master
  • Adar Sunrider - Jedi Knight (First appearance)
  • Doreva Thrine - Jedi Knight (First appearance)
  • Celes Sunrider - Jedi Knight (First appearance)
  • Lonna Vash - Jedi Councilor
  • Verita Ladola - Jedi Knight
  • Belaya - Jedi Knight
  • Juhani - Jedi Knight
  • Telerus Eston - Jedi Knight
  • Jram - Jedi Master
  • Al-Meyn Ude - Jedi Knight (First appearance)
  • Betror Sylan - Jedi Padawan (Mentioned only)


  • Raystin Benax - businessman
  • Junara Benax - civilian (Mentioned only)
  • Eliorae Latona - Princess of Alderaan (First appearance)
  • Lyos - Royal Guardsman (First appearance)
  • Sigmund III Latona - King of Alderaan (First appearance)
  • Undine Latona - Queen of Alderaan (First mentioned)
  • Danc A'damat - Royal Guardsman Commander (First appearance)
  • Penelas Basilaron - Royal Guardsman (First mentioned)
  • Khondine Basilaron - Royal Guardsman (First appearance)
  • Petran Farseil - nobility (Appears in hologram)


  • Ralina Venli - Captain of Hound's Sapphire
  • Delvin Cortes - crewmember of Hound's Sapphire
  • Manda Revv - crewmember of Hound's Sapphire
  • Virtual Cruiser Assistance Program 2040 "Jon" - Artificial Intelligence (Heard only)
  • Fetarollias "Fetcher" Niridiacher - crewmember of Hound's Sapphire
  • Lucius Velle - Republic civilian (First mentioned)
  • Cthor - Pyn'gani shaman (First appearance)
  • Uxen - Pyn'gani warrior (First appearance)
  • Tserne DeLarane - crewmember of Hound's Sapphire
  • Selias Siital - Hidden Bek ember (Mentioned only)
  • Donnel Ioca - Hidden Bek member (Mentioned only)
  • Ernar Humbar - Humbarine businessman (First appearance)
  • The Ghoul - assassin (First appearance)
  • Nikolai Halendot - crewmember of Cerulean Wolf (Mentioned only)
  • G'aull Iulis - Iridorian mercenary (Mentioned only)


Vehicles and vessels

Plot summary

Spoilers below.

Set during the tumultuous era of the Jedi Civil War, Knight of Alderaan follows three separate story arcs that largely continue the meta-narrative begun in Knights of the Old Republic: Convict's Dawn and Vanguard of the Republic. While the Dark Lord Revan has been captured and redeemed by the Jedi, the galactic struggle continues.

A Republic Army soldier, Jhosua Weros, awakes on a warship under attack as his unit prepares to attack a Mandalorian stronghold on Wayland during the Mandalorian Wars. The anxious soldier follows his commander, Major Altesius, and the rest of his unit in battle on the ground, fighting through the forest to assault Mandalorian positions. The brutal combat leads to one final push on the Mandalorian stronghold, where their leader, Mandalore, is making her final stand, as she is ordered by the distant Sith Emperor. The Mandalorian leader obeys out of fear, despite the Emperor's refusal to reinforce him. As Jhosua and dozens of other Republic soldiers and marines battle through the stronghold in brutal room-by-room fighting, Jhosua finds Mandalore and pursues out of a desire to win renown. He is able to defeat Mandalore and when her mask falls off during the struggle, is surprised to find she is a woman.

A Mandalorian commander approaches him, only to be cut down by another Mandalorian, who thanks Jhosua for killing a "false Mandalore." He in turn is ambushed and slain by a group of advancing soldiers, including Altesius, but not before he reveals the significance of a crate in the throne room. Altesius orders Jhosua to kill the Mandalore, but he is reluctant to kill an unarmed and injured enemy who poses no threat to him. Egged on, he slays her, despite the ensuing guilt that hunts him.

Several months later, the Nautolan Jedi Knight Gaiel Remus is transporting an ex-Sith, Raen Benax, aboard the smuggler's vessel Hound's Sapphire, whose captain, Ralina Venli, is displeased to have Jedi aboard. Despite Raen's status as a prisoner allowed on this one mission before surrendering to the Jedi on Coruscant, Gaiel endeavours to teach and train him in the limited time available. They arrive over Polus and debark to search for a rumored Sith outpost. The cold weather and lack of immediate payment leads the smugglers to bicker with the impertinent Raen, but they meet up with a pair of local Pyn'gani, who advise them that another Jedi, the legendary Jedi Master Celsus Djan, is present on Polus. Celsus is known to both Gaiel and Raen and they decide to help him, but Ralina furiously demands payment, only to be told Gaiel has no funds. Faced with no payment if she leaves the Jedi, an irate Ralina is persuaded by one of her crew, Delvin Cortes, to continue aiding them a little longer, in exchange for a permanent erasure of past legal transgressions.

They arrive at the perimeter of the military base with a troop of Pyn'gani and battle against a patrol, where they meet up with Celsus Djan, who assists them. Djan assumes leadership of the group and they drive into the base in an absconded Sith transport. They break in, though Djan's forceful and ruthless methods draw displeasure from Gaiel. Ralina sends one of her crew, the stealthy sociopathic assassin Tserne DeLarane, to poison the Sith troopers' barracks while the Jedi aim to disable the main blast doors and the rest of them make for the command center. The Jedi and Raen cleave through the light resistance with little effort, while the smugglers and natives run into fiercer resistance. The discovery of a Dark Jedi leads the Jedi to confront him, though Celsus' grim determination leads to disagreement between him and Gaiel.

As Ralina is pinned down in the garage, she signals her ship's AI to bring the Hound's Sapphire to pick them up. To facilitate the extraction, she sends Tserne to disable the anti-aircraft guns in a grim suicide mission. Ralina is embittered over the choice to send him to his death, despite her professed dislike for the unsettling assassin. She has not forgotten the times he had saved her life despite her own desire to be rid of him, but makes the decision nonetheless. She keeps him in the dark about his odds, as the rest of her group cannot wait for him to return. The Pyn'gani fight a delaying action while Tserne destroys the AA guns so Ralina and her crew can escape.

Meanwhile, the Jedi easily defeat a group of Mandalorians who have followed Raen after a previous altercation saw Raen slay one of them on Taris. Indeed, Raen was told that their leader, Lubain, was responsible for the death of his uncle, and Raen is eager to avenge his death. However, when confronted with Darth Bandon, Gaiel and Raen are easily disabled. Celsus fights him while Raen and Gaiel, aided by Tserne, kill the rest of the Mandalorians. The last one surrenders but Raen takes his life anyway, incensing Gaiel. Nevertheless, the two join forces to aid Celsus but are forced back. Celsus eventually orders them to leave and Gaiel, sensing the growing darkness in the rapidly-tiring Celsus, withdraws with Raen and Tserne. Celsus, caught up in his own desire for vengeance for the team of Jedi he lost on Korriban, realizes his fall to the dark side too late. Bandon kills the weakened Celsus. Raen and Gaiel detour from their route to Coruscant by heading to Ambria, while Tserne parts ways with them.

The assassin ultimately ends up searching for a man named Ernar, who he believes can unlock clues to his past, which he doesn't remember well. After breaking into Ernar's corporate office violently, Ernar agrees to help him if he can stop a psychopathic Givin criminal called the Ghoul who has been harassing his employees. Tserne hunts down the Ghoul's assistant, but the true killer is only subdued when a Jedi Master named Lonna Vash arrives to assist, allowing Tserne to capture the Ghoul. Tserne returns to Ernar for the information, only to find the man dead and a group of four GenoHaradan assassins waiting for him. They tell him that Ernar's criminal activities made him a threat to the Republic and invite him to join their ranks, in exchange for information about his past. The assassin agrees.

On Alderaan, Raen's brother, the Sith Marauder Jaeln Benax, learns from his master De'dlay that the Sith who have been quietly building their forces will soon seize complete control of Alderaan. The three Sith masters, Fasin, De'dlay, and Jaeln's lover Calay plan their assault. Afterward, Jaeln shrugs off the approach of another marauder, Vericcho, and then sneaks into De'dlay's lair, where he finds an imprisoned and tortured Sith apprentice named Dynatha who had been caught amidst intrigue between the reigning Sith on Alderaan and left to De'dlay's merciless care. Jaeln leaves her, frustrated at not finding more information about the strongest Sith on Alderaan, the mysterious Preux.

The Sith launch their assault on the capital city of Aldera, storming the palace. Jaeln is one of several Sith marauders who enters the palace, slicing through the guards in pursuit of the heir to the throne, Princess Eliorae Latona. He defeats a Jedi and finds an insubordinate Vericcho and two comrades have beat him to the princess' entourage. Realizing that Vericcho is defying his orders, Jaeln confronts and kills their party, though the prisoners are slain in the process. Jaeln learns that they have only killed decoys and is enraged at his failure to kill the princess. Elsewhere in the palace, the king and his party are betrayed by one of their own guardsman, the Zabrak Danc, and the betrayal, combined with the arrival of the Sith Masters, including Preux, leads to the swift capture of the king. Preux claims sovereignty of Alderaan after killing the king, although a rash statement and the lack of control from Sith forces under De'dlay leads to his falling out of favor with the powerful Preux. He appoints Jaeln to go offworld on a mission while he consolidates his power on Alderaan.

On Ambria, Raen and Gaiel meet with several other Jedi, including two Padawans: the ill-tempered Jasparan, an old acquaintance of Raen's from Taris named Ranval, and two Masters Northeus and the legendary Thon. Thon and Northeus agree to help train them additionally over the next several months, though the hotheaded Raen immediately clashes with Jasparan and his background as a Sith wins him little favor with the masters.

Ralina meets up with the now ex-Republic soldier Jhosua Weros in a cantina on Dantooine. Jhosua wants her help getting into the Jedi Enclave, plagued by visions of his deceased Jedi brother. Ralina is reluctant to assist him, but he steals her blaster and speeder, and audaciously suggests that he will return both in exchange for her help. Ralina begrudgingly agrees, just as word reaches her that her ship is outsystem and the Sith are attacking Dantooine. They break in and Jhosua leaves Ralina at the gate while he finds his way inside, searching the computer system for information on his brother, but only learned that his brother had gone insane during the Mandalorian Wars and had perished on Wayland while under psychiatric care. He found no other information nor any clues as to why he kept hearing and seeing his brother.

Frustrated, he made his way to the infirmary to find a single woman there, a wounded Sith being treated by the Jedi after her capture. Although the Jedi had assumed her to be a Republic pilot rescued from the battle over Polus several months before, she gives her name as Lamyia. When he reveals his own name, she reveals that she knew him on Sluis Van years ago, confirming it by her knowledge of Jhosua's brother's name. Jhosua remains unconvinced and leaves the Sith to face the impending bombardment. Instead, he calls Ralina and arranges to contact her ship to pick them up, provided she also evacuates as many of the Jedi as possible. Ralina, no fan of the Jedi, reluctantly agrees since she has no other way to reach her ship.

The Jedi mount a desperate defense of the enclave, while Jhosua meets with Ralina to plan their escape. Lamyia and a group of Jedi find them, and over Ralina's protestations, they flee from the enclave to her ship, though only a handful of Jedi escape with Ralina, Jhosua and Lamyia on the Hound's Sapphire before the Sith forces under Darth Malak destroy the Enclave seeing that their chance of seizing it for themselves look slim. Inflight, Lamyia reveals that she had once been a Jedi before being brainwashed and tortured until she succumbed to the dark side. Realizing what had happened to her, she recovered some of her former self and reveals her identity as Verita Ladola, a Jedi Knight whom Jhosua had once fought alongside on Sluis Van before she had been left behind and captured by the Sith. Ralina takes them to Coruscant, and only Jhosua's quick-thinking saves her from legal trouble due to her status as a deserter. Soon thereafter, Delvin Cortes reveals that he is a Jedi informant who has been persuading her to aid the Jedi. The informant also lies to her, telling that she's Force-sensitive, and then leaves before reporting to the leader of a radical sect of the Jedi, Watchcircle Dominus.

The training progresses slowly for the Jedi on Ambria, and Raen ultimately draws his weapon against Jasparan, thinking to settle their arguments through force. The masters stop him and cast him out and he wanders into the desert, where a vision of Celsus Djan leads him to reconsider what he has done and return to the masters to seek their approval. They agree to continue teaching him, ahough he undergoes considerable penance to atone for his transgressions. Ultimately, in a training duel with Jasparan, it is Raen who shows restraint, while Jasparan is blinded by his impatience and leaves after Northeus stops from striking Raen further and Thon refuses to teach him more powerful techniques.

Raen asks to go to Alderaan, which has fallen to the Sith, and Gaiel and Ranval agree to accompany him to confront the Sith on Alderaan, who have not been idle. Preux is aware that Eliorae Latona lives and that a Republic and Jedi force is assembling to challenge him. The Sith Master plans to pit his loathsome Sith underlings against the Jedi in a brutal trap of a conflict that will destroy both of them and allow him to rule in Alderaan in peace with his family. Soon, Preux will be free of both the Jedi and the ever-traitorous Sith who serve under him—Calay is already plotting against him, enlisting another Sith marauder to pursue Eliorae and kill her while planning Preux's demise.

Gaiel, Raen, and Ranval land on Alderaan, but Raen sees a Sith picking on a civilian and provokes a fight. They are saved by the intervention of the last of Alderaan's royal guards, Khondine Basilaron, a Force-user in her own right. She takes them to the Republic camp, where they meet with Republic officers, Princess Eliorae, and forty Jedi of Watchcircle Dominus including Jasparan, who reveals himself a servant of that sect of Jedi. The Watchcircle Jedi nearly succeed in having the new arrivals sent away, but Khondine persuades Eliorae to ask them to stay. Little do Khondine or Eliorae know that the Republic commander is plotting with a noble of a rival house to have Eliorae killed. Khondine also harbors a secret of her own: the traitor Danc was her teacher and she has sworn revenge on him for killing her brother during the Sith's coup.

The Republic and Watchcircle Jedi prepare to attack the Sith academy, garrison, and the capital simultaneously while Raen and two escorts journey to the Benax estate in search of De'dlay, a frequent guest there despite his father's apparent disdain for the Sith. The Jedi of Watchcircle Dominus, along with Gaiel, Khondine, and Ranval attack the Sith academy the next day, meeting increasingly severe resistance. Gaiel and Ranval duel Calay, but she defeats them, only to be interrupted by the arrival of several Jedi from the Watchcircle. Despite inflicting several casualties, she is slain. The Watchcircle Jedi also kill Junara Benax, Raen's mother, and rescue a Jedi Master prisoner named Tor'chal, who was believed dead at Raen's hand months earlier. Also freed is Dynatha, though her liberation comes at the cost of the life of her rescuer, who did so in defiance of orders. It is only because Jram, one of Telerus' associates, takes pity on her that she is taken with them. Khondine finds Danc and duels him, only to be defeated. Gaiel comes to her aid and Danc flees.

Meanwhile, Raen arrives at his family's estate and meets his father, Raystin Benax, only to realize with horror that Raystin is in fact Preux. Moreover, De'dlay is there and slaughters his escort. Raen is easily defeated, though De'dlay turns on Preux, leading to a vicious three-way fight that results in Raen unable to harm Preux and Preux incapacitating De'dlay. At that point, a vision reaches Preux of his wife's death. Seeing his plans in ruin due to a lapse in his foresight, Preux is weakened, allowing De'dlay to attack him. Unwilling to watch his son perish in front of him as well, Preux kills De'dlay at the cost of his own life, allowing Raen to live.

Eliorae and her Republic protectors fend off the Sith assailant Calay had sent after them and with the Sith elsewhere on Alderaan ultimately defeated, Eliorae is crowned queen of Alderaan. Northeus, Gaiel, Raen, Khondine, and a wounded Ranval attend the coronation, although Northeus is alarmed to learn of Watchcircle Dominus's unsanctioned participation in the battle. For Northeus, who had known Raystin Benax in the past only to be abandoned and betrayed by him, the death of Preux brings much-needed closure.

Behind the scenes

Spoilers below.

Originally known as Knights of Alderaan, Knight of Alderaan underwent an extensive rewrite between its first release and its second. Prior to the actual release, rushed development time and a lack of supporting plots caused the story to have difficult pacing issues and numerous narrative cliches. The re-release of Knight of Alderaan was far more extensive than that of Convict's Dawn, and it became lengthy because of it.

The scenario on Wayland was the first scene to be included in the rewrite that was not present in the first release. Created after Vanguard of the Republic, the battle on Wayland was meant to introduce new characters (including the Sith Emperor) and detail Jhosua Weros's actions after the battle on Sluis Van. The Mandalorians' presence on Wayland at all alludes to the backstory of the Mandalorian Wars, which supposedly started when the Sith Emperor confronted the Mandalorians and goaded them into attacking the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order.

Raen and the Jedi returned to Polus when Jedi Master 76 realized that the plot point there relating to the Sith had not been resolved after Convict's Dawn. According to the first novel, the Sith had set up a carbonite production facility on the planet's surface that the Republic was eager to shut down. Their construction and preservation of clone soldiers pays homage to the final scene of Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, but it also points back to an old plot point from the Knights of the Old Republic mod that was being created by Jedi Master 76 at the time of the series' inception. These Force-sensitive soldiers were intended to serve as an army for a future Sith Lord.

Originally, both Gaiel Remus and Celsus Djan were supposed to die on Polus. The two Jedi were to be defeated by Darth Bandon, but Jedi Master 76 felt that Gaiel Remus was necessary for the storyline to progress, so he kept him alive to help Raen in his Jedi training. The confusion of Preux on Alderaan refers to this change.

The Sith sequences on Alderaan were entirely new to the rewrite. Jedi Master 76 intended for them to appear in the short story of Convict's Dawn, but Vanguard of the Republic's storyline took their place. Several new minor villains were introduced during these scenes, and a few of them would survive and fight the heroes in the battle of Alderaan in the story's third act. Pallidus, in particular, was originally supposed to survive and go on to serve the Sith in Hands of Evening; however, he was deemed unnecessary and killed off prior to the novel's conclusion. The raid on Alderaan's capital and the collapse of its castle were reminiscent of the Order 66 sequence from Star Wars: Battlefront II and the climatic scene from Revenge of the Sith.

The Jedi training under Thon is an allusion to the Tales of the Jedi series of comics. It serves as a safe haven for the Jedi and a place for them to hone their skills—a home base of sorts. Gaiel, Raen, and the rest of the Jedi were supposed to travel to Dantooine in time to aid in the evacuation of the Jedi Enclave there. This was initially possible because in the original story, Ralina and her crew remained with the Jedi during their training; in the rewrite, they lost track of the Jedi after the events on Polus. Therefore, the Jedi had no way of knowing about Dantooine and were not able to reach it in time. However, Jedi Master 76 ensured that Ralina and her crew were still on Dantooine at the time of its bombardment.

Tserne's adventures on Humbarine were a late addition to the novel, and they were included only after Jedi Master 76 realized that Tserne did very little after escaping Polus. The scenario was used to introduce several new characters, including the GenoHaradan and Lonna Vash, who play larger roles in future stories. Further, it elaborates on Tserne's character, goals, and his abilities, which up to now had not been explored during the scenes he had been present in.

The last battle on Alderaan was a difficult segment to construct. Many new characters, minor or otherwise, were introduced in the final chapters of the novel, and Jedi Master 76 had to give them as much characterization and backstory as possible without interrupting the flow of the narrative. The Republic leaders and the Alderaanians, in particular, were given quite a few dialog sequences to illustrate their motives and personalities. The duel between Ranval and Calay was altered prior to its final release so that Ranval lost both of his hands to the Sith Master. Otherwise, most of the casualties that took place had been intended from the beginning.

The cover created by Solus for April 1, 2013.

Jedi Master 76 intended for Preux to die in Knight of Alderaan since the series' inception. Jedi Master 76 believed that he was supposed to be seen as a merciless villain but at the same time, something of a tragic character. His actual killer differed depending on the version. He was initially supposed to be killed by his wife, Junara, who was actually a Sith working for Darth Malak. When Preux apparently betrayed Darth Malak and refused to help him at the Star Forge, she was tasked with killing her husband. However, Jedi Master 76 felt that such a twist would not make sense, especially because Preux and Junara actually seemed to love each other. Later plans had the Jedi Covenant kill him, but they had no way of reaching the Benax manor in time. Instead, De'dlay kills Preux, who in turn, kills him.

The story draws heavily from Star Wars canon, particularly the Knights of the Old Republic metaseries and the original trilogy as a whole. Inspirations for character and events have been drawn from the video games Fire Emblem, the Tales of series, the Halo series, the Mass Effect series, as well as the films The Lord of the Rings, Starship Troopers, and Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. The title primarily refers to Raen Benax, the knight of Alderaan who was responsible for defeating Preux, but it can also allude to Danc, the founder of the Royal Guardsmen and the one who betrayed the Alderaanian monarchy to the Sith, it can refer to the state of Alderaan throughout the novel, or simply to the dissolution of the Latona monarchy. When coupled with knowledge of Jedi Mourning, it could also refer to either Dynatha or Tserne. The story's overarching themes are centered around the pursuit of destiny and the execution of justice.

The plot summary for this novel was graciously provided by Atarumaster88, initially appearing in an April Fool's Day prank in 2013. The gag also featured a cover by Solus (see thumbnail).

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