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Klesk was a planet in the Unknown Regions.  At one point, it was home to a colony of Drakonus, but became uninhabited by any sentient species after Mort Sora was introduced to the water supply.  It was finally rediscovered by the Golden Empire in 154 ABY.


Klesk was an almost entirely forest planet, and had a variety of wooded areas ranging from tropical to brush valleys.  More tropical and dense trees could be found closer to the equator; more northern regions had more spaced-out trees which were far taller.

Klesk was sixty percent water.


Klesk was a planet naturally inhabited by a wide variety of fauna and flora.  When the Drakonus arrived, the dredged the seas for a hearty supply of rock and stone in order to build their homes.  The native fauna population did not suffer with the arrival of a new apex predator because the Drakonus were environmentally aware.

Klesk was initially established as a democracy under the rule of Jaek Ruchlos.  Jaek's son and heir, Ahsat, turned the planet into a dictatorship, prompting a civil war before he ultimately unleashed a bioweapon called Mort Sora.

The planet did suffer some damage when Mort Sora was placed into the water supply.  Some flora and fauna died as well as the entire Drakonus population being wiped out.  With the death of the apex predator Drakonus, the planet restored the balance by letting structures be reclaimed by nature.

Acting on Kyriel Windrunner's intuition, Breek Zagrev and her fleet rediscovered Klesk and the ruins of the Drakonus society in 154 ABY.  When Kyriel discovered that she was the last living descendant of Klesk's Starfall Clan—and by extension the last living citizen of Klesk—she voluntarily submitted Klesk to the Golden Empire as a new home for the Djinnosh, whose homeworld of Geruett was dying.  Queen Rin Sakaros accepted the offer, though she gave Kyriel a 1,000 square kilometer estate of her choosing on Klesk as a reward for her generosity.

Rin installed Vice Admiral Sir Tarse Medrego as military governor of Klesk, charging him with surveying the planet in preparation for the arrival of the Djinnosh and the installation of a Consul.

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