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It's funny how much a person's allegiance can change because of one thing, may it be love or just the common sense to know that the other side might be right.
—Kit Avo

Kit Avo was a Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Jedi Knight and a temporary Imperial Agent for the Galactic Empire. She didn't start working for the Republic until two years before the Clone Wars as a SIS agent, but before then she had ties with the Hutt Cartel. She joined the SIS around the age of 11, proving herself to them through a series of events, where she met Jedi Padawan Lux Avo and Jedi Master Dirk Byrant and remained close to them. When the Jedi Purge came into play, Kit helped Lux, Dirk and many others escape the purge with the help of a Clone known as CL-1, whom she later befriended and named him Dalso Makon. But before they could escape they were captured by the Galactic Empire and were tortured, though the Empire turned Kit into a living weapon against the Rebellion. She hunted down Jedi and rebels alike, almost killing Lux in the process, until she turned against her superiors in Battle of Yavin, in which she escapes from both the Rebellion and Empire alike.

Kit returned to the Cartels as a Smuggler, and worked part time for the Bounty Hunters' Guild, and it wasn't until after the Battle of Hoth that she finally joined the Rebellion and worked as a agent within Coruscant. When the war finally ended, and she atoned for her mistakes with the government, she reformed the SIS and served as it's head. Dalso also found his way from the Rebellion, and served as Kit's second-in-command which would eventually lead them to marry in 10 ABY. When the Yuuzhan Vong War began, she served behind enemy lines constantly and never saw any other allies for months without end and when the Vong took Coruscant, she was sent back to the planet and sabotaged many of their weapons. The combined forces of the galaxy were able to recapture the planet and the Republic was reformed. Kit and Dalso retired then, settling in on her homeworld of Corellia to await the next event that would call them.

Lux, growing of old age, discovered her Force sensitivity and began to train her in the ways of the Force. When the Second Galactic Civil War began, she was called into service as a Jedi Shadow and was sent into numerous battles. Though when the Battle of Uroro Station ended and the news of Lux's demise came in, she grieved over the loss of her brother. A year after his funeral, she passed away from old age leaving Dalso to die a year later.

Early Life

Birth and Introduction to the Cartel

Born on Corellia to the same smuggler parents as her brother Lux though she was never made aware that she had a brother at all. Kit was always the adventurous type and got into trouble whenever she could, most specifically with the law when she was around nine. Her parents prided themselves on that and showed her ever trick of the trade to become a Smuggler before they left her with the Hutt Cartel to become one.

Service to the Cartel

A particular Hutt showed interest in Kit, that being Jabba the Hutt who at the time was not aware of her young age. When he found out he employed her to other uses like destroying or killing crime lords and their headquarters or even assassinating three Senators to the Republic. That earned her a reputation SIS and placed her in the top fifty most wanted people in the galaxy with a reward of 80,000 credits. Because of this, fellow hunters from Jabba's division attempted to kill her when she visited his palace for the next assignment but almost all of them died due to Kit. She escaped the palace on her "borrowed" ship, The Centurion, and flew off to the underworld of Coruscant.

Finding the Republic

When she arrived, she immediately went underground and began to blend with the people and surroundings. Kit eventually got caught by the Coruscant Security Force and was take into custody directly to the SIS. She was there for about one week until the SIS head, whose name was never given, spoke to her about an opportunity to either A: Spend the rest of her life in a prison cell or B: Join SIS. Kit denied both, mocking him and claiming that she'd find a way out of the base before the next day but the SIS head just stood up and left. Not long after, the head ordered a firing squad for tomorrow morning to execute Kit.

Proving the SIS Wrong

Kit, well aware of the decision she made, immediately planned for her escape and before dawn the next day made it out of the SIS headquarters. She during mess hour, a few other inmates aided in her escape through a series of vents and pipes which lead her right out the door. She sent the head a video message regarding her escape and not long after found her sitting by a cantina and placed her back into custody. The head cancelled the execution, and, after realizing how bad things were for the Republic, Kit joined SIS as a high ranking field agent

Clone Wars


SIS Field Agent Kit Avo

First Battle of Geonosis

Being only ten when Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala and Obi-Wan Kenobi were kidnapped by the CIS, Kit was sent in along with the other Jedi to rescue the trio from death. It was on that trip that she met Lux Avo and Dirk Byrant a padawan and master, and befriended them and even discovered that Lux was her long lost brother. Though they were not able to live out the excitement for the ships arrived on planet and the two were sent to free other hostages within the Petranaki Arena. There they encountered Count Dooku to almost immediately enter a small duel with him, Lux leading the charge as Kit fired her blaster pistols at the sith lord. Dooku eventually injured Lux severely, and tried to make him give into his hatred to join the Dark Side of the Force until Kit interfered and shot Dooku in his chest causing him to retreat. She got Lux to a nearby medical center, where he recovered quickly and immediately returned to the battlefield as Kit followed him. When the battle was over, she watched for Lux for fear he may turn into a Dark Jedi and leave the Order but she was called away two weeks after the battle.

Mission to Ziost

Work in Progress

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

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