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Kiod Bavan was a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. He trained a Padawan named Ruath Shitashii Joj'pones, who he would abandon at the end of the war.


Early life

The battle of Naboo

The battle of Geonosis

The Clone Wars

End of the war

At the end of the war, Kiod felt that the Jedi need not participate in politics and approached the Council. The Council agreed, but felt that sometimes it was necessary. Kiod became angry with the Council and left the Jedi, leaving only word for his Padawan and a request for her to be Knighted.


As Kiod ran to a planet in the Unknown Regions, so he would not be found by the Jedi, he met a woman named Kulatily Hunku. They fell in love and went to the Republic world of Corellia. They exchanged vows in 19 BBY before going into hiding on Ryloth.

Galen clone and Juno embrace

Kiod and Kulatily's wedding.


A year later, Kulatily was surprised to learn to that she was pregnant with twin girls. She gave birth to Malita Bavan and Sawvawa Bavan in 18 BBY.


After Order 66 Darth Vader began killing the remaining Jedi. He found Kiod on Ryloth and, feeling great anger for Kiod abandoning The young girl that was once his apprentice, killed him and his wife. Darth Vader spared the two young baby girls, who were later taken to a relative of Kulatily's.

Personality and traits

Kiod was know for always underestimating young Jedi and calling them 'child', and sometimes by their last names.

Powers and abilities

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