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"The Khoan are a mercliess species of brutal warriors. They believe that the Force is a herasy they tried to destroy the galaxy with their "Holy Crusade."
"Which is why we must put aside our differences for now and deal with this crisis."-Jedi Master Plo Koon and the Seperatist senate and Count Dooku
The Khoan Uprising, known by the Khoans as the Great Khoan Rebellion or the Holy Khoan Revolt, was an uprising by the Khoan's a cruel brutal warrior race, that had been defeated by the Jedi/Sith/Galactic Republic centuries ago.


"My people!!! The time to relclaim what is ours is NOW!!! DRIVE THE REPUBLIC INVADERS AND THE HERITICS FROM OUR WORLDS!!!-Empress Kirana VI
The Khoan was a humanoid species from the planet Khoana in the unknown regions, some 3,000 years ago they launched a brutal Crusade on the galaxy centuries ago. This was due to them believing that the force was a corruption, and considering anyone using the force to be heretics. The Khoan also worshipped flesh-eating Gods, they were also renowned warriors that worshipped pain, blood, and violence. The Jedi and Sith allied to defeat the invaders.

Afterward, they placed a puppet dynasty to control the species and left a garrison of Jedi and Republic soldiers to keep an eye on them. In the years leading up to the clone wars, the Jedi oppressed the Khoan species banning their beliefs and their warrior ways and tried to pacify them. However, these actions further angered and fueled the Khoan's hate of the Jedi and Force users. During the clone wars, a small garrison of clone troopers was stationed led by Jedi master Kio Butia. Several small attacks had been carried out by armed Khoan insurgents against the Republic forces.

Finally, Khoan insurgents assassinated Empress Nira V, the current pro-Republic Khoan monarch and a lifetime friend of Mandalorian Ruler Duchess Satine Kyrze. The Khoan insurgents reinstated Nira's younger sister Kirana VI a strong militarist and who had anti-Republic views. On her command, the Khoan reinstated their Navy and Army and attacked the Republic garrison slaughtering all including Master Kio Butia her padawan May's Kuno survived and fled back to Coruscant, and reported to the Jedi Council and the Senate what had transpired.

The Battle

The Republic was still recovering from the 2nd Battle of Geonosis, they sent Jedi Master Plo Koon and the 104th Battalion to defeat the Khoan threat, however after the Khoan attacked several CIS outpost, forcing the CIS to temporarily ally with the Republic forces and they sent the Gen'Dai bounty hunter Druge, Admiral Trench, and General Grievous and a fleet warships and a huge droid forces.

Battle of Karina

"Those Khoan warships are armed with advanced single-focus laser Beam weaponry." Admiral Trench analyzing the Khoan navy
The Republic and CIS fleet both arrived at the planet Karina, which had been raided, as the two prepared to engage each other Empress Karina and her fleet ambushed them and forced the two to work with each other. At first, the Republic and CIS forces were uncoordinated and suffered heavy losses. The two decided to regroup at a nearby star system, where they analyzed their enemy and discovered that the Khoan were using massive warships armed with advanced Focus-energy beams, and advanced point-defense emplacements. They decided, to work together, they also learn that the Khoan were using massive terraforming machines to drain worlds of their resources to build massive warships and powerful battle droids.

They launched a combined assault but they were too late the planet had been consumed by the Khoan Zy'taft- class World Crushers. The Republic/CIS were forced to retreat, the SIS learned that the Khoans were targeting several Republic worlds such as Nikcla.

Battles of Nikcla

"They're using heavy artillery pieces!!!" CC-3636 "Woffle" to Durge
The Khoan launches a series of attacks against the Republic garrison on Nikcla. The Garrison is being overwhelmed, as the Khoan's used advanced biological weapons to combat the clone troopers. They also used powerful artillery pieces that fired super-heated magma at high rates which delt explosive and incendiary damage

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