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Kharritokh of Clan Bakh'tor was a Noghri martial arts master. A former Death Commando under Thrawn, he eventually chose to adopt the Mandalorian culture and made his living on Mandalore teaching professional hand-to-hand and melee combat styles. He was also known to take mercenary jobs from time to time.

He fought as a Mandalorian supercommando under Boba Fett in the Yuuzhan Vong war.


Kharritokh grew up on the ravaged Noghri homeworld under Imperial reign, and already before reaching adulthood, he completed mastery in Stava, the native Noghri martial art. He had always been training eagerly to earn the honor of fighting as one of Darth Vader's Death Commandos, but only adults were allowed into the elite unit. By the time of his coming of age, however, Vader was already dead, so he had to recruit under Thrawn.

In most of the spare time between assignments for the Grand Admiral, Kharritokh kept up his harsh training regimen in other martial arts, and eventually he could even call himself a master in both Echani and Teräs Käsi.

When Thrawn died in 9 ABY, Kharritokh did not, like most of his comrades, join the New Republic. He had lost faith in the remnants of the Empire, but he couldn't live with the concept of the former Rebel Alliance, either. So, he exiled to Mandalore in 10 ABY, and eventually became a true Mando'ad himself, adopting their warrior culture. The contact with Mandalorians allowed him to further broaden his repertoire in fighting styles, and everything he could learn from them he paid back by opening a training class for mixed martial arts.

There he also made the acquaintance of Atross, a Togorian mercenary who had settled down in Keldabe and attended Kharritokh's classes. They forged a partnership that would last for decades to come, as the two made both an unlikely and perfect team, as they complemented each other impeccably. They trained together and took joined mercenary missions, until the start of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The two were some of the few who approved of Mandalore Boba Fett's decision to ally with the Vong, and on several occasions, the Togorian and the Noghri fought alongside the Vong in battle. But even they couldn't bear it for long, and after they had learned enough of the strengths and weaknesses of the Yuuzhan Vong in battle, they joined the brutal training regimen on Raxus Prime, to prepare for the inevitable battle against the Vong.

From the Battle of Mandalore on, the Mandalorians fought back against the Vong with furious rage and success, and they both helped in the liberation of planets like Ord Mantell, Dubrillion and Gyndine.

Physical appearance and personality traitsEdit

A Noghri with grey skin, garbed and scarred over the years, Kharritokh had a very athletic and muscle-packed build, looking tougher than many others his size. He had the intimidating posture of a true warrior, what was why most people didn't even notice his short height. In combat, however, Kharritokh used his 1.57 meters as an advantage, since still a lot of criminals underestimated Noghris.

Kharritokh was seldom to talk, and was generally colder and less emotional than his Togorian partner. While he wasn't exactly ruthless, his methods were crueler than those of Atross, and from time to time, he even assumed the role of a torturer when interrogating a captive. He shared the Togorian's dark sense of humor, what was probably the major element keeping the two together.