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Kex Hokan was a member of the Death Watch,and the younger brother of Davrel Hokan. He was also the grandson of Ghez Hokan. Kex was well known for his accuracy with his sniper rifle of choice, the Verpine Shatter Gun.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Kex Hokan was a talented sniper and bounty hunter who worked for "Theta". Kex was one of the donors for the Death Watch's clone Super Commando squad.

Before the Deathwatch Edit

When Kex he was old enough he joined his brother in the bounty hunter trade. Over time, Kex and Davrel became very successful bounty hunters and amassed large amounts of credits. The brothers used a small portion to purchase and modify their personal Firespray-31 which they named the Zakkeg. It was because of their infamy that they were contacted by a man named Theta who offered them a place in his new Death Watch. Theta offered the two a large amount of credits to be the donors of D.N.A for a squad of super commandos.

In the Deathwatch Edit

Once recruited into the deathwatch Kex was put in charge of one of two supercommando regiments by Lucian Orca. Each regiment had four platoons; , three standard, one comprised of clones of Kex. Kex trained his regiment mainly in espionage and long range sniping.

Personality Edit

Kex was always the joker, cracking jokes at anyone's expense. To most people he came off as an annoying, but this was just a facade; he was in fact quite intelligent, he did so to anger them to take them down a lot easier.

Weapons and Armor Edit

Kex ghost6747aa45a1d1153

Kex using his Shatter gun.

Armor Edit

Kex's armor was unpainted gray with a gold accent around the T-visor and wrist gauntlets with camouflaged shoulder pads and a camouflaged kama. Kex's armor was of the light version much like Boba Fett's.

Weapons Edit

Kex wielded his favored sniper rifle, the Verpine Shatter Gun for long range. Kex also carried a SG-4 blaster carbine for close range emergencies.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Kex is named after the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader of the same name from Knights of the Old Republic 2.

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