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Welcome back, Piroc. I have been waiting for this moment for some time.
—Kestus Arsann[src]

Kestus Arsann was a Mandalorian mercenary and bounty hunter in the employ of Tsunada Harkonen and her starfleet.


Early Life

Kestus Arsann was a Mandalorian born on Mandalore during the late years of the Galactic Republic. His father fought in the Clone Wars under Calarth Piroc, and died when the Mandalorian's allies on Zaadja, the Geonosians, betrayed and murdered them. Arsann was raised by his mother and stayed on Mandalore until he was sixteen, when he left the world for work in the wider galaxy.

The Dark Times

Arsann took residence on Nar Shaddaa as a gun-for-hire and mercenary, often working for the Hutts protecting their cargo ships from pirates. It was on one such assignment when he met Tsunada Harkonen and her crew of pirates. Choosing to abandon loyalty rather than his life, he joined Harkonen's crew, and was assigned to lead attacks against the shipments he was once paid to protect.

Several years after he joined Harkonen's crew, Arsann encountered Phiht Piroc, Calarth's son, aboard Harkonen's ship, the Faite. He quickly came to envy the favor Piroc seemed to have with Harkonen, making the relationship between the two Mandalorians tense, to say the least.

Arsann plotted Piroc's downfall, with the intention of taking his place as Harkonen's primary mercenary. He arranged a crime on Nar Shaddaa in order to implicate Piroc in the deed. His goal was successful, with Harkonen taking it at face value. Arsann stood by and watched as Harkonen dueled Piroc and scarred him across his face. When Piroc fled with the help of another Mandalorian, Harkonen placed a bounty on Piroc, which Arsann was all-too-eager to collect.

His attempts to capture Piroc were unsuccessful. Piroc proved to be better at the trade of bounty hunting, always staying ahead of his pursuer.

The Galactic Civil War

Arsann continued to work for Harkonen for years as an enforcer, and could often be found aboard her flagship, even after Harkonen pledged her small fleet to the Rebel Alliance. When he wasn't seeking quarry on behalf of his employer, he did freelance work on behalf of wealthier clients.

The Tieres Affair

Arsann was aboard the Faite when his old quarry, Piroc, arrived aboard the flagship. With the bounty on Piroc's head still good, Arsann attempted to collect, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Personality and Talents

Arsann was not loyal by nature, instead selling his talents to the highest bidder. He stayed in Harkonen's crew more for the challenge than the money, however, and attempted to prove himself better than the other Mandalorians, espeically Piroc, on multiple occasions. His skills were not as developed and varied as Piroc's, though he was still a capable mercenary.


Arsann wore a suit of grey Mandalorian armor, marked with red trim around the T-visor, over a jumpsuit consisting of blue trousers, a red jacket, and a black armor liner. His gauntlets were outfitted with several weapons, including a wrist laser, a flamethrower, and a whipcord launcher. His utility belt carried several useful tools, including lock breakers and a datapad. He preferred not to wear gloves with his armor.

Arsann also carried several weapons outside of those concealed in his gauntlets. He carried twin blaster pistols, as well as an EE-3 carbine rifle.

Arsann also used a JT-12 jetpack, preferring the compact unit to the larger Mitrinomen Z-6.


Arsann preferred to travel aboard the Faite. When necessary, he used a modified Z-95 Headhunter, the Blood Hound. It was outfitted with larger engines than standard, as well as a slightly larger cabin, to accommodate one prisoner.


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